Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Dear Mom and Dad,
Thanks for the birthday wishes! You guys are awesome, I love you both so much! Yay for 20 years old right? My teen years are over! Just about... Zio Pino came and took me and Anz Weller to lunch!! It was awesome!! :) I love him! It's really cool 'cause now we can actually talk and communicate really good! We went to the Chinese restaurant! I love that place it was really yummy! We had a great time! He also gave me a watch for my birthday! He is so nice! So that's what happened this morning and it was really cool!

OK so now for the news about last night....

Transfer calls came and...... I'm out! I'm getting transferred. I'm heading to Milano! I will now be in the big city! I'm stoked its gonna be way fun! I'm gonna be with Anz Strobelt and he will be starting his 4th transfer. I'm excited! Anz Weller is staying here and will be with Anz Gammel. That's pretty much the big new for the week!

Anz Weller and I have had a great week. We got back on course and found a lot of new investigators!

We really don't know whats going on with Ortu or anything 'cause he hasn't called us and he won't answer us but its OK. Eliana is alright. She's pretty sad that I'm leaving but its OK. We are going over to their house to say goodbye and so I can tell her one last time she needs to get baptized!!!

I don't why but I don't have any memory cards right now! I have one but it doesn't really work it's so weird! So next week once I get you our new address please send me one asap! thanks! :)

I'm glad things are going good at home! Brian is a baller! Mom you're working a lot... and dad is ripping his pants... ya that sounds about right! ;) Ha Ha! Everything is still all the same at home! ;) ha ha jk! love you dad! ha ha

I didn't get anything from Anthony but I'm glad he's moving back to Utah, that'll be good. I love that kid he's a good guy. But hey guys sorry I gotta keep this one short. I got a lot of stuff I gotta do!

But ya I'm out to Milano!!! I'll tell you guys more and how everything is going next week!!
I love you guys so much!!! Have a great week!

Anziano Bona
ps... thanks for the sport updates :)

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Leo and Jamie Bay said...

Wow! You can FEEL the spirit coming through his writing! What an incredible young man! He looks so happy and I bet he is thrilled to be serving in a place that means so much to both of his parents and his heritage. What a sweet blessing from our Heavenly Father.