Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 12, 2010 San Remo

Dear Family!!!

Yes I'm doing good don't worry! I was just a bit tired because the day before I had walked all over the place and my legs and feet were hurting. But guess what!?!?! Now they are fine!! ha ha I promise they feel great and I'm doing good too so don't worry!
It was so nice to be able to talk to everyone twice in a week too! It made me so so happy! ha ha and ya the trip was long but it was good. The Duomo the first day was ballin. It is so dang big and so pretty! But kinda creepy at the same time! ha ha But I was with Anz Barney and one of the AP's and we went around talking to people and what not ha I was way nervous but it turned out ok because he was there to help us when we didn't know what was going on ha ha But ya there were a ton of Asians it was so nuts!!! I was basically laughing the whole time!! hahaha jk.
But my first week here has been good! It really is beautiful here and the members are really nice and sweet! The food and gelato are just balling too! Focaccia is just too good too! Americans are totally missing out! haha
Our mission standard is to have 20 lessons a week so that is what we are shooting for! This week we didn't quite get it because there was just so much going on stuff! ha Approaching people isn't that bad anymore. The first day or so I just walked around because I was just scared ha ha but now I can do it just fine! I just can't say to much afterward is my problem ha ha actually I'm OK I just don't respond back as fast as I should because it takes a while because I have to think of what to say and all!! Once I get the language down I will be set!
Yes don't worry we are getting along just fine! It's not as good as Dunshee and I but it is going really good!!! I just feel bad because he is sick today! Poor guy. He woke up with a fever and all but he is doing a lot better now!
As for the food we each buy our own food and all ha and he has only had to cook once ha other then that we just get a little foccacia or just don't really eat. I don't get that hungry out here it's kinda weird! And for right now I don't need to buy anything that costs a lot of money so I am just fine with that! Anything that you wanna send that is not an email just send it to the mission home for now. The mailing system here in San Remo is really bad and things get stolen or lost so whatever you wanna send just send it to there. You should already have that address!
I'm glad dad is enjoying work! That makes me really happy! And that is awesome Beau is coming over for dinner in a few nights! Tell him hi for me. And ya it was really cool to see Scott and all his family! I love them they are so nice! Thanks for the complements but I think they are a little overrated hahahaha!
So something interesting that happened was that I already had a scambi (splits) with the district leader ha. We had district meeting here and then I went back to Sevona with Anziano West. I got to know him better and he is really nice too. All of the missionaries here are really nice good guys. It's been cool though, we've taught a lot of people and it's just really cool to see what a bunch of people think about our church and stuff. This one one girl Adriana is progressing really well and we are all really excited for her!
Um at the moment we don't know the exact address to our apartment ha ha but if you wanna send anything you can just send it to the mission house in Opera and I will get it..... sometime... hahaha
But nope Kourtney didn't email me.... :( but it's OK she's busy and what not with school ending so it's OK. I have her address but I'm not gonna email her this week cause she is probably busy. Maybe she will email me next week ha
But yes everything is going great here and I'm happy to be here! Really!!! hahaha How is everything? How is work and the ward doing? I hope all is ok! ha Let me know, keep me updated :) oh quick favor real quick.... Ashlee Whit has written me a few times and I never got the chance to write her back so can you get on my face book and tell her it is you and get her email address for me so I can just email her instead of having to buy stamps ha if you could do that that would be great!!!
Well I love you all so so very much!!!! and miss you all but I am happy to be doing the Lords work here! Can't wait to here from you all next week!!!!

Love Anziano Robert Bona!

(Brian's letter)

Hey bud!!!!
I'm doing great! It was so nice to hear from you on Sunday!!! We are teaching a few people and the moment and it is sweet! But ya the food is just ballin!!! hahaha :) That's so fun that you are going to get a Wii! I'm jealous, your gonna have so much fun with it! That sucks for the Jazz though... oh well there is always next year! Keep me updated on sports though!!! hahaha
Keep doing good in school!!! I love you so much and miss you tons!!!
Your the best! I LOVE YOU
Love Anziano Robert Bona

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