Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Friday, October 22, 2010


Mom and Dad!!! (and Brian cause he didn't right me!!!)

I'm so sorry that the computer got all messed up and what not! That is kinda harsh! I can't believe that you went all the way to Barnes' house to write me! You don't gotta go through all this trouble next time!! I hope all you guys get all the stuff fixed and what not!

A drive up to Salt Lake ain't that bad! We have to travel so dang much it's like crazy! ha ha I'm pretty much done with trains!! ha ha

But ya it's pretty crazy that I'm gonna get to train!! I'm excited I know it will all work out!

But ya this week has been so chill! I'm with Anz Bos and he's a baller! I get along with him better then any other dude I've been with and he's a way solid missionary too so that's good! It's only been kinda hard cause we've been going back from Alessandria and Genova. At the moment I'm in Genova 'cause there are some big activities that are going on down here that we need to be at so we are spending p-day here! I think we are gonna go with the capizona (zone leaders) and go play pool and bowling and just kinda chill for a bit!!! So I'm way excited for that!! ha ha

But ya, Alessandra (our cousin) came right when church was done. It was chill!!! We talked for a bit and what not and I invited her to come to church next week!! ;) but I told her once all this crazy confusion is over we will go out to lunch and what not and just talk and get to know each other ! Then I'll make my move and see if they are interested in the church and stuff. But it was still chill to meet them!

And my Italian is OK... ha ha like I can hold a conversation but my grammar is still shaky!! But I'll be OK with the new kid! I'm excited! Ya it's gonna be really interesting if I get to train Justin!! ha ha How crazy would that be!! ha ha

OK to answer your questions... nope, I haven't gotten any packages that you've sent me :( I'm super bummed!!! Ya from now on just send packages to the mission office cause the Italian post system is bull sometimes!!! ha ha but ya when I go to Milan to pick up the new kid I see everyone. So if you give something to Justin he can give it to me then!! ha ha OK I'll start using the credit card a bit. I have just been scared to use it!! but I'll use it a bit now but still not a whole ton and ya I'll be needing the new debit card at the end of the year so giving it to Justin is a good idea.

But ya all is going good here. We are just partying it up!!!! ha ha But still doin work at the same time!! It's been such a legit week. So ya all is happy on this end!!
Dad hope all is well with work and all!! Brian keep being a stud in school and sports!!! I love you guys so so much!

Tell everyone at home I say hi!! Talk to you guys next week!!
Anziano bona

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