Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

ONE YEAR!!! 365 DAYS!!!

Hello Mom and Dad!!!

How are you guys? I hope that you guys have had a better week then I did! And it sounds like you had a really cool weekend going to those homecomings!

I really didn't know Anz Cressman that much but I heard a lot of good things about him around the mission so I know he was a solid missionary. As for the Lisonbee's, I love them! They are so nice and so amazing to use missionaries!! Ya' last p-day they took us out to get pizza and to the new fancy gelato place in Milan. It was chill! And wow! You saw the Dunaways!!! That's so so cool! Pres Dunaway is an amazing man!!! I've never seen someone bring the spirit into a meeting like he did!

But ya' its been a year now!! It's weird to think about it. ha ha It's gone by so super fast and yet so so slow! Of course I miss the usual stuff like chilling with my boys, my family and "social life"
and stuff, but I've notice I miss the small stuff a lot!!! ha ha Like carpet, gallon milk, air conditioning, driving around and stuff! ha ha! However, the mission is the coolest thing ever! There have been its up and downs but overall its been such an amazing experience!!! I really have loved it!!!

Mom do you know my favorite part about the white handbook? It's that one part that says that the mission president can change pretty much whatever he wants and like whatever he says goes! And for him the glasses and ties and stuff are totally okay, so they are fine!!! I promise it is OK! And I swear I just never take pics when I've shaved. It seems like I only take pics when I haven't! ha ha And it feels like I shave all the time! I really am doing my best! Of course I'm not perfect... not even close!! But I am trying! You know the mission is rough sometimes!!

So pretty much my district is Rimini, Forli', and Ravenna. And my DL is in Rimini so no I don't ever go to Forli', but ya I will totally try to go over there someday! I think that would be amazing to see Zio Nicola and family!! Guess who my DL is? Anz Bos!!!!! ha ha I love that kid! ha ha

So as for my comp.... well let's just say it's gonna be extremely hard. He just doesn't want to do anything. He just wants to sit inside all day long!!! He hates finding work with a passion and says that he's almost done so he just doesn't care. He doesn't do anything to help in the apartment either. We have 2 baptisms this weekend and he wouldn't even help to plan that! I barley know the people who are getting baptized and I had to plan everything for it because he won't. Ugh it's rough!! Sorry I know I shouldn't say anything, but I'm just really stressed right now!! I'm scared the work may suffer :( and I don't want that!! Because it's the Lord' work, not ours.

At the moment I'm in Rimini with Anz Bos! He and his companion are having a rough time also, so we did a scambio (splits) from Monday to Thursday!! It's been really fun to be with him again! So at the moment I don't have the address of our apartment. I'll get it to you as soon as I can. Tomorrow there is a training meeting so I should be getting my packages and stuff!! I'm excited for that!

But ya its gonna be in interesting time.... because I can't drag him around and stuff... ugh! I'm just gonna do my best to be a good example and pray that he will want to do something.... oh well, it's not the end of the world I'll be OK!! I'm gonna do my best in the situation that I'm in.

The weather here has been terrible. It's just been raining the whole time. It poured on us last night!!!! It was pretty bad.

It sounds like things back at home are going well that's really cool!! I'm happy about that! Things here are really alright too.

This last year has been crazy. It really has opened my eyes a bit to what really is important in life. There is no denying the things I've seen and felt out here! These miracles don't just happen. They happen because the gospel is true!!! I'm really excited to see what happens in this upcoming year!! It should be fun! The start might be a bit bumpy but I'll be OK :)

Well guys I hope you guys have a good week!!! I'll be sending the memory card home sometime this week!! I love you guys so much and thank you for all you guys do!!!
You guys are the best! I love you guys :)

Anziano Bona

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