Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 120

Dear Mom and Dad!!!

Thank you guys so much for your emails!! They were very nice this week! Don't get me wrong they are awesome all of the time! But first of all you both asked about Zio Pino. I haven't gotten any messages from him. Check with him and make sure he has the right address and tell him to send me an email. I will totally email him back once I get it! It probably wont be gramatically correct or anything but I'll try!! ha ha
I'm glad to here things are going well at home! Dad I'm sorry about work (the commute).... I know its rough sometimes, but I know you can do it!! :) plus you guys are going to Vegas this weekend so that will be a nice little break for everyone! I'm kinda jealous! But ya out here this last week has been pretty hot. And the thing is, it is humid and you are just dripping in sweat like all the time!!! ha ha That is the only rough part. So guess what... when I left the MTC I was 198 lbs and right now when I weighed myself this morning I was 179!!!! Crazy!!!! But actually I'm around 183ish but I'm fasting so I lost a few more, but I get to eat and drink at lunch so that will be nice!!! But I know why I'm doing it and praying really hard that it all works out for one of our investigators. This last week was a rough week according to the work... like it was a fast week but its wasn't that good for us. Some of our investigators are just deciding to be a little difficult at the time is all.... But its OK we are doing our best to help them out and work with them.
Things are going good with Anziano Mosley and myself. We get along great and all is well. My Italian is... well it' s OK ha ha the grammar still isn't perfect but its OK. But ya Martina Sacco told me you guys talked to her!!! That is so awesome! It is totally OK! If anyone from Italy wants to become my friend you guys can totally accept them. But ya we eat over at their house at least once a week. Normally on Thursday nights. The Sacco family is great but just is.... well kinda a long story, but basically Sorrella(Sister) Sacco get left buy her husband and they have 8 kids. Martina is 14 and is the youngest and is the only one that is still active. Slowly but surely Malena is starting to come back to church. But ya we go over once a week and eat with them and do a little lesson with them. They are all so nice and ballin.
um.... No I haven't sent the memory card back yet.... oops!!!! Sorry!!! I was planning on doing it at the end of this transfer!! ha ha I don't have like a billion pics! I need to take more!! ha ha
But thank you guys so much for all you do and for your great examples everyday! You guys are awesome and I love you guys so so much! Tell everyone in the ward hi!!!! And tell them sorry I don't email them! Today I forgot my little book with everything in it so I only have the emails that I've already used! ha
But ya don't worry guys everything here is going good! I have a funny tan line where I wear my watch! ha ha its pretty funny! But hey the 4th of July is this weekend so I hope you guys have a great holiday!!! I love you all so so much!!!! You guys really are the best :)
with much love,
Anziano Robert Bona :)

Dear Parents!!

Sorry for the quick little second letter but what the heck!?!?! Brian said that Ryan is coming to live with you guys??? I'm so lost!!! Fill me in!! ha ha I hope all is going well for them!!! love you guys!!! :)

from... ME!

(letter to Brian)

My main man!! :)
I'm glad that you guys are doing the things that you know are right! Like reading and going to church! Don't forget prayers though too!!! I know that if you keep doing those things you and our family will be blessed! :) That's so ballin that you guys are going to Vegas and that you guys get to see Talon! Tell him I say hi and what's up!! And that is freakin sweet that you get to watch Eclipse down there! Let me know how it is! I love you tons bro and I hope for the best for you! Have a great 4th of July this weekend!!! ha ha I love you tons!!!! :) Be a good boy and listen to mom and dad!
LOVE your bro,

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

World Cup Week

Dear Mom and Dad!
I'm doing really good! It was a good solid week and I didn't get pooped on and I didn't get bitten so I consider it a very solid week!! ha ha! But geez I'd love to ride the scooter right about now! Sanremo is totally like huge hills everywhere and it's rough riding bikes up and down everyday! ha ha! The bike was only 20 Euro or so but ya I took some money out to buy some clippers for my hair and stuff. But don't worry you don't need to check the money thing every day maybe just every other week or something. But thank you for making sure that I still have something in there in case of emergency!
But ya the bird and dog stories were pretty funny! ha ha And the little bite is just fine I probably made it sound worse then it was! ya It cut me and I was bleeding but not very bad and it didn't even rip my pants so I'm all good no worries! But ya frick seagulls!!! ha ha they have good aim!! ha ha!
The investigators are going OK. Adriana came to church again and is doing pretty good. One of our 29 year old dudes moved to London and we haven't seen the other in some time but we are gonna get in touch with him really soon and see if we can keep meeting with him! But don't worry about the world cup! So far every time Italy has played we have found a new investigator from it! ha ha cause eventually you find someone that's not watching the game and most the time they aren't doing anything so they let you in! ha ha but 90 percent of people won't even consider letting you in! ha ha
Dad are you upset that Italy hasn't won any games yet? What is going on with that!?!?!
Mom I'm so proud of you that you wanna read the whole book of Mormon in a summer! Good luck that is awesome! :)
But ya Anziano Cressman wasn't at zone conference so I didn't get the chance to go see Zio Pino :( hopefully one day I'll be able to run into someone! That would be so good!! But it was really good. This transfer we are focusing on recognizing the spirit and stuff. It was President Dunaway's last zone conference so it was kinda sad! But he gave some great training and it was really good! I'm gonna miss him he is a baller but I'm sure President Wolfgram is gonna be just as good!
Yes I got my packages and a few letters from some people!!! :) Thank you guys so much y'all are way too sweet! ha ha I loved all of it! The money situation is good. They give us a card that has money on it and each month they put money on our card and if we need cash we just go to an ATM machine and take some out, it's pretty easy! And if I need to use personal money I just use my credit or debit card it's easy don't worry!
That is so cool about the Kings! Brother King is gonna be amazing!!! Jordan is so lucky!!! ha ha I'll email them sometime ha ha Oh my heck Ashly would go and freakin kill herself!!! ugh what a spaz!!! I'll see if I have time to shoot her an email but tell her good luck from me!! I haven't emailed Pres Warner or bishop yet.... oops!!! I don't have a lot of time to email everyone!!! ha ha and my finger is fine but it still doesn't move all the way like it should ha ha but oh well what do you do! It kinda is sore sometimes but nothing to bad so don't worry!
I'm so so glad to hear that everything at home is going well! Sounds like Brian is having a blast! Good for him :) I love you all so so much!!! :) Thanks for your support and for your love! Don't worry all is going good out here! I'm eating fine doing some exercise and having a good time! Ya its definitely not the easiest thing I've ever done but it will definitely be worth it! It's just sad when people don't listen to ya!!! Oh well! but ya all is going good thanks for your postcards and packages and everything! I love you all so much!!! :) until next time!!!
LOVE Anziano Robert bona :)
(Brian's letter)

Hey bud!!! I'm doin really good. Just chillin' and doin the Lords work!! That's fun that you are having a sleep over! Tell them that I say hi!!!! And I'm not sure. One of them moved to London and the other one we haven't seen in a while. But we are going to try to meet with him soon!! But how are you doing? How is summer going for you?! Keep listening to mom and dad and keep going to church and keep reading the Book of Mormon!!! Never stop doing those things!!! Well love you bro and miss you tons!!! take care bro!!! :)
LOVE Anziano Robert Bona

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Dear Mom and Dad!!!
I'm doing pretty dang good! A lot of weird stuff happened this week but I'll get to that later!!! But first of all ya the world cup makes it really hard here cause now pretty much every night they have an excuse for not letting us in because they are watching the world cup!! ha ha Even one of the guys we had an appointment with totally gave us a bidone! (like they just totally didn't show up!) ha ha but then we called him and he said sorry cause he was watching the game and we set up another one with him so I guess its OK! ha ha But ya it kinda makes work rougher during the nights! ha But ya Brian told me all the fun cool stuff he is doing and I'm jealous! I'm missing him growing up! He's gonna be such a baller! ha ha But no way!!!?? Ryan got his mission call!? That's nuts!!! Tell him congrats for me! And ya of course I miss all my friends but I get letters from them every week so its cool! I'm so proud of all of us!!! And I emailed Anthony and he didn't email me back!! What a bum! ha ha Guess what my nickname is that the members gave me.... Anziano Farfallone hahahahaha!!!! ballin huh!!! It's cause I always dress and look really good and they can tell that I use to flirt! hahahah! I just busted up when I heard that and knew you guys would love that!(don't worry, I don't anymore!!!) ha ha but yes transfers were this week and..... I'm..... staying in San Remo with Anziano mosley. But we are getting a new zone leader and its the Anziano that trained Anziano Mosley so he is really excited for that so it will be sweet!
But about some of our investigators.... Giovanni is like off the map at the moment.... we need to get in touch with him and see if he is still interested. The 29 year old guys didn't come to church. But we are still working really hard with them! They are just really worldly (like drinking and smoking and sleeping around) and one of them might be moving so we are just gonna have to see how it all works out! Yes Adriana is doing pretty good. She is dated to get baptized on July 17th so if all goes well it will work out! There is this guy named Gian Luca who is a freakin baller and is progressing so dang fast and things are looking really really good for him too! Also this man named Felice who is the husband of one of our members who is now meeting with us! So ya things are going pretty good. But I haven't been one with nature this week.... let me explain.... first we got bikes last Thursday so now we are doing that and its good exercise! Even more just what I needed! ha ha But we went up into this place and we were walking around and a freakin seagull pooped on me!!!! Ya what the HECK!!!! ha ha ha ha ha Thankfully it just got on my backpack and not on my tie or anything. When it did I kinda slipped and a bad word came out and Anz Mosley just laughed at me!! Ugh it was an interesting experience! ha ha Then the next day we were walking back to our apartment and a freakin dog bit me!!! And gave me like a hole in the back of my thigh! Ya it was not my week for animals! ha ha ha But oh don't worry I repented for my little bad word ha ha But ya there are some funny stories for you guys to laugh at! And oh dad HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!..... on Sunday.... ha ha ha I love you so much and you are such a great example for me!!! Yes mom don't worry I love you too and your just as ballin! ha ha ha But I'm sorry I don't think I can send any Italian soccer shirts from here.... San Remo is like a tourist place and everything is just so expensive!!! If you guys can be patient a bit wait till I get to my next city and then I can buy one and send you all one!!! ha ha But it's just so expensive here its a joke!
But ya yoga is fun and we do it in the church ha ha and there are also weights in there so later today we are going to go lift! ha ha ya I'm totally getting in good shape! It's awesome! Don't worry you all know that I'm fine! Yes miss you guys a ton but I'm so thankful and happy to be here!!! Oh I bought my first legit Italian tie for 6 euro and its ballin! just sayin!!! ha ha
and about Zio Pino I totally wanna see him but I don't know if it is possible..... he lives on the other side of town from where the church is.... but I totally want to! If I can I totally will! I'll ask Pres Dunaway for sure and see if it's possible. I'm praying that sometime on my mission I can just serve in Torino and that would just make things so much easier! ha ha But ya I'd love so see him and to talk! I'll see what I can do....
But yes all is going great! Thank you so much for all your guys love and all your guys support!! I LOVE YOU BOTH!!!!!!! SO SO MUCH!!!! ha ha ha and miss you guys tons! But yep its been 15 weeks.... only about 85 moreish to go! I'll be home before you know it! ha ha ha can't wait to here from you guys again next week!!!
Anziano Robert Bona

Letter to Brian

Bro I'm so so jealous!!! I'm so glad that Big Springs went ballin! Ya the zip line is the best!!!! I'm so glad you had fun with all your friends! Your growing up so fast I just wish I could be there to see it! Your a baller. And you went to Seven Peaks!?!?!? And actually went down the BIG slides!?!?!? atta boy!!! I told ya they are fun!!! Dude you can do it! They aren't that bad at all I promise! They are so fun! but I'm so proud of you bro!!!
So guess what happened? I got bit by a freakin dog! I got like a little whole in my thigh! The pitts I know! And also a seagull pooped on me! Thankfully it only hit my backpack! ha ha! Ya rough week! But overall the work is going really good! It's ballin out here! There have been clouds so it hasn't been to hot so that is super super nice!!! But ya I miss you so much and love you tons and am so dang proud of you! Sounds like your becoming a sweet little dude!! ha ha
Love you forever dude!
Anziano Robert Bona

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dear Mom and Dad!!!!

I just wanna start off by saying I love you guys so freakin much!!!! Just lettin ya know! You both talked about Brian and stuff and that makes me so jealous! I wish I could be there to see him grow up! That kid is such a baller he is gonna be 100 times better then me!!! ha ha Yes mom I got the pics this time and last time! Thank you so so much! I loved them. Brian does look a lot bigger already! Dad you did just great with me don't worry. It's not your fault I was such a punk!! You both were such great examples for me and I'm so thankful for all you guys have done for me! The mission won't really change me (my personality) I don't think... but I think it is opening my eyes so now I can see what really is important. I'm sure I'll still be kinda goofy and punk like when I get back but I'll definitely have my priorities set straight for once ha ha!
Anyways ya things here have been OK! Finding work was rough this last week. No new investigators.... but it's OK we are staying positive and are hoping to have a great week this week! The two 29 year old guys are doing alright. we didn't meet with them last week because they were working in France but we met with them last night and it went well. They said they should be able to make it to sacrament meeting this Sunday so that is good. Hopefully they keep reading and praying and progressing... Adriana is doing good too. We had to move back her baptismal date because of some stuff but she is doing good and things are looking better for her. Giovanni is like way busy with school and will be till the end of the week so we really haven't talked with him much. We had one lesson with him but it didn't go as well as planned... hopefully after this week we will be able to work something out and meet with him sometime. But ya things are going alright! I'm having a good time but the work went a bit rough last week.
Like we had great lessons with the investigators that we have but we didn't get any new ones!
I have yoga later today and I'm excited for that! ha ha! We do yoga 2 to 3 times a week! It helps me lose weight! ha ha! I've lost all the weight I gained in the MTC so that is good! So don't worry I'm eating good and staying in shape! ha ha! Thanks for letting me know about sports that is really nice to know!!! Sports, music and movies are things that are hard to go without! ha ha!
But our next zone conference is around the 22nd or something like that. So in a few weeks or so. But ya everything is going great and I'm having a blast! I miss you guys tons and I miss my boys tons too!!! But even though I miss a lot of things I'm so so happy to be here and wouldn't trade it for the world! I'm glad to know that everything is going well at home! I love you guys so so much!!!!! Can't wait to get your next email next week! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! :)
Love Anziano Robert Bona

Dude that is so freakin ballin! I'm so so happy for you!!! Geez I've never even done that! I'm so so happy you had a good time doing that (Trek)! You're gonna learn so much and grow so much in these next couple of years! How are you doing? Are you liking summer? Go to church!!! :) ha ha! I'm glad you got to feel the spirit too that's so good! I hope you keep having a great summer and keep having fun with all your friends and stuff!!! :) I love you so so much and miss you tons! Listen to mom and dad! ha ha I love you :)
love your bro
Anziano Robert Bona

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Grandpa and Lorraine!!
How have you guys been!? Thanks for your email! It sounds like you guys had a great trip and I'm so so glad. It sounds like you had fun grandpa! That's awesome! So the work here is going great. The weather here is just beautiful too. I love it. Yes we do get rejected a lot but its so awesome when someone lets you into their house and you get to share our message of the restored gospel with them. My companion is really cool too. He is Elder Mosley and he is from California. We get along great now! The food here is really really yummy too! You know I love that! I miss you guys so much and I'm so thankful for the great example you both have been for me! I love you both so much! I hope all is going well! Keep in touch!

Love Anziano Robert Bona

Hey mom and dad!!!
It sounds like everything back at home is going great! I'm very happy to hear that! That is so funny that brain actually got the Wii. Mom I can totally see you playing it and it just brings the biggest smile to my face! hahaha ;) Tell Brian I will write him next week! I'm running out of time! I wrote grandpa today so make sure he gets it! That's so cool to hear about Beau and Colby! I'm proud of both of them! Good for them! I can totally see Beau going there! He is gonna have a blast! That's so nice of you to take that to Kourtney! She is a sweet heart and thanks for keeping in touch with her and all!It means a lot! I'm so jealous that you guys are able to still watch movies! Ah that is one thing I sure miss! hahaha I'm definitely gonna have to catch up in a few years when I can! Thanks for Anthony's email. I will definitely email him and see whats up. Jeez I hope all is OK with him. Don't worry I'll be nice!!! hahaha
So for a funny story... so we were walking around the city and on our way home for lunch one day and while we were walking I straight up stepped in wet cement!!!! haha it sucked! I had to walk back to the apartment and I looked like a freakin' fool! haha But it was funny and we just laughed about it after! Don't worry my stuff is fine I got to wash it all off. Hopefully my footprint will still be there and it will get to be part of San Remo Forever!! hahaha :) And about the everything in Italian thing we just can't do that. President Dunaway wants us to study in English so that's what we do! Maybe when he leaves I will though! haha But ya this week has been a solid week. Anziano Mosley and I get along great so it's fun. Guess what! One day as we were doing casa I quoted the wholeLion King movie word for word! Ya impressive I know! haha
But ya thanks for everything! You both are the best examples for me and I love you guys so freakin much! I miss you guys tons but I am having a good time out here! The members are great and all too! Today we went out to Bussana Vecchia and got some ballin picks! I'm getting some good ones! haha Thanks for the little sports update you know I love that!
I love you guys! I cant wait to hear from you guys next week!!!
LOVE Anziano Bona

PS... Don't worry I'll keep everyone in my prays like David and his family and our family members in Italy! and you guys too! love you all!!! :)