Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Dear Mom and Dad!!!!

It's pretty crazy that I'm here in Alessandria and that people know us and stuff!!! ha ha

But first did you guys get my package!? I hope so. I hate Italian post offices!!! I was in there for like an hour and a half! It was a joke!! And they wouldn't let me send everything I wanted to 'cause they said it was too heavy!!! It was lame! I'll make sure to send stuff again don't worry!!

But how is everything back at home? I hope everything is going great!!!

But there is a problem!!! I didn't get an email from Zio Pino!!!! ahhh!!!
Via Piacenza 66
15121 (Al) Alessandria Italy
is my new address but I don't really know any other addresses or anything!!!! Tell Zio Pino to email me and ask him if we can do it the week after!!!! Because I think that would be super great and my comp already said that it'd be way chill!!!! ha ha let's aim for the 29th!!!!! Because I won't be able to contact anyone to know if he's coming or not next week!!! I didn't have an email from him in my box :( I think it's a great idea and if we can get it set up I'd love for him to come down and chill for a while!!! That'd be my dream!!!!

OK listen up!!! The new memory card for my camera doesn't work!!! I put it in and it says that it doesn't work!!! So I cant take pics right now!! Please send me my other one once you guys get it! You have my address so you can send it straight to the apartment! Just kinda hide it in a letter or something!

OK story time!
So last Wednesday was my last day and Anziano Brooks last day in Sanremo right?! So we were all, "dude we need to do something epic!!!" so.... we decided to go to France!!! ha ha We took a train to France and chilled there for a few hours!! ha ha It was way funny and so cool! We ate some french food and stuff. It was chill! But French people are weird!!! We got kicked out of like no joke, 5 different places and they were all yelling at us in French and we had no idea what was going on!!!! ha ha!! It was so funny!!So ya it was fun! Then Anz Brooks and I had to wake up at 330 in the morning so we could catch our 5 am train! It was harsh!! But it all went well and I actually fit everything I had on my bags!! ha ha! Mom you'd be happy 'cause I can kinda pack now!! ha ha

So my new companion is Anziano Gallacher. He has technically been on his mission for a year and a half but he as a crazy story!!! So after his first transfer he had to go home to get surgery but they didn't release him. So he spent 3 months of his mission at home!!!!!! ha ha Crazy huh!!! Then when he came back to Italy and he was here for 7 months and then he got deported!!! ha ha! :) :) His visa thing didn't all work out!!! So he spent 3 more months of his mission serving in the New York South Mission and now he is back!!! He just got back in Italy two transfers ago!!

He is so chill! We get along great!!! Guess who he reminds me of? Austin Bair!!! He sounds just like him and stuff!!! It's so crazy!! But we really do get along great! The only thing is is that my Italian is better then his!!! So I normally take more of the leads in the lessons and stuff! It's kinda hard but I think it's really gonna help out my teaching and my Italian!! The work here is going OK but it needs a bit of help!!! So this is gonna be a big test to see if I can help it or not!! I sure hope so!! I love my new comp but he is kinda on the laid back side so I have more responsibility now! I'm excited, it's gonna be so much fun here!! ha ha

And ya' the ward here is great! They all know us and the Martinango's!!! ha ha, and yes, we go to Asti once a week at least so if there are any referrals from anyone please let me know!!! Everyone here is so nice and loving they are great! I really do feel right at home!

So I'm glad you got to see the little video!! Sorrella Malara is so cool, she's nice. I'll try to talk more Italian next time! But ya i promise I'm doing fine!! All things are going good!

Kinda sad to leave Sanremo and everyone there but I'm super duper excited to be here in Alessandria!!

I love you guys so so much and am thankful for all you guys do! Please send the memory card so I can start taking pics!!! And ok FYI check the bank account and make sure I have a little money in there just in case!!!

I love you guys so much and miss you guys tons! I pray and hope all is going well at home!!
Send my love to everyone and grandpa and grandma!
Can't wait for your guys next email!!!!

Love you guys!!!! :)
Have a great week!

Anziano bona

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