Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Just a bit of information about Ravenna
Dante's burial tomb
Piazza al Popolo

Ravenna is known for the Mosaic art

This is where Anz Bona is serving now
Ravenna has approx. 160,000 people and is 13 ft above sea level.
Some of the best food in Italy comes from this region,
which is called Emilia Romagna


Dear Mom and Dad,

Well I hope that you guys had a good week. I know I did.

I know my mission is an important thing and I'm doing my very best at it. I know I always don't tell all my stories or anything but that's cause I don't have time to always send super long emails all the time. but I will try to do better with that. But I promise when I get back I'll tell you guys everything.

Hey mom I'm glad you went to lunch with Bolnick's mom! He loves you for that! You and Sister Barnes are really great!

This was a pretty good week for Anz Strobelt and myself.

I don't know if I have told you guys or not but they have kinda changed the way we do teaching and finding here in the mission a bit. It's been totally different then how I was taught how to do stuff and same with Anz Strobelt, so these last few weeks we've been trying it out a lot and its just been kinda iffy because we totally weren't used to it!

On Saturday night we finally had some success with it!! We just had like a whole night of finding work with no lessons planned (those nights can get kinda long ) so we just took off like always. We had some very interesting lessons. One was with these Orthodox brothers who were interesting. They were funny but just totally not elect.

Then later we got in with this dude and it was so cool. We taught him about Joesph Smith and his whole story (the 1st lesson) and the spirit was so strong. He was totally cool and we both totally thought he was elect!!! But at the end he just said that he had some rough times with churches in the past and just really wasn't ready to let God in his life again. It was so sad. We did our very best to try to help him and let him know that God loves him and his family but he just wasn't interested. We both left that lesson really bummed! He was such a cool guy!! But we do have to respect other people and their free agency so we did. We left a pamphlet and our number.

After that lesson we were both kinda bummed and we wanted to just go get gelato. It was around 8ish or so and we had worked really hard all day and just were tired. But we were like heck no lets just finish working for the day. So we did. And then of course when we choose the right thing the Lord always does His part and blesses us!!!

So we knocked on this one door and this little girl answered and we asked for her parents and she just walked away. We looked in the house and this old dude just stared at us and then just walked away. So we are standing in the hallway of the palazzo (apartment building) and the door is just wide open. Anz Stroblet is like, "what should we do?" and I said just walk in so he did. We just walked in the house and kinda poked our heads around the corner and then this man came and started talking to us. We had such a legit lesson with him . He said he was looking for something just like this to help guide his life. His name is Manuele and is a baller!!!!! It was really cool. It is just funny how it always works like that!! There days like this, and if you just do your best the Lord just blesses you! So that was a cool story. He seems super solid and I hope he will end up getting baptized one day.

Oh another cool kinda similar story. (Dude I can't spell anymore. I never know if I'm spelling stuff right or not!!) Thursday we were doing some casa by Percy's house (the kid you guys talked to) and we knocked on this door. This kid opens the door and speaks Spanish and way bad Italian. him and his little brother are just chillin' there and we are like "siamos los elderes" ha ha!! Kinda Spanish like, and then they go get there mom and she just immediately lets us in. Her Italian is even worse then the kids, ha ha! We start trying to talk to them and stuff, and we find out that they are members!!!! So we leave real quick and went and got Percy and his brother Diego from their house because they live almost right next door. We bring them over and they start talking to them in Spanish and we find out that they have been in Italy for 2 months now and the mom has been praying that she would meet the elders on the street so she could find where the church is. And we ended up knocking on their door. It was really cool! just another testimony builder that the Lord is guiding our work! so ya those are the cool stories of the week.

On Monday we went to Como!!!! It was beautiful!! I loved it! we went on the lake and went to Bellagio!!!!! It was amazing! Don't worry I got good pics!!! ;) ha ha! We saw the house that is in the Star Wars movie. I totally felt the force when we went by it it was awesome!!! So ya' that was super fun!!!

OK so now for transfers!!!

The mission is losing some missionaries because more are leaving then are coming in so they are shutting down our coppia that they just opened. Which means me and Anz Strobelt our out!!!

Strobelt is going to Reggio Emilia, and I'm heading to Ravenna!!! It's gonna be sick (awesom)!!! I'm super stoked!!! I've heard Ravenna is awesome! It's gonna be pretty. I'm on a special assignment for President Wolfgramm now. My companion is Anz Criag, and he goes home in 2 transfers and was in the Rome mission. I'm kinda nervous about my assignment,but I'm sure all will work out just fine!

But ya' that's about all for me here. You guys will probably be getting some of my pics from this transfer sometime soon.

I love you guys tons! Thanks so much for all you guys do, and I hope you guys have a great week. I'll let you guys know how Ravenna is next week!

Bye guys love you both!!!!!
vi voglio bene

Anziano Bona

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hello family!!!

It sounds like stuff is going really well for you guys!!! Going on top of the Duomo was way chill! We got a lot of cool pics and stuff and it was awesome!! ha ha

Speaking of pictures I received your little package don't worry! Thanks for the memory cards they were much needed! I'm gonna end up sending this one home pretty soon!

Guess what? On Monday we are taking a culture day and we are going up to see Como!! We are going to go out on Lake Como and stuff! It's gonna be legit!!! ha ha

But ya' I'm way happy about Eliana!!! It makes me so happy! We are all on the same team out here! It's something that people forget sometimes 'cause they wanna see the baptism or something, but it really doesn't matter as long as it happens!!!

Percy is such a baller!! They are less active and we are working with them! We have been working with a lot of less active people lately and they've been coming back to church it's been so neat.

This man named Marco who we found is pretty solid. We gave him a baptismal date and he accepted. It should all go down on the 5th of March. But we will see, we might have to push it back a bit. Hopefully not though!

I wrote Anthony back tell him to look better!! ha ha

Things here is going well. A small miracle to share this week is that Marco accepted the baptismal date. that was great! Finding was rough.

Everything in the mission is changing and we are doing work a little different way so it will just take a bit of time to get used to but it will help us out so much more once we get it down!!! W have to do a lot more testifying from the first time we meet people...instead of just "being friends". They need to feel the spirit from the very start!

Tell everyone at home hi! And ya I wrote Sam back, but not this week 'cause I don't have a lot of time and stuff ha like always!!! ha ha

Guess what.... it's almost been year!! It's weird! Transfers are next week! I should be staying but I could be getting a new comp. Anz Strobelt has been here for a long time! But I will let you guys know!!!!

Tell Cassandra and Uncle David good luck with everything!! Hope all goes well for them!!!!

All here is going way good and I love you guys so so much!!!
Thank you guys for everything!!

I should get all the packages in a week or two!!! Thanks for everything guys i love you all!

Too bad about the Jazz but it happens!!

Most of all, don't forget the church is true!!! ;)

love you guys!!!

Love Anziano Bona!!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


How are you guys doing?
I hope all is well for you guys!

Things this last week had there ups and downs! But overall it went really well.

We won't be able to baptize that young man. His father said no that he doesn't want him to get baptized. He wants him to get baptized in the Orthodox church. Are you serious? Orthodox?!?! It's okay though. Anz Strobelt and I feel really confident that once he gets old enough he will get baptized. He is so solid and loves the Book of Mormon. We know we did our part in helping/teaching him. We did all we could. Not gonna lie though, it was kinda' hard for us and we were super sad about it. But you are totally right. Everyone has their free agency! That's why it was hard because he wants to be baptized so bad but his parents won't let him. It's OK though he will be fine in the long run, we totally know it.

And speaking about free agency and Eliana...
she is gonna get baptized :) Sunday :)

I'm in touch with Anz Weller and she is finally ready!!! It's so awesome!!!! I was so happy when I heard that! It doesn't matter that I'm not there to do it or see it because all of us missionaries are on the same team with the same goal! It's so cool to see the hard work finally pay off though :)

But one thing you said is totally right, we never know the impact we have because people could totally change after we go and we could never know about it. But that's okay! We don't need to! We aren't out here for self recognition.

But regarding the events of the past week... I've learned a lot about what happened. I'm totally OK!!! I promise. Hakuna Matata!!!! ;) hahaha My buddy here in my apartment Anz Bartholomew just got his "dear john" letter from his old girl friend too! Girls just have a hard time saying the right things!!!! ha ha It's just super funny. They could maybe say things in a better way! But don't worry I am totally okay!

Our work is going okay.... we had to give one of our solid investigators to the sisters....which is okay because we are all on the same team.

I was on a scambio (splits) with Anz Curtis and we found this super solid man Monday night whose daughter is a member. We had such a powerful lesson with him! It really was a miracle because we just happened to do this area right by our house and he lives basically right next to our palazzo (building). I feel sure that he will get baptized :) I will tell you more about him next time! We have a lesson with him tomorrow morning. Hopefully it goes well!

I tried to call the the numbers you gave me..... no answers... ugh o well! I can try again!

Thanks for your support and love! It totally helps and I can feel your prayers. They really do help. Prayer is so powerful!!!! Things happen for a reason!!!! :) Remember that!!

Well I love you guys so much! I hope you guys have a great week!

I haven't gotten the pics from you guys.... I think someone messed with the letter.... I might not get it..... :( But can you send another memory card so I can send this one home? I already have over 200 pics, and we are going on top of the Duomo today so I'm gonna get even more!!! :)

Well I love you guys tons! Have a great day!
Can't wait to hear from you guys soon!

Vi voglio bene!!!!
Anziano Bona!!!

PS... I'll keep my eye out for the package!!!