Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Friday, August 27, 2010

Thank you Facebook

I just chatted on facebook with two members from the SanRemo Branch.
They told me all about Anziano Bona....
Sure do miss that boy...but oh so proud of him!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Familes Can Be Together Forever


Yes sir brother I wear your chain everyday. It reminds me of you! I love you dude.
Ya' don't worry about football, you get used to it after a while. Don't be scared either... have faith dude!!
When you have faith you don't have fear! You will be OK, your a tough little man! But do you at least like football or is it not fun at all? ha
But ya I heard about coach Cardoso's wife, it's way sad.
Thank goodness Heavenly Father loves us and makes it possible for us to see our families again after this life.
I'm glad Provo won, that is way cool. Tell everyone there hi for me k!?
But hey how ya doing on reading the scriptures and praying everyday!? I hope your doing it cause I promise you if you are God with bless you and help you with everything that is going on in your life!
But ya dude I love you tons!
Be a good boy listen to mom and dad! I hate to say it but they really are right all the time!!!! ha ha ;)
Dude I love you and always will! You're the best little bro.
Make me proud!!!
Anziano Bona

Hello parents!
I'm glad things back at home are going well!
But ya the word of wisdom and chastity don't exist here! ha ha but its OK we are working with Felice with coffee and all should be fine in the long run! Thank you guys so much for your support and prayers.
Anziano Bartholomew is cool. He is a little different and we don't talk a whole ton but he is still chill and I like him a lot. He is a good missionary and that's what matters! Back at home I chill with Anziano Roberts and Brooks a lot but everyone in the house gets along great so its way fun! Mom I know, your gonna kill me, but I haven't sent it yet... but I will soon I promise!!!!!
But ya I heard about Mason and that's great. I'm happy for him! He will do great! ha ha
And ya I heard about coach Cardoso's wife too... that really is sad and really hard. But that's why God made this perfect plan for us so that one day we will be able to live with our loved ones again. and I'm so thankful for this too!
And ya grandpa emailed me and I've emailed him back like 4 times now!!!! Has he not gotten any of them!? But ya I wrote him back already.
Dad sorry about the job but its OK.... things will all work out don't worry!!! Faith!!! :) ha ha
Ya I got Justin's email and I asked Mike to give me his email for the MTC so I can talk with him! ha ha its gonna be sweet to see him!
I'm glad Brian's teacher is chill! He's a good kid he will be OK and he will have a good year!!! ha ha.
But ya all here is going well! nothing super new! But I gotta bounce real quick! We got a few lessons that we gotta teach on our p-day!! Not fun, but I know but the Lords work always comes first!!!!
Well I love you guys and hope that you guys have a good week!!! :) Can't wait till your guys next email!!!
Much love!!!
Anziano Robert Bona :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dear Mom and Dad!!!
How are you both doing!? It sounds like home is going well and chill and all so I'm really happy about that!! That's great dad that you get to be home more now to spend time with the fam! Your a baller! ha ha
But ya things here have been goin good. Ya' the 15th of Agosto was pretty nuts! ha ha but normally it's the day we get off and stay inside all day and just clean house but since it was on Sunday we didn't get it! So we got the 16th to have our day off and we just chilled like all day. It only took like 3 hours to clean the whole apartment cause its so small and there are 4 of us! ha ha So the rest of the day we just chilled and went and got gelato and stuff ha ha it was fun! but kinda sucky cause we got bored too!!!
We might as well have been out there doing missionary work! ha ha
But then yesterday was zone conference out in Alessandria and that takes the whole day... and then today is p-day! So we like got off 3 days in a row from missionary work! Its actually kinda sucky! It's just gonna be a bad numbers week! But we will just work way hard this weekend to make up for it!
But ya Felice didn't get baptized this last weekend. We pushed his date back to the 11th of September cause he is still a fan with coffee so we are working with him on that! Besides that he's way solid!
We've been workin a lot with this old lady named Marta who is just like the sweetest old lady ever!!! The one nice old person in SanRemo we found!! ha ha Thank you spirit!!!! ha ha! But ya she has heard like almost all the lessons and wants to get baptized but she is only here for the summer! :( She is heading back to Milano until next summer! So hopefully she will meet with the missionaries there! We told her she has too!
But ya' the work has been going well considering it's the summer in SanRemo! ha ha Once Agosto is over things should start getting better for sure!!! But ya all is going well!
Brian told me about dads icyhot incident! ha ha That's so dang funny!!!! ha ha
Well I hope all is going well! I love you guys so much and am thankful for everything!!! I love you guys so much and am thankful for all your love and support! The church is true!! Never forget it!!
Real quick! I heard something really cool at zone conference... So like everything is the Lords you know?... Except one thing... our agency... so when we give Him back the one thing that He has givem us, we can then really be tools for the Lord and He can work through us... All we gotta' do is obey the commandments and do what He says. And when we do that really anything is possible!! I just thought that was pretty cool when I heard it!
Well I love you guys so so much!!! I cant wait to get your guys emails next week!!! much love!!!
Anziano Robert Bona!!
PS.... I gotta go by Anziano for now!!! It's my titolo!!!! ;) ha ha

Brian's Letter:

First I just wanna say sorry for not writing last week! but ya I love you tons! So that's legit that you are playing football! You're probably a stud! What position do you play? No Felice didn't get baptized yet. He still likes coffee haha we are planning onthe 11th of september. That's the new date. That would be cool to take a trip down there. What is it for? Dude that story about dad is so dang funny!!!!! haha I would of laughed so dang hard. Dude guess what, I wear your chain every day now!!! cause I love you! Keep up the hard work in football! haha I love you tons dude! take care of the fam for me!
much love your brother
Anziano Bona!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

5+ Months and HAPPY!

Dear Mom and Dad!!

It sounds like things are getting back to normal around home now that Ryan is gone. I hope you guys can relax more now and not be as stressed!!! ha ha And ya I've been gone for more then 5 months now!! Pretty crazy right!? Seems like longer and yet shorter at the same time! Dad I'm happy about your job and all! that's legit! :) ha ha keep up the hard work! I look up to both of you so so much!!

But ya' I'm really curious about the whole Ryan and family situation cause I don't know the whole story or anything!! ha ha But that's OK you cant wait till I get back to tell me ha I'm just confused about it! Just be the best support you guys can for them! 'cause in the end they are still family....

Oh man I love Ann and all them!!! Please wish them the best of luck for me!!! ha ha Good for Ann though, that makes me happy that she is happy! And I'm glad that you had all them come over to eat and chill!! ha ha I love them all so much!! ha ha It sounds like you guys all had fun!

Kourt said it was fun and she had a good time at dinner and that she loves you guys! ha ha and that's crazy that Beau leaves soon! I'm happy that we are all out at the same time and that we are all doing the Lords work together!!! ha ha

OK so now for some story time.... ha ha
OK.... so ya' last Wednesday was THE best day of my mission. We rented this like 4 person cart thing and all rode together down the pista and took pics and stuff. Then we went to the church and chilled and got ready for the baptism. Then it happened!!!! :)It was so crazy!!!! ha ha and ya' it was in the ocean it was so cool!! So we like started walking into the water and everyone was like talking and stuff then I raised my hand in the air and it went dead quite. Then I like totally forgot everything I was supposed to say!!! Only for like 1/2 a second though thankfully!!! Then I felt this huge peace come over me ('cause I was kinda nervous ha ha) and then I said it, and I got to baptize him!!!! :) :) :) It was so awesome!! The spirit was so so strong! Then after that we all got cleaned up and heared some talks and what not and then it was like 930 at night (which is when we need to be home normally, 10 at the latest) and some of the members invited us out for pizza and dinner, and Anziano Brooks (the legned) is our district leader and he is a baller, he was all... what the heck its a special night... so we got to got out and chill with the members and we were out till like midnight!! ha ha It was way fun!!! ha ha so that's my big story for the week!
But ya' every night is a party 'cause we just chill and talk and have fun and play games and there is just no bad feelings anywhere so its all good and fun!!! ha ha anziano brooks is just so chill I love that guy!!

So as you can tell from this everything here is going great!!! ha ha These have been like the funnest weeks ever!! ha ha all is well.

Thank you guys so much for your love and support! I love you guys so much! Take care of Brian! He's such a baller!! ha ha Well until next week! Can't wait to get your guys next email!!

Much love!!! Anziano Robert Bona

.... I only got 2 hours a week to email!!!! if I find a bit of extra time I'll email everyone!!! ahhh!!! There are so many people to email!! ha ha love you guys see ya have a good week!! :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Mom and Dad!!!
Well I just wanted to start off saying by I love you both so very much and am so very thankful for all you guys have done for me!!! :) I'm very happy that things are going well with dads work!! Dad you have sacrificed everything for our family and you really do deserve the very best!!! So I'll keep ya' in my prayers and I hope all turns out well for that!!
I miss Brian so so much!!! He sounds like a baller!! ha ha! I love him so much!!! He's gonna be a stud in football!! Just tell him not to be a pansy! ha ha!
I'm very happy that all has gone well at home! I hope all works out with Ryan and all them... jeez... that's a rough situation! But ya mom good attitude learn as much as possible from this situation! Our ward really is amazing... if all members in the world were like our ward we would all get translated!! ha ha ha!!
OK so stuff about here.... so basically this has been my favorite week so far! I love being in 4!!! ha ha ha ha! First my comp is Anz Bartholomew and he is this tiny short kid from North Carolina. He is like quite but he is a good worker and that's what matters. We have seen a lot of success already in this first week and I'm excited to be with him. I think we are gonna get along just fine! The other two missionaries in the apartment are Anz Roberts and Anz Brooks. They are both way chill. Anz Brooks is like a legend around the mission. He's an amazing missionary and is so freakin funny! He has Padre Pio (a catholic priest) pictures everywhere and he is just halarious!!! I love him!!! Every night is like a party at the apartment! So ya everything is just great here right now!!!
OK so now story of the week... There is this boy in our branch named Matteo who is 9 years old and isn't baptized. His parents are divorced. His mom is a member but his dad isn't and won't let him get baptized so he can't 'cause you need both parents permission for a minor to be baptized. But what we realized is that since Ellena (Matteo's mom) has full custody of him we don't need the permission of the father so now he is getting baptized!!! Tonight!!!! ha ha ha! And guess what... He asked me if i'd do it!!!! ha ha ha ha ha!!! :) :) So tonight around 8 pm (noon Utah time) I have the privilege to baptize Matteo in the ocean!!!!! How ballin' is that!?!?!? I'm so stoked! ha ha It's gonna be epic!! ha h aha so ya I'm pretty much freaking out... its gonna be awesome! I'm so excited its gonna be great! :) So ya that's my little story! ha ha
But ya' everything is going great here! I'm not gonna send the pics for a week or two so I can get some pics of the guys here to send to you guys too! Everything here is just going great! ha ha I hope everything at home keeps working out too! You guys are always in my prayers!! I love you guys so so much thanks for all you guys have done!! I gotta bounce though 'cause we got some planning to do!! ha ha love you guys tons!!! :) Can't wait for your guys' emails next week!!
Much Love
PS... I got the letter from you guys and the pics from all my friends!!! ha ha! Please tell all of them thank you so much it made my day when I got it!!!
PPS... and yes Kourt still emails me every week and we are still good friends!! ha ha I love you guys
later!!! :)