Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Dear Mom and Dad!!!!

OK first of all let me tell you about the 120 euro charge....

um.... i bought and i pod 'cause president said we can have them now. i hope that's OK!!!! hahahah jk!!!!!! just playing!!! ha ha I wish that was the reason but unfortunately its not!

So on Thanksgiving we were at the church at one of the gans (young adult) things and we were taking pics and my camera fell and totally broke!!! :( i was so mad!! ugh!! So then I went to that store to get me a new camera. And that's what I bought. I bought like the same type so we can still send stuff back and forth! It's like the one I had just a little nicer. It was the cheapest one out there that was the same type! Sorry I know it was a lot... my bad. Don't worry I'll be careful with the new camera and with not spending too much money.

So I'll probably send two packages home. One with just a little bit of stuff/things that I don't wanna take around anymore and the other with some food!!! ha ha Are you sure that that's all you guys want? If there is anything else really just let me know! ha ha

I'm glad that Thanksgiving went well!! That's so fun! I love the Tubbs family I miss them and love them so much! Thanksgiving was good here too. We just chilled and put up our little Christmas tree!! ha ha It's so cute and it has lights and everything! ha ha We wore our Christmas hats and just blasted our Christmas music the whole time!! ha ha It was like a pre Christmas! ha ha it was so much fun until I dropped my camera!!

Transfers..... ya we are both staying here! We get to have Christmas and New Years together!!! I'm excited it's gonna be fun! Anz Weller and I get along great! ha ha We have taken a few video and cool pics and I'll make sure to send it right after New Years! We get along great and are doing good work together! He's gonna be a way solid missionary once he gets the Italian! He's doing really good though he is solid!

I'm glad you liked the pics and stuff! ya Nick is interesting.... he is in love with the missionaries , he's nice and we are learning patience and charity with him.

You should send me the memory card back with a video or pics or something since last time didn't work!!! ha ha

Ya it's like freezing here!!! And like snows a ton!!! ha ha So last night we took our bikes out like 30 mins away and once we got out there it started to snow! And it was like a blizzard!! It was going crazy!!! We took a video of it ha ha but it got like 10x worse then the video shows!! ha ha and then we had to ride our bikes home in it!!! It was crazy!!! ha ha Kinda fun but scary too!!!!

So I was like shoot we gotta go home to a freezing apartment, but you forget that God loves his missionaries! :) so we got home and there was heating!!! The repair man came and fixed it!! ha ha So now we are good at home!!! It was a huge blessing!!!

But ya it was nice to see my boys Dunshee and Iolnick. i love them!! And I'm the only one who does the short big tie thing!! ha ha But ya I'm trying to get it to catch on!!! We will see how that goes!! ha ha But ya its nice to have fun ties!! I'm coming home with only Italian ties :) ha ha

So ya things are going great here!! 24 days then I get to call home :) ha ha ya!!! That ll be fun! ha

I'm glad to know all is going well at home with David and with everything! In the end he is still family.

I love you guys so much! I'm glad you guys are gonna watch a bunch of movies! ha ha That'll be fun!! ha ha

Keep up the good work! Love ya dad Love ya mom!!! You guys are awesome!! Have a good time at work and at home!
Keep doing what you know is right!!! The church is true don't forget!!!! ;)

much love!!!
Anziano Bona

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