Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


(I need to preface this letter by saying that when I was online this monring Robert was also on, and so we actually "chatted" with one another for about 10 minutes or so. Becuase of that this letter starts out in the middle of the conversation that we were having...By the way...he i doing super and Pino says that his Italian is great and that they had a wonderful visit together)

Dear Mom and Dad,
So ya' basically it was awesome!!! I'll just get to the point!! ha ha Ya' I had a great time with Zio Pino.
It was EPIC!!! ;) ha ha
It really was fun! He showed up a bit late but that's OK! So first we hopped in his car and just took a drive around a bit and it was chill. Then we parked and went and got something to eat!

I got this riso (I think that's how you spell it! It's like a rice!) and then some steak stuff and Anz Gallacher got the same. It was so yummy! Dad I learned from you that it always tastes better when its free!! ;) ha ha jk!!!! But ya it was fun!

We just talked about everything! Like how he was doing, work, the mission, you guys, past cool stuff and just like everything!

It was really cool to actually be able to talk with him!!! Because you know I couldn't like speak anything at all before but now I could actually communicate good!!! ha ha We actually had a conversation and stuff!!! ha ha

He said that all was going well for him and that's what matters!!! We kinda brought up him going to church and stuff but then he just kinda brushed it off and changed subject and kinda got quite so I just kinda dropped it. I didn't wanna make it totally awkward ya know?

But after we were done eating we took a piccolo giro (a little ride) around centro (down town) and he was like just asking about our work and if we had people getting baptized soon and stuff. It was cool. So we took a few pics and stuff! Not like a whole bunch but a few. Dang I totally didn't think to do a video!!!! Ugh I'm so dumb!!!!! I totally should have done it!!! Next time for sure!!! I think I'm gonna be here in Alessandra for a little bit so I'm thinking that I'll invite him down one more time or something. I think that would be sweet!!! ha ha But I still didn't get an email from him! Tell him I didn't get it and to make sure that he is doing everything right!!! ha ha
But ya he made us a cake!!! ha ha We are so excited to get home and try it out!!! ;) ha ha And he also gave me 50 euro!!! He shouldn't have but it was still a nice thought!!!

But that is still not the coolest thing that happened. Right when we were at his car and we were about to leave he was like "hey.... is it OK if we do a little prayer together right now?" And I was like heck ya it is!!!!!!! So I said a prayer for all of us and it was just chill!!!!!! So ya it was a very good afternoon!!!

But ya things here are going really good! I mentioned the Zaggari family that is looking for an apartment right? I might have said it was Elaina or something? Well we got the miracle that we were looking for and they found a place to go!!! :)

It's so great to see prays get answered and to see the Lords hand in all the things we do!!!!

Jeez it really is crazy. I thought that these miracle things only happened in stories and fairy tales but the thing is, is that they happen all the time. The Lord is doing things for us everywhere!!! It's just great to see one of the big ones happen! It does help the testimony grow!!!

Another cool thing is that we are now meeting with Elaina's sister as well and she said that she wants to learn more about the church and is now coming to church so things are going great!!! We just are heaving trouble with new investigators but we are doing our best finding who we can.

But just letting you know that no I haven't gotten your packages or anything... hopefully I will in the next week or something. But this new package.... send it to..... Alessandria....? I dunno!!!! ha ha 'cause the whole mission thing changed so now we only have zone conference once every 3 months!! So the next time I have it is in November..... so I guess it would be faster to send it to Alessandria.

I'm so dang glad that dad and Brian got to go to the temple!!!
That really is the coolest thing ever!!! And I'm so glad that he enjoyed it!! Help him got to it as much as possible! 'cause it really is the House of the Lord and the best place ever!!!

It sounds like things at home are going great and I'm so happy!!! :)
Things here are going way good too!!!! ;) ha ha so thanks for all you guys are doing!!!! ha ha I love you guys so much!!!! Have a great week!!!
Can't wait to hear from you guys next week!!! :) Love you guys!!! ha ha
Anziano bona!!!!!
PS.... ya' the pig thing was way funny!! ;) ha ha love you guys!!



I hope you had a great birthday!!! :) ha ha I love you bro!!

I'm glad you got my letter!! ha ha I'm glad you liked the money! Sorry that was all I could do!! Dude that is epic that you went to the temple!!! That is so much fun! I'm so proud of you and so happy for you!!!! The temple really is the best place ever!! I miss it so much!!!

I'm glad you had a good time there! You really should go there as much as possible! The spirit there really is so strong and legit!

It sounds like school is going good too! Good for you dude that is so much fun!! ;)

Ya things out here are going great! I ate lunch with Zio Pino today and it was so cool!!! It was awesome!!! ha ha He is a great guy!!

I'm glad everything is going good for you! Keep up the good work bro!! I love you!!!!
And miss you tons!!!!
Have a great week!! :)

Love your bro
Anziano Bona

Monday, September 27, 2010

September 23, 2010

(This is a handwritten letter that Brian received today in the mail from Robert, along with $20.)

Ciao Bro!

Come stai? How are you little bro? I think by the time you've got this it's probably past your birthday so....

Happy Birthday Bud!!!!! =)
I love you!!!

I really do hope you had a great birthday! How great is it that you're 12 now! And you should pass the sacrament next week huh?! How epic bro!

It really is such a great privilege that you now get to do it! I'm so bummed that I won't be there to see you do it! =( But I know you'll do great!

I remember your baptism and it was amazing! =) This is the next step that you're taking and I'm so proud of you!

The priesthood really is such an amazing thing!

I'm really sorry that I wasn't a good example for you all the time...I was kinda dumb sometimes growing up! But I want you to know that I always loved you so much, and still do!

You're a great example to me!!! So thank you so much bro!!!

Sorry that I really didn't get you anything Italian! But I promise I will one day! It's only been 6 months so I still got a lot of time to buy you something cool! =) So, here's a bit of money $$$
I know it's not a lot , but it's just a little thought!

So, I love you bro!

The church is true! Don't ever forget that! Keep up the good work with football and with school!

Keep being a stud!

Ti Voglio Bene! =)

Love your bro,

Happy Birthday Bud!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dear Mom and Dad!!!
Well first off I love you guys!!!! ha ha you guys are ballin!!!

OK... so for Zio Pino. I still haven't gotten an email from him... but that's' OK!!! ha ha 'cause ya we are totally down to see him next week!!!! ha ha but 10 is a bit to early... call him and tell him like 11 or 1115 ish... 'cause we need to go shopping in the morning at 10 but we can do email later that day so like 11 would be perfect!!! I'm so so excited for that!!! :) It is gonna be epic!!! ha ha and ya' tell him lunch would be great!!!!!! ;) ha ha We are always hungry!!!! ha ha It's gonna be so so sweet!!!

I'm so so glad that you guys got my package!!! Finally! ha ha Sorry there wasn't much stuff in there. The people in SanRemo were so dumb and said that it had to be 2kg or less!!! I was kinda upset 'cause I was gonna put more pan de stelle and kinder and stuff but it was too heavy!! Lame, sorry! But Anziano Gallacher said that here you can send however much you want!So I'll send something soon!! ha ha Speaking about sending something there are some like legit Juve shirts that seem really sweet!!!! They don't have the names of any of the guys on the back though. But they are still way good looking. They are 70 euro.... ha ha but if you want I could buy them and send them back for Brian for his birthday! or I could wait ha ha just let me know next week what you guys want me to do with that! There is also Milan and Inter jerseys too ha they really are nice ones!!! ha ha so let me know!

I'm glad you liked to pictures and the video ha ha. My comp is totally chill! We get along really well! And he has had a sweet mission. He has loved it ha ha it's just his Italian is a bit rusty! ha ha but that's OK we are doing our best!!! and the Lord is helping us out too!!!

Alessandria is way chill! I kinda miss the ocean and the pretty city of SanRemo but this place is chill too!!!! Not super pretty but it's still nice! and I love all the members here they are so great!!

The work here is going OK! We are working really hard to get this one lady baptized named Eliana. She is amazing. Her family just got baptized right before I came in, but she didn't. Their family is going through a really hard time right now. But hopefully today everything all gets worked out with that! They are getting kicked out of their house at the end of September and they got two kids and they can't find an apartment to live. But they found this one possible place and today they're going to talk to the padrone to see if it works out for them to live there.... we have been praying and doing all that we can to help her and their family. We really are praying for a miracle right now!!!! So I guess we will see whats happens later today...

Thank you for the contact info. I will definitely get in contact with these people and see what I can do to try to help all of them out!!! ;) Thanks for the little help it really does mean a lot!!!

And oh mom don't worry about the little 5 o'clock shadow! I make sure I'm clean shaven for church and that's what really matters! ha ha A little scruff never hurt anyone!! ;)
And dad you don't like my glasses!?!!? I thought you of all people would love them!! ha ha I got them for 2 euro from some Asian dude at the market in SanRemo!! ha ha Gotta have a little fun!!! ha ha

Yes mom I write in my journal a few times a week!! ha ha I love my journal too! I have put sweet stuff in it to make it really my own!! ha ha It's legit! I love it.

But yes yes all is going well here! Ya the work is going OK we are definitely picking it up!! We are both finally healthy!!! (We were a bit sick last week) so now we are ready to do some work!! ha ha I'm having a great time!

I miss all you guys at home but I know this is were I'm supposed to be and there is nothing greater I could be doing with my time!!! The church is so true! There is no denying it!!!

I love you guys so so much and am so thankful for all you guys do! I'm excited to get your packages!!! ha ha That'll be nice!!! ha ha I love you guys tons! Keep up the good work at home!! Miss you guys and can't wait till your letter next week!!!!

Anziano Bona!!

PS i got your guys little letter with the memory card!!! ha thanks!!! love you guys! :)

Dear Brian.

DUDE!!!!!! I'm so so sorry I didn't email you last week!!!!!!! Please forgive me!!! But ya dude I love you and I'm so excited for you to turn 12!!!!!! I know its a bit early but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

I love you so so much!!!! Your a baller I hope you know that!!!! That's cool that football is going well!! I'm happy for you! Make good tackles so you can get that paper!!! ;) ha ha

I hope math goes well for you!!! You're a smart kid I know all will go OK! Plus you got mom and dad to help you!

Your gonna get the priesthood and your gonna be able to pass the sacrament! How awesome is that! really! It's the power and authority that God gives us to work in His name!!! You're finally growing up and I'm so proud of you. But now you got some responsibility!! You gotta be a good boy! Don't be like me and say bad words and stuff! Always do your best in all that you do!

I'm sorry I won't be there to party with you on your birthday but you'll be in my heart always dude! I love you so much! Happy birthday I hope all goes well on your special day!!!

I found some sick Italian jerseys that I'm gonna talk to mom about. We will see what I can do about them!!! I love you little bro have a good week!!!

Anziano Bona (your bro)

Saturday, September 18, 2010


We received a package today from Robert, with lots of fun things inside...
the funnest being his memory card with 4 months worth of pictures.
There are 6 parts and a video as well...
so if you don't see them on all this main page when you get to the bottom
remember to click on older posts to see the rest.
There were so many that it was hard to choose which ones to put up.
We hope that you will enjoy the ones that we chose to share.
Thank you to each one of you for your love and support of Robert while he is on his mission!

San Remo Sept 8

SanRemo Part 6

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