Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

68 DOWN 36 TO GO!

Dear Mom and Dad,
Wow only 36 more weeks? Doesn't seem like that much!! ha ha But at the same time it is a lot! There is still so much time to do so much good! ha ha Whatever mom I know your counting! ha ha But it's OK! I understand ;) ha

Things are going good. I just got done doing a 2 day scambio with Anz Dunshee. We are in Bologna again and he is chilling right here next to me and he shouts out his love to you guys! haha I love that kid. We were in Ravenna for Monday and Tuesday then this morning we took a train back up to Bologna.
This week was another really good week though. We had district conference in Rimini and Anziano Shultze from the 70 was there and spoke and it was really good. Our members did great and brought so many friends to come it was great. Also our allstar investigator Luca came with the branch pres to Rimini to see it too. So it was super chill. We got to stay in  Rimini over night. And that is where Anziano Zanni is and I love him! I don't know  if  I've talked about him much but he is from the same mtc group as me and he is from Argentina and he's just a baller. And he is training someone from Winegar's group like I am so it was super chill to be with them for a while.
But ya we've just been working really hard lately doing our best. I'm just getting really tired and just drained but I  love it. It's been great ha ha. Me and Anz Winegar are chill. Like this past week was his capo week so I've been training to give him a lot of the responsibility so he can grow and learn too but I think from his point of view he thinks I'm just being lazy and making him do everything ha. I've never been with a comp for more then 2 transfers and I've never been in a city for more than 3. And I'm at my max here in Ravenna. I've been here for 3 and have been with Winegar for 2.... so I dunno whats gonna happen! ha ha like if I stay it might be rough for me cause I love changes cause it just kinda gives me more energy and stuff! But at the same time I want to stay cause I wanna see Luca get baptized! He's got a date and progressing really well. He just seems like super elect. I don't wanna jinx it or anything but he is legit ha ha so its like a bitter sweet feeling. But if i stay with Winegar I'm scared there might be some tension cause he will then be in his 3rd transfer so for sure I'm gonna give him a lot more things to do and a lot bigger role in teaching and what not. But who knows we will see it's all in the air! ha ha I'll let you guys know for sure though, but ya overall things are going pretty well here.

You guys are going on trip!?!? Lucky bums! :) ha ha No don't worry about it, that's super chill I hope you guys get some good chill time!!! ha ha just remember that when your swimming in the water in Cali just think of me here in a shirt and tie sweating my stuff off suffering in the heat and not being able to swim!!!! ha ha I do hope you guys have such a great time!!! ha ha Have fun and take pics for me!

Ya I love Coulton and Beau and just all of my guy friends! Wow that's crazy that those guys are getting home soon. Its hecka nuts that Downing gets home in August! Wow super crazy. Ii bet he's like freaking out now! ha ha
Dad thank you so much for your message from Uchtdorf. It was awesome and it's so true! We all need to be committed in being followers of Jesus Christ for our whole lives!!!!

But ya all is going really well. Just chill doing my thing. You know how i do ;) There are a lot of peole comming out of the wood work for summer...and boy they don't dress like they do in Utah. I miss Utah where everyone is  mostly modest and stuff. Wow I can't believe I said that but it's true!!! ha ha A lot of chicks here are super sketchy!!!! ha ha But its funny! ;) ha ha Um the book Crank was pretty chill. i actually read it in 6th grade. cause i remember talking to ms rawlins about it. and its a chill book.
But ya all is chill. I love chocolate... bacio.... and fragola and nocciola and just everything!! But those are my good favorite ones!!! ha ha I love you guys so so much! Have such a fun time on your trip! Let me know how it goes!!!! Take care love you guys! :)

love you all!

love anziano bona


Dear Mom and Dad,

It sounds like you guys are doing well! I loved your emails this week. They really were great. I loved the pics! It was so nice to see all your smiles! I loved seeing Ms Rawlins too! Holy cow she was such an amazing teacher that helped me out so much! Brian looks like a monster!!! ha ha He looks huge it's crazy ha but it looks like and sounds like things are going well so that's chill!

And no way... the Mavericks won?! So epic. Man I wish I could of watched that series!!! That's so cool. Dad I loved what you said about team work. It's so true. Heck you guys saw it happen right before your eyes! ha ha

Hey dad..... HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!!!! I know it's not Sunday yet but I can't call you like I can call mom on Mother's day so I just wanted to tell you  now! I'm so very grateful for the sacrifices you have made for our family. And for me. I will be forever indebted to you for them. Thank you so much. You're such a great example to me and Brian. Yes you are my father but at the same time you are my best friend. And I love you!!!! So so much! So, go buy yourself something nice for fathers day from me! (But use your own credit card not mine;)) ha ha

That's cool about Beau and Coulton. I really do got some type friends! and I'm just making even more out here! At the moment I'm in Bologna with my boy Anziano Dunshee and Anz  Duersch, Anz Rich, and anz Lehnardt. All these guys are hecka' chill. But not gonna lie there is and always will be a special place in my heart for all my Provo boys!!! I love all my friends I really was blessed.

Speaking of Bologna there is a member here who says she knows you guys!!! Her name is Sorrella Bosio. She said she knew you guys from Messina and knew me when I was a little kid! We took a pic and you'll be able to see it when I send the memory card home. She was a really nice lady and had amazing things to say about you guys!!! She loved you guys a ton.

This week was really good. Things really are going really well. We found this super solid dude named Luca. Man he honestly seems so prepared. We found him Saturday and he came to church the very next day and loved it. We are seeing him later tonight. Hopefully all goes well. But things are all going well. I'm so so dang tired 'cause we have been working our butts off. But it feels good. And piano piano we are seeing the fruits of our work which is really nice too. I just got done with a scambio with Anz Duersch, one of our capi zona. He is so dang bravo!!! It was so fun. I don't think I've ever worked so hard. We both just got back to the apartment and just like passed out!!!! ha ha  But it felt good. I learned a lot from him. He's a great kid! ha ha It was fun.  Today for p-day we went and played basketball all together. Man I'm out of shape!!! I'm not used to running around like that!! ha ha but it was fun.

We had a zone conference on Monday, and guess what it was based on.... the power of the Book of Mormon! :) You're right mom that book is special. Not much more to say then that. I love that book. It has been a big help out here.  And is the key for anyone who wants to know the truth. It was great I learned so much and there was a great spirit there. I didn't get the package... but it's coming. I  think the next possible time I might get it is at interviews in the middle of July. (1 month from now) :( haha o well I'll be patient!!!

But ya everything is going really well. I'm so freakin stanco though!!!! haha but it feels good knowing I'm working hard. I think it's time for me to go get a nice cold gelato though :) So I'm gonna let you guys go and wish you guys a great week! I hope you guys have a great week!!!! Stay strong in the faith!!!! :) love you guys so much! :)

Love Anziano Bona

PS thanks for the pics again i loved them!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Dear Mom and Dad!
Sounds like things are pretty chill at home! Just usual life! Nothing fancy! ha ha I'm glad that Brian is having a good summer! He already goes and "hangs out"? Ha jeez that's just great! ha ha Man I was not to good of an example huh? Sorry about that. If I could go back and change some things man I'd do it so fast!! Just keep a good eye on him! At least he is good at letting you guys know where he is! I wasn't to good at that either! ha ha

So Jessie's getting married huh! Good for her! Kinda weird but chill! Tell her I say congrats! Give her my best wishes! I haven't heard anything from Jordan but Coulton did and he said he's alright. There are plenty of girls in the world!  All this means is that we are just gonna have a lot of guy time when we all get back home! ha ha

I'm glad that the baby blessing went well for Riley. That's good! Kinda weird thinking Cassandra has a kid but whatever! ha Sounds like all is going OK for them so that makes me happy!

The work is going alright. This last weekend we found a lot of new investigators. It was nice. It's still early in the process to see how solid they will all be but at least we have some new people to work with, and that makes me very happy.
We found a yummy Chinese restaurant! We went there for lunch on Monday. It was funny, the Asian people there didn't speak English or Italian. Little Asian people are so cute! hahahaha We were just laughing the whole time. You have to order using numbers so they know what you want ha ha
This weekend we are going up with our branch into the mountains to do this activity with them. We are going to some spiritual place to read scriptures and pray. It seems kinda interesting but hey, it'll be fun and something different so we are excited for that.
Yes I got the letter with them memory card. But for some strange reason the memory card won't work :(  I can't see the videos or anything! Oh well, thanks for the thought! I'm using the big memory card remember, so S still have  a lot of space on it. I can send it home anytime you want me to because I have others here that I can use. If you want me to send it home let me know next email and I'll send it to you guys.
Um.... no you don't need to get anyone else's emails. Just the ones from you and dad and Brian.
That's cool that the series is tied 2-2. Sounds like a good one!!! ha ha Let me know how it goes :)
Everything here is going well. Nothing special ha kinda just like you guys. It was just another average week! But it was good. I have to admit, it just seems like time totally slows down during the summer time! ha ha but that's OK too.
I loved the story that you guys shared with me about the gold sprinkles. Totally true. I hope that I get your package next week with the conference talks in it! We have zone conference on Monday so I hope I get it then because I really want to read all the conference talks again!!! Hopefully I get it!
Well this p-day is kinda shot! It's kinda bitter sweet! We have lessons planned all day!!! So it's nice because it means we are teaching people and doing what we are supposed to do! But at the same time it's hard cause that means no break! Right after lunch we are heading out!
Overall things are alright! Anz Winegar is pretty chill. We get along pretty well and laugh and what not so that's good. But it's just hard because when it comes to missionary work I still carry a lot of the load. He is still shy and still learning Italian. but he is trying and that's what counts.
It sounds like everything at home is going well and like I said, that makes me happy! I love you guys so much and miss you guys tons! I'm praying for you guys every day! Have a great week alright!?!?! :)
vi voglio bene!!!!

love Anziano Bona

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Dear Mom and Dad,
Ya' things are going well. This might be a short email because we are here in Rimini with Anz Zanni for p-day and we gotta bounce soon so sorry! But ya overall things are OK. Anz Winegar is a baller. He helps me out so much! Especially when i wanna be a bum and things don't go the way we want he always helps me out and keeps my head up! I love him, he really is super great!

And to answer your question yes, I do know Anz Lehnardt. He is chill. In fact we did a scambio!!! Last Friday to Saturday he came down to Ravenna . It was great. He is a chill kid, we had fun! He is super lucky because he is living with Dunshee!!! I'd kill to do that! ha ha ya Anz Cluff went home. Sad. You never know the reason why and it's better not to judge them. The mission isn't the easiest thing ever, I can understand why some people would wanna go home but in the long run I think it's better just to stick it out!
I heard about the Miami Heat. That's so sick!!!! I wish I could be watching it too!!! ha ha
I just read Alma 5 yesterday in my personal study. That's where i am too! So we are reading the same thing! Cool! It is a great chapter. Really powerful and straight forward! 

But you know me, I always got at least one sad story a week! ha ha So do you wanna hear this one?! I hope so 'cause I'm gonna tell you it! So Sunday rolls around and after church we only had one lesson around 5 or so. So we show up for it and there was no one there. Bummer #1. So we were like dang we got all day to do finding work that kinda stinks. So I call up this member to see how this other member was doing because he was supposed to go visit him because he was having a hard time. I call him and he tells me that he wasn't able to go over and see him. I get this great idea for us to go visit him! The only problem is that he lives like 25km or so  away. We talked about it and decided to hop on our bikes and take off out there because we had enough time to do it. We end up getting out there and we knock on his door and .... nothing.....bummer #2. He wasn't there and wouldn't answer our calls. So we are like OK whatever lets ride home now. No joke, as soon as we start riding bummer #3 happens.... can you guess what happens?.... My bike tire pops!!!!!! It was not fun, at all!!!! So to make an even longer story short, we had to walk all that way home, it was terrible, really terrible!!!!!! My legs were killing me and my butt hurt and just everything hurt.!!!! ha ha The mission would be way to easy if everything went the way we wanted! Thankfully my comp is a baller and helped me keep my chin up that day. Well ya there is my "fun" story for the day. ha ha

But seriously, things are going well! We are doing our best! I know the Lord will do the rest if we do our best! But i really gotta go! Still gotta write pres! ha ha 
I hope you guys have a great week!!! Be happy and never forget to smile!!! ha ha I love you guys so much and am so thankful for you ! have a great week! take care!!!!

love anziano bona

ps.... I heard about Zio Pino comin down... I don't know if we will be able to do anything though.... we will see

Wednesday May 25 th - CONVERSION

Dear Mom and Dad!
It sounds like you guys had a great week! Well at least a good weekend. That makes me so happy! It sounds like Stake Conference was the bomb!!! That's so cool. President Warner really is something special. He is a great man. He really is called from God! I didn't even know there was a Saturday night session of stake conference? Wow that shows you how much I paid attention before my mission!!! hahahaha. I'm glad you guys were able to go and to get so much out of it! That really is great and how it should be!
That's cool how they talked about conversion and how it's a life long thing, because Monday we had a leadership training meeting in Modena and they talked about the gospel of Christ! OK quiz.... think real hard! Do you know what it is!?!?!

Don't cheat don't go looking through the scriptures! Hopefully you got it! If not then you know what you need to study ;) ha ha They talked about how it's a cycle. How we 1st: start with faith in Jesus Christ. this faith brings us to the next step. 2nd: is repentance. After we repent we become eligible for the next step. 3rd: is baptism by immersion for the remission of our sins. 4th: is receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. and last but not least is the 5th step: (which for me is the hardest) enduring to the end.
But they just talked about how it was a never ending cycle and how we keep going through it over and over again! We were taught about change and how it's a painful thing but in the end so worth it and how we grow so much through it! It really is so true. This training meeting totally changed my life! It was so great.
Ya lately has been pretty rough. Things haven't gone how we've planned with some investigators and not a whole lot of people have wanted to listen to us! And now its getting hotter (today was 90 degrees plus humidity!!!!) which just makes me cranky! ha ha Man we sweat so much it's nuts! Like yesterday we had no appointments and all of our members are at the temple this week so there was no one to visit so it was a whole day of finding work and no one let us in! But it was totally OK. We did get a few appointments set and a few numbers but nothing fancy. But its OK 'cause that meeting just totally changed my perceptions on things. It really was great. And I'm so happy cause there is another one next Tuesday!

I'm glad Aubrey's reception went well! Man it's so weird how everyone is getting married! ha ha So funny! But good for all of them.

So guess what we  did today for pday! We went to see Zio Nicola! It was great! Zia Graziella cooks like a goddess!!!!! I love it! ha ha She made lasagna! :) Don't be jealous now! ha ha But ya' it was pretty chill.

But ya overall things here are going well! We are doing our best. I'm honest I'm far from perfect. there are a lot of things I still need to change! But I try. I try to be obedient and positive. I do my best. But that's why I love my comp! He is super chill. ha ha He just makes me laugh! And we love eating gelato together so that's always fun too! So basically all is well... but ya you should email Beau and Coulton they would love to hear from you!
I hope you guys have such a great week! lLt me know about sports!!!! Whats going on!!! You have no idea how tempting it is to go to to check it out!!!!! But don't worry I wont! ha ha:)
Well I love you guys so so much!!! Have a great week!
vi voglio un sacco di bene!!!!

love anziano bona