Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Friday, July 29, 2011


Dear mom and dad,
It sounds like you guys are getting some good peace and quiet without Brian lately! Lucky you guys huh!? I bet you miss him though and it's normal, he is getting older so of course he wants to spread his wings a little bit and start to "piano piano" fly on his own.
We are continuing to work to the best of our ability and we are also doing visits as "service" to some less active members. One of this is Abi. He is a member of our church well as Muslim, Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant! He has been baptized in all these churches! Yep ours too. He is very particular but he just loves the missionaries a lot. We can call him any day whenever we want and he will feed us! He is the nicest dude ever! He calls us his Sunshine! ha ha it's hilarious! So once a month we go to his house and just eat with him to spend time with him and to let him know that he is loved. He is also super funny and I took Anz Dunshee to meet him during a "scambio" . I took some pics of him because I wanted to remember him.
By the way I have been taking a lot of pics lately so I will send you the card in a week or 2, but I do need a new memory card because I only got what I have right now!
Mom, you are totally right when you say that this time right now on the mission is super important and sacred. It does need to be used wisely. I'm honest I'm not perfect or perfectly diligent but I do try and I try to get better every day! Some days are just harder that others!
I was talking to Anz Dunshee about that today. We went to San Marino again (and I brought my camera this time :)) and on the way back we were sitting on the bus next to each other and we were just saying how sometimes during the mission we are saying " Man  I miss home" and talking about how good it is at home and blah blah blah, but the second we get home we are going to be talking about how amazing our missions were and about how much we miss them! I know that's true! I know that once I'm home I'm going to miss Italy and my mission so so much!!!! I already feel sad when I think about it.
I love Ravenna so much too. I'm going to be so sad when I leave one day. Sunday was pretty hard for me. Our branch president (Presidente Gresta) and a few members left for America on Tuesday. They are going to be there for 3 1/2 weeks. After church I caught him in his office when he was alone. I just said goodbye to him just in case I will be transferred before he comes back. We just talked for a min or something then he gave me a big hug and started crying. Man it was hard for me and I almost lost it! I haven't cried out here on my mission but this time I got pretty close to it. I love this man so much and I can't wait to see him again one day :)
He said it was just cool to see the Lord's work going from nothing to having a handful of people getting ready for baptism through my time here. I can say that Anz Winegar and I had nothing to work with when we got there and we worked pretty hard and now we have some really cool things going on here.
Luca is great! I love that guy! Things are going really good for him and he is preparing really well. I believe he can get in the baptismal waters on the day we planned (August 6) but we will see for sure this week! ha ha I will let you know next week for sure. Nick and Omas are awesome as well. Yesterday morning we were on a scambio and I was with Anz Mendel and we went and taught them and we set dates for both of them. 27th of August. In 1 months time!!! haha That's how Africans say it! I might not be there but it is OK! :) Anz Bushman is a baller and we are having way to much fun together! ha ha I really don't want to go for so many reasons! I feel that this place has become my second home!
Today we went to San Marino and just chilled. It was so fun and relaxing! That's what I try to do out here. I try to mix fun with the missionary work! I just see so many people who are too stressed and just aren't enjoying it as much as they should be! I'm just trying to enjoy it too. I love teaching people and telling them about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. I also love making super funny memories with my companions and just taking a second to chill and laugh and take it in. Maybe I'm just not as serious as I should be but I think it is OK to have fun while sharing the Gospel because the Gospel is happiness! All I know is, that the work is going really well so I guess I'm not messing up too much! ;) ha ha jk.
I got to go ...Keep all of us in your prayers :) for me, my comp and our investigators. That would be the best thing you can do. You guys have a great week! I love you and miss you tons! Take care and I cant wait to hear from you next week! :)
Vi voglio bene
love anziano bona


Anz Bona and Winegar


Anz Duersh, Dunshee, Winegar and Bona
(Bona and Dumnshee were MTC companions)

Lo Stadio di Bologna

Anz Bona and Dunshee
Scambio #2

Baptisimal font

Read carefully...font was used for baptism by "immersion"

Dante Alighieri

Anz Bona and Dante

Anz Bona and MariaLuce Bosio
(Mary is a long time family friend from Messina-she was like an aunt to Robert when we lived there
she came to the hospital the day he was born)
How specail that they just happen to run into each other while he
was in Bologna.

Future Universtiy for Robert

P-day playing basketball

Robert's district

Anz Bona and Bushman

Anz Bona and Columbus

Anz Bona and Luca

new distric