Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This year I'm giving Christ my son. I've spent more time in the temple, my testimony stirred. I've reread November's Ensign, felt strength come from His words. Our family prays more frequently, my tears are quick to run. ...Abraham seems closer because, This year I'm giving Christ my son.

I wonder how those Lamanite mothers, gave their sons to war? Or how the pioneers chose Zion, their sacrifice was so much more. My loss will be his presence, I'll miss his smile a ton For two years we will pray for him, I'm giving Christ my son.

I stare at his face when he's not looking. I memorize his eyes, their shine. He's always hungered for the part of Him, that makes his soul divine. The stories and lessons he always heard, His choice and mine are one. I'll put my faith in God's hand, this year... I'm giving Christ my son.

Past gifts have lost their glitter; I think I finally understand Christ's birth should be celebrated by giving Him a hand. It's because I know Christ lives and reigns that all his packing's done. My gift has taken years to make, this year .... I'm giving Christ my son.

I know there's One who understands, the sacrifice I'm making Who knows the gift I willingly give, the toll it will be taking. For He has done it all before. Greater love-there could be none. For years ago God gave to me, His only begotten son.

The hands I washed, the hands I held, the hands I taught to pray; Now knock on doors to find the ones who will listen to what he'll say. Because I know Christ needs him, until all the gathering's done, My gift has taken years to make.

This year....I'm giving Christ my son.

Our True Identity



Dear Mom.
Well...tomorrow is a special day or you!! So....


I love you so much! You are so awesome and I look up to you so much. I loved going on our little "mother/son" dates! They were awesome! We watched a ton of movies!!!
I hope you have a great birthday and you do something fun! You really do deserve it.
True, we did into a few arguments in the past and I'm so sorry. But the thing is, even with all that you were still always there for me when I needed it, and I'm to thankful for that! Thank you!
You really are so awesome! Happy Birthday and I love you so much! You're the best.
How old are you now? 42? 43? 44? (What a nice boy) I don't really know, but it doesn't matter because you will always still be "the cool mom"! Always!! :) ha ha!
Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!!!
Love your son,
(I love that this letter was signed Robert and not Anziano Bona!)

Monday, November 29, 2010


What a sweet surprise to get a birthday letter from Robert with his SD card inside! I will post the letter this week when we get his email but for now here are a few pictures to enjoy!

Some of the highlights while in Alessandria have been a visit from Robert's Zio (uncle) Pino. He was so excited to see him and to actually be able to talk to him and not need someone to translate. They had a fun afternoon together!

This is a view of Alessandria.

Transfer day and bidding farewell to Anziano Gallacher

How nice to be reunite with Anziano Dunshee (MTC companion), even if only for a few short moments!

And Anziano Bolnick as well!

Had to get down to some serious business with Anz Bos during their two week back and forth trips between Genova and Alessandria.

New greenie Anz Weller

New missionaries fresh from the MTC! How nice to see a familiar face from home. Anziano Barnes! Second from left in the back row...comes from our home ward! Benvenuto!

And you can't forget about Halloween!

All bundled up and ready to face the cold! Brrrrr!

Always nice to have a friend around....Carlo Malara was the District President in Calabria and Giovanni (Robert's dad) was the executive secretary when Robert was a baby and we lived in Messina...

And after a long days's time for bed!!!

(PS: If you are friends with Anz Bona or Judi Bona on Facebook you can go there and see the rest of the pictures for Alessandria.)

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Dear Mom and Dad!!!


I hope you guys have such a great day! Have so much fun with the Tubbs! Man I love them! Tell Adam and all them hi for me and that I'm so thankful that they are watching out for you guys! ;) ha ha

But what the heck!? I sent you a letter mom and in it were pics! Have you not gotten it yet? If not you should in a few days don't worry! The pics are coming!

And dad guess what? I totally can read all your letters in Italian and it's easy! You have no idea how comforting it is to get a letter in Italian and then actually be able to read and understand all of it! It was funny 'cause I saw it and I was like heck I don't wanna read all of it 'cause it takes forever for me to understand it! But I was like whatever and I did it just fine! ha ha! I'm thankful for the gift of tongues! Because I know without it all us missionaries would be in so much trouble!!!
But ya next week p-day is back on Wednesday and then I'll also tell you whats going on with transfers! I hope I stay 'cause I'd love to be here with Anz Weller in Alessandria for Christmas! That would be way fun!

But ya we got bikes. And if I get transferred or something the bike stays here. But that means if I need to buy a new one later in my mission it's reimbursable so it's like free. The first bike we buy it's our money but after that the mission will pay for it! And ya' we ride around in the rain and what not... ha ha it's crazy and cold but the thing is, is that for the work it's great. It saves us so much time so we can get more done! A day is so short it sucks!!! ha ha But once it starts snowing and stuff I dunno how much we will use them but ya' we wrap up with our scarfs and gloves and I wear my nerd glasses to protect my eyes and then we just head out!!! ha ha It's nuts!

Yesterday at our addrestamento (training) we really did get spiritually filled! We always do at those things! Pres Wolfgramm is so chill and awesome! Plus it's fun to see some of my good friends at those things! ha ha Anz Bos and Anz Shultz are my boys! I love those guys. So ya' days like yesterday where everyone together is fun!

Um... finding work this last week was OK I guess.... We got some solid potentials that we can try to work with so that's cool. So it was alright! But Ermina really doesn't meet with us anymore. She said she needed a break. And Eliana is still super solid. She just got her feelings hurt from some members so we had to do some damage control with her. Her family really is like my fam out here at the moment I love them!!! She will get baptized she just takes things like super slow.

And we don't get discouraged!!!! Discouragement comes from Satan. We just get disappointed. We learned about the difference between the 2 yesterday at our training thing. Never get discouraged!!!!! You always gotta keep going and keep giving it your best! :) ha ha

OK so today this is the plan.... we are gonna try out this Chinese restaurant for lunch!!! ha ha Then maybe go a bit shopping and just look around at stuff!!! Then put up our Christmas tree!!! ha ha :) We got like a 5 euro tree that's like 3 feet tall. I'm excited for that! It'll be fun!! ha ha Then for dinner we were thinking about going and getting a dang good pizza :) ha ha very Thanksgiving like huh!?!? ha ha We are excited it'll be fun!! ha ha Today really is a good day to just step back and reflect and look at all the things that Heavenly Father has blessed us with!! Because he really has given us a lot!! It's awesome!

It sounds like things are going great at home and that makes me really happy!!!! :) I'm glad all is well!! I love you guys so much and miss you tons! But don't worry in one month I'll be able to call you guys! Heck yes I'm excited for that!!! :) ha ha

The church is so true don't ever forget it!! Can't wait to hear from you guys next week!
I love you guys!!!! :)
Have a great day!
Happy Thanksgiving!!! :)

Anziano Bona

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Dear Mom and Dad!!!
First of all..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!! Well actually it's tomorrow but it's ok!!! I'm telling you today!!!! haha You're so awesome I love you so very much and am thankful for all you have done for me!!! I sent you a letter today so hopefully you get it at the beginning of next week! Sorry it's late I was just so super busy this week!! haha But don't worry I didn't forget!!! I love you mom :)

Ya' we did a lot of finding work this past week. We found a few people but no one too solid... the best one is this lady whose name is Lusia. She is totally athiest. But secondo me (according to me) I think there is some hope. We taught her the first lesson and she didn't accept the Book of Mormon that we tried to give her. But she wants to hear about the plan of salvation. So we will go back and see what we can do! I'm keepin my head up cause I think if we can show her that there is a God and that He loves her then I think she would really like the gospel in her life. Everyone else we talked to was like not solid at all. So.... ya it was still like a hard week.
And we got terrible news about Ermina. She isn't gonna be getting baptized for some time. Like she wants too and all but there are some things in her life that she says she can't change right now so we can't baptize her. She said she thinks she needs a break and stuff. I was so sad.... it's weird how close you get to these people and then when things go wrong your like so sad for them!!! ugh.... Ya I was hecka' bummed.... but it's ok.... and with Eliana I just dont know if she's ready to get baptized this soon. We might have to push her date back a bit too. So like over all it was just a rough week.

But it was cool 'cause yesterday the training meeting thing was in Alessandria and was for everyone this time so all the missionaries from the Genova and Torino zone came to Alessandria and we had our huge meeting thing all day long. They talked about not getting discouraged and stuff when stuff doesn't go the way you planned. It was totally comforting and stuff and I knew it was like totally for me!!!! 'Cause like Anziano Weller and I have been trying so hard to help these people and find new people but it's just been hard!! So that was the Lords way of answering my prayers so it was cool! So we are still keeping our heads up high and keep doinW work!!! we know the elect people are out there and we are willing to go through some hard times to find them!!! And we will find them soon :) haha

It sounds like things are going great at home! I'm glad!!! Thanks for keeping me updated on all the stuff going on at home! It's nice to still kinda be in the loop! :) haha That's chill that Brian won the championship!!!!!! Tell him to keep playing football and he will just keep getting better and better! Get him into some legit basketball leagues too!!! haha Like an open court thing or something!! They are hecka fun too!! haha

That is so chill that dad got you some fancy cookin thing!! haha and yumm!!! Those Greek cookies are so good! haha Dude I can cook some dang good pasta now! Anziano Weller and I eat so dang good! The carbonara is like my fave!!!!! haha It's so yummy and I'm legit at it! haha Pasta is easy and I love panna!!!!!! I'm bringing like 50 kilos home i swear!!! haha!!! The food here is just so good! We get gelato like all the time!! haha It's awesome!!! And focaccia is too epic! haha And now there is like pandoro and all that cake stuff that they bring out for Christmas! And thats way yummy too! haha American food is gonna kill me! I think im getting spoiled :) haha

But oh!!!! Yesterday I got 2 packages. One with just a bunch of candy and junk food and the other one with the christmas presents!!!!!! :) haha Thank you so much! I won't open them until then!!! haha But ya we got another thing December 15th or something, so there is still time to send me more!!! ;) haha just letting you guys know!! haha

Speakin about presents and what not... is there anything you guys want?! Ties, bags, food, anything? I just dont know what to get you guys!!! Please let me know something so I can send something!!! haha Please let me know!

Yes i got a new watch and I used the credit card a couple days ago. Um.... like I'm 95% sure I'm buying a bike within the new few days.... So I think I'm gonna use the credit card.... just letting you guys know!! haha Sorry I just kinda' need to buy one! And I'll try not to spend to much money on stuff. There is just a lot of neat stuff I want for christmas, ha ha!

Dude guess what!?! Jordan Monsen is training some elder that has the last name Ciccio!!!!! haha and the kid is from Italy!!! ha ha he's training one of the Ciccio boys!!! haha small world huh!? I met fratello Ciccio' at some stake priesthood meeting ha he's a nice guy!

And oh about Giuseppe's fam. None of them answer and one of them hung the phone up on me and we can't like waste a whole day and just go all the way to Asti to try to give people stuff that won't even answer me! So I dunno what to do with that situation... :( and Alessandra... I should be hooking up with them today for a bit.

My time out here is so little and precious so I need to use it wisely.

But ya we are fine out here! We get along super great and always have fun! Especially when it's pooring rain and freezing! ;) haha But we are good and trust that the Lord will help us out! I'm glad all is going well at home! I love you guys so so much and am glad all is going well! Have a great week! I cant wait to hear from you guys again soon!!!!! :)
much love!!

anziano bona!



Yep it's almost Thanksgiving time!!! haha Bro you need to eat a lot of turky! Eat some for me too ok bro!! ha ha That'll be fun that your going to the Tubbs house! ha ha Tell them hi for me! And nice bro now you got time to chill a bit! You should use some of that time and crack open the scriptures a bit and read for like 10 min a day!! That would be good ;) And good work and beatin dad on Madden! I'll still own you though! :) haha and calm down I still got like 4 months till I hit my year mark! ha but time does go by hecka' fast that is true! haha
I love you so much bro! Have such a great week! :)
anziano bona

(this letter is from last week)

hey bro!!!!
Ya all is going well over here so don't worry! Ya it was better that I just let him get away with that! (referrring to the watch situation). haha
So all good! Dude I'm so happy the school is going well for you! That is so good that your staying on top of your grades like that! atta boy! :) And that is ballin' that your football team is doing so good! good luck bro and give it your best! you gotta let me know how that all turns out!
My new comp is really chill! His name is Anziano Weller! He is chill and we get along really good! He is really obiedent and brings the spirit with him everywhere! He will help me out a lot! So we are having a great time! Brian i love you so much! i love the pic I got from you guys! You look so big and look like such a baller! I'm so proud of you! :) I love you so much and miss ya tons!!!
Keep up the good work and keep up being bravo (good) for mom and dad! :)
love you have a great week!

love anziano bona

Friday, November 12, 2010

Dear Mom and Dad!!!

Yes yes yes don't worry!!! Things here are going great!! Everything is back to normal finally, no more crazy long train rides or dumb stuff like that! ha ha

Things with Anziano Weller are going way good! He is was solid and is gonna be a super bomb missionary one day!! And for a new kid he speaks the language pretty dang good! He kinda beats himself up about it sometimes but I just tell him to chill and that it will come with time! And the thing is is that it totally will! ' But ya he's obedient, and like I said it's good! You're exactly right, there are a lot of things that I'm learning from him! It is cool to see the fire of a new missionary but yes, he seems to be happy! And he is now adjusting to the field quite well so things are going good!

And here in Alessandria for the moment we are on feet and public transportation. We might get bikes but I really don't wanna... so we will see.

So ya' the weather here is.... cold.
It hasn't rained the last couple days which has been nice 'cause it used to be hecka rainy!!! But now it's just cold! We really haven't fixed the heater thing yet but I think we are gonna do that sometime this week!!! Hopefully!!!

Yeah, la nonna is crazy! ha ha I was sleeping 'cause I was sick and she called and woke me up! haha But it's ok ha she's really nice though.

The finding work is still a pain sometimes!! But I know that there are people out there waiting for us! We just gotta' find them! We are doing our best and I'm sure it will pick up by the end of the week!

And ya we went out and got comp scarfs! They are so chill! ha ha So now my face stays warm and I look like a baller! ha ha!!! It's way funny but we need to stay warm! I think I'm getting my watch today and might get a tie that I've been looking at! ha ha

Elaina and Erminia!! yes, they are still set up for the 27th! We are hecka happy for them and I'm sure that they will be ready on that day! Seriously it's cool and amazing to see the gospel help and bless there lives!

I heard about the sports stuff.... that stinks for Utah and for the Jazz! Hopefully they can beat Miami! ha ha that would be cool!

OK, so the training thing has been changed this transfer. Instead of everyone going to Milan they are doing it kinda like a zone conference so like the Genoa zone and Torino zone will meet in Alessandria the next two Wednesday's and do some training stuff here! So that is chill 'cause we don't have to go anywhere! ha ha So hopefully they will bring my packages then! But that means that p-day for the next 2 weeks is on Tuesday so ya gotta email me on Monday night!

Dad I'm so happy all is going well! and glad that your Wednesdays are chill! :)

That is fun that you will be going to the Tubbs for Thanksgiving!!!! They are just like family!

But the Muslim lady here is yelling at me so I gotta go!!

Tell Bri sorry I didn't write him!!!!

So write me next week on Monday!!!
I'll explain more stuff later!!!! I gotta go!!!

I love you guys you guys are awesome!!!!

Anziano Bona

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Dear Mom and Dad!!!

How are you guys doing!?!? I hope all is going well! Sounds like stuff at home is going quite well so I'm really happy for you all!

So ya i'ts been quite the week here in Alessandria!

First of all ya I saw Anziano Barnes and it was so cool!!! ha ha I gave him a huge hug! He is so tall now! I don't even make it up to his head now! Jeez I swear I'm just shrinking or something!!! hahaha But ya it was cool to seem him! I bet the ward thinks it's so cool that we are in the same mission huh?

But ya he gave me the little package and then I got 2 more from the mission home! Thanks so much for the little candy it was so yummy! You really don't realize how much you miss all the little things until its gone! We take so much for granted back at home! So I think that that's everything you've sent but I'm not sure!!! ha ha I'll find out the next time I make it to Milano!

The next zone conference isn't until like December 15th or something like that! But guess what! This month there is this like crazy training meeting for all zone leaders, district leaders, and trainers!!! It's like this 3 day long thing in Milano!!! So that'll be super fun and then I can see if there are any other letters or mail or whatever!! ha ha

OK so get this...

Thursday morning we (Anz Bos and myself) get into Milano to pick up the new kids but neither of us have ever worked in Milano so we don't exactly know how to get to the church. So we call the AP's (Assistants to the President) and they tell us to get on the green tram and head to some exit. So we go to where the trams are and we see the green one and it's about to leave so we run like hecka fast and jump on it! So we are like yes!!!! We made it and didn't miss it!!! ha ha So by this point we have been on the tram for like 20ish minutes and then we finally realize that we are going the wrong way!!!!!!! And the trainers meeting starts in 10 minutes!!! ahahaaaaa!! So we are like oh, heck no!!!!!!!!! So we get off at the next exit and take the first one we can to the right place, so to make a kinda' long story short Anz Bos and I got to the trainers meeting 1 hour late!! Dang do I know how to make a good first impression or what!!??

It was funny President Wolfgramm was just like stalling until we got there and we like just totally ran in there and he was like "train problems?" with this like funny grin on his face and we were just like YEP!!! hahahaha and he's all, "good cause we were just talking about how sometimes in the field things don't always go according the way you plan just like this!" So it was like way funny and everyone like laughed and it was totally chill! So there is like my funny little story for ya!!!

So ya a bit about the new kid!!!

So ya his name is Anziano Weller. He is from the bay area (Clayton to be exact) and ya he was ZL in the MTC. He is like hecka super obedient!!!!! Like a little too obedient! It's crazy!!! ha ha I think I'm gonna learn probably more then he will learn from me! The Lord was definitely laughing when he planned this all out! ha ha So ya Anziano Weller is helping me out on a few things and I'm showing him the ropes of how to do all this missionary stuff! ha ha The good thing is is that he is chill. He's a good guys too! We are now starting to open up more and we've had a lot of fun these last few days!

Once again hes taller then me by a good 4 inches (at least) so I just feel small and short! ha ha Darn my genes!!!! ha ha Thank heavens I'm good looking ;) hahaha

So OK.... we had a baptismal date with Erminia... but then we found some stuff out and she had to talk to the bishop for some stuff so we had to drop her date. So on Sunday she talked to him and go everything all worked out so last Monday we had a lesson with her and we set up another date for the 27th of November!!! We are so happy for her :) She is so rock solid!

So last night we went over to Elaina's house.... (she is the one who the rest of her fam got baptized right before I got here and has known us longer then her sister) and we had a good strong lesson with her. She has never set a date before 'cause she's always been to scared of not being ready for the date that she sets. Well last night we had this powerful lesson about faith and fasting and pretty much a whole bunch of other stuff. and she said she wants to get baptized with her sister on the same day so we finally got a date set with her too!!!! So in the last 2 days we've set up 2 baptismal dates! So we are really happy!!!! hahaha (Pray for them!)

Things have been going good! The problem is still finding at the moment! We've done so much of it lately and just got nothing! I'm just doing my best to keep Anz Weller's head up and telling him not to get discouraged and stuff. We know the Lord is preparing people just for us! It's not gonna be easy but we will find them!!!! We've just got a lot of slammed doors in our face the last little bit! But these last 2 days have made it totally worth it! :) so thing are going great! He is solid and we are having a good time!

It's rained for like 4 days straight now and it's hecka cold outside too!!!! And to make things better out like heater in our apartment doesn't work!!! I gotta make a few calls and get all that worked out soon but don't worry we are doing fine and having a great time! :) I think today we are gonna go out and get some companion ties and comp scarfs too! and I'll look for my watch too! ha ha

So ya I love you guys so so much and miss you guys tons! 1/3 of the way down!!!! It really is so crazy how time flies! It's weird cause it goes so fast and yet so slow!!! It's hard to explain! ha ha But I'm gonna make the most of it!! ha ha I hope all you guys have a great week!!! Dad good luck with all your stuff! i know you'll do great! You're a baller! :) Mom don't start listening to Christmas music yet!!!! We aren't even past Thanksgiving yet! ;) ha ha

I love you guys have a great week! Can't wait to hear from you guys again!!!
Vi voglio bene!!!! :)

Anziano Bona


Dear Mom and Dad!!
First of all.... congrats dad on your new calling!!! :) I know you will do great!! And mom.... you know this means you gotta go to Sunday School now!!!! hahaha! But don't worry once I get back we can sluff together and go watch sports and eat food just like the good old days!!!! ha ha ;) (just kidding!) But dad your gonna do great that's so cool! ha ha

And about the card and watch.... so ya I didn't get that I couldn't use the debit card so I tried to pull money out and the ATM just ate it and I was so mad and kinda nervous!! But ya the lady from the office called me and it's all cool and all good now!!! So don't worry about that. I'll get it tomorrow when I go to Milano and see all them (Justin)!

ha ha so ya about my watch... get this I was furious!!! ha ha story time...

So every time I email I take my watch off cause it bugs my wrist. So I took it off and stuff and then when we left I totally forgot it!!! So we did p-day last week and went and bowled and played pool and it was all chill. So on the way back we stopped by the place where we email and asked if anyone saw my watch.... and the dude who runs the store was wearing it!!!!!! I was all dude that's my watch!!!! and he was all no I found it like 3 days ago, and I was all that's bull, that's mine!!!!! Then he started saying stuff in his language and like out of no where three other crazy Muslim looking dudes were just standing behind us. Anz Bos was all, dude we aren't leaving without his watch. Then the dude was like, we are gonna call the cops on you guys and stuff and he was being like the biggest jerk ever! I was so mad! But we were like whatever so we just left and I wasn't too happy but ya it's just a watch. It was funny though!!! We were just making jokes about it like all day after that ha ha but don't worry nothing happened!!!!!! And I'm here right now at the same place and the same dude is here and he's still wearing my dang watch!!!! ha ha o well!!!! ha ha its' just another funny story!! ha ha

These last two weeks have been so crazy!!! So many weird things have happened its' been funny!! Ans. Bos is so legit too! He's a way cool kid and a way solid missionary. It's been a good two weeks just very tiring from all the moving around and not always sleeping in the bed I'm used to and stuff but its all good! It's been a good two weeks!!!

Elaina and Erminia are doing OK.... they've had a couple of hard rough weeks but we met with them on Monday night and they still want to get baptized so we are still working with them!!! We talked about how everyone has hard trials and what not and what we need to do to overcome them. So I think in the long run they will be just fine!!! We are excited for them!!

But ya tomorrow we go to Milano to pick up all the new guys!! I'm excited to see Anziano Barnes and to get my new greenie!!! ha ha It'll be fun!!!

I'm glad to hear that all is going well back at home!! That makes me so happy! :) ha ha You guys are all ballers! and my heck! Brian sounds just huge!!! ha ha don't worry I can still take him!! :) ha ha Don't let him wear my stuff!!! (naw...he can wear whatever he wants because when I get home you know you'll get me new stuff!) ha ha But ya all is well here on my end too!!

I love you guys so so much and am way thankful for your great examples for me!!! Keep up the good work and keep living the way the Lord wants!!! I'll talk to you guys next week!!!
I love you guys!!! :)

Anziano Bona

(We recieved an email from Anziano Bona the Saturday before we got this one telling us that his ATM card didn't work~we had told him we were sending a new one and to not use the one he had~ and also he let us know about him loosing his watch. We called the mission home to let them know to tell him that Anz. Barnes would be brining a small pkg with a new debit card inside, along with other things too!)