Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Thursday, April 28, 2011


The mission home for the Milan Mission has moved, but not to far....just down a floor.
Here is the new address:

20090 OPERA (MI)

It takes a .98 cent stamp for a regular letter.

Robert would love to hear from you!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Hey Mom and Dad!!!
What the heck!?!!? Dad and Brian get to go back to Florida? ha Super lucky that's fun! Well I hope it all goes well with the shuttle this time!! ha ha Enjoy your trip! :) Sounds like things are going well for you guys! That makes me happy!

Sounds like you guys had a pretty good Easter! That's awesome! You're exactly right mom, we need to remember Christ, especially during Easter time but a little chocolate never hurts either! And here in Italy we have the best chocolate eggs! Kinder eggs!!!! ha ha :) You guys already know how much I love Kinder! ha ha Man its my favorite. It's so good!!! I'm probably gonna die without it when I get back!

But yes we had a good Easter here too! We went over to the Patene house for lunch. Mario Patene is our ward mission leader and it was also his birthday on Easter too! So we spent that with him and all of his family! There was about 12 of us in total. It was so fun. We had pasta al forno and lasagna and like this sausage stuff and it was just super yummy :)  You know how I love Italian food!!! Man I'm gonna miss it! :) ha ha But ya it was super fun and great! The only bad thing was, that at the end I was feeling like crud and when I got home I checked my temperature, and I had a fever! Super yucky. So I just crashed. I wasn't feeling to good so I rested a bit and  now I feel better so that's good.

Ya the work here is going alright! This last weekend was kinda rough and things didn't go exactly as we planned (they rarely do ha ha) So it was kind of disappointing, but it's OK it happens.

Ik is doing well, we just have a few little bumps in the road that we are gonna help him fix! haha Overall he's doing well! But we really have been working A LOTlately!!! I'm pretty tired, but the Lord has blessed us.

Yesterday we had a really good lesson with this lady name  Ivana and we set up a baptismal date with her too! It was really cool! She seems really solid too! She lost her job which seems like something just terrible and it is kinda rough but now she is able to come to church because she had to work every Sunday. So now she is going to be able to come to church, and find a job that will allow her to still keep coming to church!! The Lord works miracles in very interesting ways sometimes! ha ha

I really liked the pencil story. It was really good! It's true, we are just getting refined until we become what the Lord needs us to be! It was really good thanks for sharing that thought with me!!!
Ya!!!!! thank heavens Mothers Day is soon!!! :) That makes me super happy!!! :) ha ha So we don't exactly know yet.... We want to try to do skype but we don't know if we will be able to! We are trying to see. But one thing that is for sure is that I'll be calling at 8 at night here which is noon for you guys back at home! I hope that works out OK for you guys!!! I'm really excited for that!!! ha ha
It's starting to hit how long 2 years actually is!! ha ha Man it's a while! But its OK. It's normal that there are there ups and downs. ha Thank heavens right now is a little up :) ha ha
Well I love you guys so much!!! I'm glad you got my pics! I hope you guys have a great week!!! I hope I get your guys stuff soon!! It probably won't be until the end of May because that's the next time we have our zone stuff so I still have  some time to wait ha ha
Well I'll let you guys go!!! I hope you guys have a great week!!! I love you guys tons! :) take care! until next time! :)

much love anziano bona!!!

PS.... for skype do you guys have account already? if so what is it?

Friday, April 22, 2011
















We have some dear friends who are from Italy.
There son, Simone, has gone back to Italy for the summer
to spend time with the family and learn some Italian.
Simone is staying in Asti, which is near to Alessandria, the second city where Robert served.
So this past p-day Simone took the train and went to Ravenna to see Robert.
They spent about 4 hours together doing some sight seeing and having lunch together.

Simone said that he was the same Robert who loves to laugh and joke around,
however, he said that it was obvious that Robert was a missionary 
because he has a different air about him.

He did say that Robert looked well and happy
and the he LOVES his mission, but does miss home.

Thank you Simone for taking the time to go see Robert
and for taking a few pictures and letting us know how he is!
We so appreciate it!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Dear Mom and Dad!
Well first off dad can I say that I'm so jealous!!!! ha ha Man I saw the beach when I was in Rimini and remember how bad I wanted to get in it!!! ha ha That's so cool that you and Brian had a good time and that you got to go see some fun stuff! Ya sorry stuff doesn't always turn out the way we always want. That is definitely one thing that I have learned out here!! Mom I'm sorry that you were alone for a bit. You should have thrown a party or something!?!?! ;) ha ha Well by now I think that you guys are all back together now or will be shortly and that's what matters! That is so true family really is the most important thing here. I love my family so much!!!!! :) 

That's super chill that you talked with a few of my buddies on facebook! I loved Anziano Shill, he was my district leader for 2 transfers while I was in Alessandria and he was amazing!!! ha ha and Anziano Poulson is definitely one of my best friends that I have made out here! They are great guys! It's so weird that they are home and to think that one day the mission will really end! How crazy. It just seems like I'll be doing this stuff forever. Ha ha

Wow I didn't know about Tanner. Tell him I send my best wishes and that I hope all is ok,  and he can email me if he wants to!

So ya' this last week was super cool. It really was great. It is so nice to have the spirit back in this work. You really can't do it without it!!! It is key. My scambio (exchange) with Anz Dunshee was amazing!!!! We had so much fun and did such good work! Then we chilled in the apartment and were up until almost 2:30 AM  just catching up on everything! OOPS!!!!!  But it was so fun! Then we had the most spiritual comp study I've ever had in my whole mission. It was amazing. And I'm not just saying it because he's my good bud, but it was just crazy. I'm so happy to have him as my zone leader. He is a great example to me!!! I love him :) ha ha So our first d-meeting will be tomorrow and I got something special planned so it will be super fun!!! ha ha

So ya'  the work here is actually moving forward. Slowly but surely. The Africans here are like super cool and love speaking with us. So last Monday I stopped this guy and we started chit chatting for a bit and we set up an appointment with him. So we went to it on Friday and he didn't show!! What a bum huh? Anyways I call him up and set up another one for last night. So we went and taught him last night and it went amazing!!! To make a long story short we invited him to be baptized and he said yes!!!! So if all goes according to plans on May 14 (before next transferes) he should be getting baptized. His name is Ik and he is a baller. He really is a good guy and there was such a good spirit last night!!! I made sure Anz Winegar got to invite him. It's such a great experience for a new missionary to ask and invite someone to do that, and them say yes! He loved it! He was so happy! :) It was chill! And we have other people we are working with so piano piano stuff around here is getting better!!!

So guess what? Right now I'm sitting right across from Simon!!!! ha ha He is here and we are gonna go get lunch and chill for a little but until 2:30ish! It was so cool and nice to see a familiar face! :) ha ha

Man I'm bumbed Brian didn't go on any big roller coasters!! When i get back we are totally gonna do it!!! I swear I will drag him on it with me!!! :) ha ha
Well I love you guys so much! I hope you guys have a great week! Have a great Easter weekend. Don't forget the real meaning of Easter. Ya' the chocolate bunnies are cool but we all gotta remember why we really celebrate it!!! So don't forget!!!
I hope you guys have great week! Miss you guys tons and love you guys tons!!!! :) :)

love you guys!!!!

Anziano Bona

(Robert's letter to Brian)

I love you so much dude!!! Your testimony was so powerful. It really was. I'm so glad you already have a strong testimony at such a young age. That makes me so happy and proud of you!! I love you bro!!!!
Dude it sounds like you had a blast in Florida! I'm super jealous!!! Dude you need to go on the big roller coasters!! When I get back we are gonna go on them together! I can't wait :) I love the beach too that's so cool! we gotta go back there when I get back!
Wow you saw Talon! Super cool! I hope that was fun!
Ya'  we are teaching a good amount of people these days. Finally. Last night this African guy named Ik said he would get baptized!!!! So we are working with him!
And ya your a big dude. I'll still be able to take you though! ;) ha ha
Well bud, I'm super busy so I gotta bounce!! I love you so so much! Don't ever ever forget or lose your testimony!!! It is the most important thing ever!!!! :) I loved it thank you so much :)
I miss you!!! I'll hear from you soon!!!
Love ya bro!!!!!!

Anziano Bona

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Dear Mom and Dad!

Thanks so much for your emails! I really do love them so so much, you have no idea how happy they make me!!! Dad your story was so cool! I loved it! A little worldly prooff to prove the Book of Mormon is really true doesn't hurt! ;)  But the only real way to know if it's true or not is to pray about it and ask and find out personally for ourselves! But thanks for your cool stories, I love them! Keep them coming!!!

Wow you guys are so lucky that you get to go to Florida! That would be so fun! I hope you guys have a great time!! Wow tell Jeffery Ogden congrats for me!!! That's so cool he's gonna have such a good time! He has been called by the Lord so that is really where he is supposed to be! Rough language but I know he can do it! Oh man Anz Bos... what a chill kid! ha ha

So ya I got my new comp!!! His name is Anziano Winegar!! He is from Springville Utah! He graduated in 2010. He loved playing funky computer games before the mission. He played soccer in high school. We are so different but I love it and him!!! I think it so funny! We laugh so so much! And he loves Taylor Swift so he gets bonus points for that too!! ha ha But he is pretty chill! Like I said, we are kinda different but he is so nice! He is so loving! But what I like the most is that he has a great testimony and a great desire to do the work. Once again I get a new kid who is super obedient so that's good! It'll get me back into shape!! ha ha Exactly what I need! ha ha

He kinda struggles with the Italian a bit but that's OK, we are working on that! He's still kinda scared of people a bit and we are working on that also!! :) ha ha It's totally normal. I still get scared sometimes! But he's great and I think we are gonna do some good work together!

We've been super tired this week because we've worked super hard! I haven't worked this hard in a while! It's a big difference from my other comp! I'm a little rusty but its OK, we are doing our best!!!
So... I'm trying to think of cool stories... oh actually I have one! So when I went to Milano to pick up my comp I was talking with Sorrella Ryan (a sister missionary) and we both served in Milano 2 at the same time. We gave her a referral that me and Anziano Strobelt found and taught for a bit. But then while we were teaching her she like just stopped talking to us and wouldn't answer and what not when we would pass by. Anyways her name was Patrizia and we told the sisters that she had great potential and seemed to be super interested, so we told them to stop by and see what was up with her. Then Anz Strobelt and I got transferred. To make a long story short, the sisters got in contact with her and started teaching her again and now she's getting baptized!!!!! yay!!!! So the lady we found is getting baptized in a week or so! So we were super happy about that!!!! It is a team effort out here.

A story a bit on the rougher side is that Cristian dropped us. We were supposed to meet with him Monday to find out what was up and stuff, but he called Monday morning and said he needed a break. Things with him and Francesca weren't going so well and there were things that he needed to fix before he could keep meeting with us....Needless to say we were pretty bumbed about that. But we know we did our part and our best... and we are always here when he wants to come back!!! :)

And yes I love Anziano Dunshee!!! Monday we didn't have district meeting because Tuesday we had interviews. No I didn't get the package.... not yet. I'll probably get it next time!! I'm actually doing a scambio with Anziano Dunshee tomorrow!!!! I'm super stoked for that! It was always our dream to get to work together and now we get to try it out!! ha ha It's gonna be super fun!!!

But ya' I talked with Simone! He sounds like he's doing good! He goes to church out in Alessandria! He is coming down next p-day to chill for a bit! It's gonna be fun, I'm excited!!! Then the p-day after that we think we are going to go to San Marino! But the p-day after that we wanna go see Zio Nicola again! Can you let him know that for me!? Thanks!!!

So ya' things here are going OK! We are on bikes here.... not a fan, but it's what we do! ha ha Now we just have a lot of time to do some good hard finding work so that's what we are gonna be doing this transfer! Hopefully it goes well!!! I know it will!!! It's not gonna' be easy, but it will be worth it!!!

Thanks so much for your emails and for the picture!! I actually sent pics home today so you should be getting some in the next week or so!!! Thanks so much guys! I love you so much and miss you guys tons!!!!!!
Can't wait to hear from you guys next time!!!!

Vi voglio bene :)

Love Anziano Bona

PS.... Brian is getting so huge!!!!!! ha ha

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Hello Mom and Dad!

First of all I cant believe you weren't gonna tell me about Tibi!!! :P ha ha I totally needed to know that so I could pray for here too! I'm sorry I know that it's hard.... and it snowed and rained there too? :( dang.... oh well, it's OK things happen. It's just weird thinking that I might never see her again!!! Pretty sad actually but it's OK. I'm sure heaven is a nice place and if it ends up that you don't find her I'm sure she will love it up there!! But ya keep me posted on that....

Dad I loved your stories that you sent me! Wow they were both really powerful!!! And to think that the second one the man who wrote it isn't a member. That dude was like right on!!! ha ha and I loved the Indian one too! It's totally true we need to walk by faith and not sight. I really loved both of them. Thank you so much for those!!!

Ya my weekend was pretty good! Not gonna lie, one of the best ones I've had in a few weeks!! My time with Anz Bos was fun! And its nice to do some work with someone who wants to and knows how!!! ha ha Ya' I'm bummed that he's going home but it's OK. He's done his time. I've learned a lot from him. I'm not sure if he's going to BYU or what. But there is Facebook so we will definitely keep in contact!!

Conference was so amazing as well!!! WOW, it was really so powerful and just what I needed. I was really needing a spiritual boost and man I got it :) The only downer was is that we weren't able to see the last session on Sunday because of the time difference. But besides that I saw all of it. And we got to watch most of it in English as well!! (which is nice!!) ha ha I left my notes in Rimini which isn't good, but I will be getting them back tomorrow so that will be nice! I too loved the one by Uchtdorf about the road to Damascus. It was really powerful. It was totally for Cristian. If someone watches conference with an open heart I'm pretty sure it is impossible to not feel the spirit. All of those talks were inspired and really powerful. I also really liked the one where it talked about hope. I can't remember exactly when it was given or by who but it really stuck out to me! I really liked that one. And then the one by Gonzales of the 70 was really good too! Man just the whole thing was amazing. We were all so lucky to be able to hear the counsel of our leaders. I wish I had my notes so I could tell you guys more of what I liked and stuff but I don't have them on me!!! My bad! Next time for sure! :) But ya' could you guys send me an English copy of the Liahona when it comes out with the talks? That would be really great thanks!!

Oh also could you guys send me some 5 gum and some American deodorant!! That would be lovely!! It's getting pretty hot over here and the deodorant here is terrible and doesn't work to well!!! So those things would be lovely! :)

So ya Cristian came to conference but I only got a chance to talk to him for like a second before he had to leave! He said he liked it.... and I haven't had the chance to meet with him since then because of schedule conflicts!!! And I probably won't be able to see him till next Monday. Hopefully he shows up to church. I talked to him this morning over the phone and he sounded OK! But I'm still not sure exactly how it went!!! I'm praying it was as great for him as it was for me! He was able to see the Sunday morning session which was just amazing. If he watched it with an open heart I know that he would have felt something. So it was overall a great weekend. I had a lot of answers to my prayers this past weekend. It really was a nice experience :)

So about transfers..... :) :) :) :) ha ha Yup you know what that means!!!! Good news!!!!!!  (I know I shouldn't say that, but....) yup Anz Craig is getting transferred. He is going up to Gorizia. It was actually pretty neat how it all worked out. I actually told President Wolfgramm that it would be better for both of us if we were split up, and he told me that he read that email after he had decided to transfer him, so he then knew that it was the right choice to do. And actually I'm going to be training again!!!! Yay!!!! ha ha That should be fun and I'm excited! New kids always have a crazy fire to do missionary work and be super obedient so I'm super excited! I don't think I've ever been more pumped to get out there and do some work!!! It's probably gonna be a bit rough because I'm not super used to it but I'm totally ready for it! I'm super stoked!! Oh and actually I'm going be the new District Leader too. That I'm not to thrilled about (just kidding, I really am) 'cause that just means even more responsibility! haha but I am excited and up to the challange, it will be fun!!! Our district has changed a bit and it will just be us and the zone leaders so that will be sweet!!! I've never had zone leaders in my district before so that will be sweet because I'll be able to do scambios with them! And guess who my new zone leader is.... Anziano Dunshee!!!!!! (My MTC companion) Heck ya!!!! :) I'll get to see him all the time and get to work with him!! So ya I'm super stoked for this next transfer! It's not gonna be easy because there is a lot of work to be done but its gonna be way awesome!!!

So ya' things here are going well! I'll tell you about the new kid next time!! ha ha Well I gotta' go!! I hope you guys have a great week. Remember the counsel that we all received this past weekend. And even better do your guys best to put it into practice!!!! That's the hardest thing for me to do sometimes, but it's the thing that will bless us the most!!

I hope you guys have a good week and find Tibi too!!!
Vi voglio bene tantissimo e sono molto grato per vio!!!!
Siete bravissimi! ;)

Love Anziano Bona

PS... tell Anthony to email me back that punk!!! and I'll send picks soon!! love you guys!! :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Hello Mom and Dad!!!

How ya' guys doing!? I hope well! That's cool that you guys got a new fridge! Hopefully it works ha! I'm glad Brian likes it. That's so cool, the news about Darian! Good for him! I'm proud of him! He won't regret this choice he's making!!!

And ya I got the info about the card. Once I get it I'll email you guys. What info will I need to send you guys about it? Fammi sapere!!!! Hey you see that! Look at my Italian! Dang I'm good! ;) ha ha (actually I still might have spelled it wrong I'm not sure!) ha ha I can speak like pretty dang good but I can't write it to save my life!!!! That's something I need to work on! ha

So this week for me has been pretty much normal. Nothing really special and nothing much has changed. I'm just doing my best to keep going day by day. Honestly I think we will probably be together another transfer too. I'll let you guys know for sure next week when the call comes.

So that one investigator of ours, Cristian is super chill. I really have come to love this guy! He really is great, and he reminds me of myself a lot. He is still unsure if even God exists but if he does then he really does want a good relationship with him. He has stopped smoking and is piano piano (slowly) reading the BoM. So he is doing pretty good! His girlfriend Francesca is like distancing herself a lot though. She really doesn't have much interest in this stuff. She likes science and that sort of "religion".  Forget science!!!!  But we are still trying to help her out too.

This weekend is like a break it or make it type week with Cristian. He is going to come to Rimini to watch some of conference! We are super stoked about that. He wants to hear the prophet. I know that this is gonna be a good weekend for him! So I am thinking that it would be nice if you guys could keep him in your prayers this weekend too! Thanks!!!

I'm actually looking forward to conference a ton too! I really need a little spiritual boost as well!! So it's coming at a perfect moment! The more I think about it the more I realize how very lucky we all really are to get the chance to listen to the prophet and the apostles. When I get back I want to  go to the one right after! I encourage you guys to watch it too! all of it!!! ;) and do your guys best to pay attention and not pass out on the couch! ha ha

So I'm going have a good weekend  because tomorrow Anz Bos and I are doing a long scambio (splits)!! Because here in Ravenna we can't watch conference so we have to go to Rimini. So from Thursday to Sunday we will be together!! I'm super excited! It'll be nice to get a little break and be with my boy for a bit! The other anziani (my comp and Anz Bos' comp will stay in Ravenna) will be joining us Saturday night. It's crazy that he's done with his mission this transfer though!!! It's weird to see that the mission actually does have an end to it one day!!!

Well overall I'm doing pretty good!! I'm just going along doing the best I can in my situation. Tonight we are going bowling with the ward and some investigators so that will be chill too!

I love you guys so much! Have a great conference weekend! I hope you guys learn a lot!!!
Have a great week!!! Can't wait to hear from you guys next week!

vi voglio bene!!!!!

Anziano Bona

( part of Robert's letter to Brian...i don't always post these, but they write each other every week)


Dude!! You're going to the championship game again!?!?! You guys are way too good! Good luck man!!! Do your best! I know you guys can win!! And chill,  the first aid merit badge is cool! You learn a lot of cool things from it! Yup this weekend is general conference! I'm super excited for that!! You need to watch all of them and pay attention! We all can learn so much from it!! The spirit is always super strong during it! I'll be watching it out here too! That's so chill that your the deacon's quorom secretary! You better not slack off like I did!! ;)  The Lord trusts you my friend! Do work!!! 
I love you bro! Have a great week OK! Keep up all the good work your doing!
I'm so proud of you! :)
I love you

Love Anziano Bona