Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Hey Mom and Dad!!!
What the heck!?!!? Dad and Brian get to go back to Florida? ha Super lucky that's fun! Well I hope it all goes well with the shuttle this time!! ha ha Enjoy your trip! :) Sounds like things are going well for you guys! That makes me happy!

Sounds like you guys had a pretty good Easter! That's awesome! You're exactly right mom, we need to remember Christ, especially during Easter time but a little chocolate never hurts either! And here in Italy we have the best chocolate eggs! Kinder eggs!!!! ha ha :) You guys already know how much I love Kinder! ha ha Man its my favorite. It's so good!!! I'm probably gonna die without it when I get back!

But yes we had a good Easter here too! We went over to the Patene house for lunch. Mario Patene is our ward mission leader and it was also his birthday on Easter too! So we spent that with him and all of his family! There was about 12 of us in total. It was so fun. We had pasta al forno and lasagna and like this sausage stuff and it was just super yummy :)  You know how I love Italian food!!! Man I'm gonna miss it! :) ha ha But ya it was super fun and great! The only bad thing was, that at the end I was feeling like crud and when I got home I checked my temperature, and I had a fever! Super yucky. So I just crashed. I wasn't feeling to good so I rested a bit and  now I feel better so that's good.

Ya the work here is going alright! This last weekend was kinda rough and things didn't go exactly as we planned (they rarely do ha ha) So it was kind of disappointing, but it's OK it happens.

Ik is doing well, we just have a few little bumps in the road that we are gonna help him fix! haha Overall he's doing well! But we really have been working A LOTlately!!! I'm pretty tired, but the Lord has blessed us.

Yesterday we had a really good lesson with this lady name  Ivana and we set up a baptismal date with her too! It was really cool! She seems really solid too! She lost her job which seems like something just terrible and it is kinda rough but now she is able to come to church because she had to work every Sunday. So now she is going to be able to come to church, and find a job that will allow her to still keep coming to church!! The Lord works miracles in very interesting ways sometimes! ha ha

I really liked the pencil story. It was really good! It's true, we are just getting refined until we become what the Lord needs us to be! It was really good thanks for sharing that thought with me!!!
Ya!!!!! thank heavens Mothers Day is soon!!! :) That makes me super happy!!! :) ha ha So we don't exactly know yet.... We want to try to do skype but we don't know if we will be able to! We are trying to see. But one thing that is for sure is that I'll be calling at 8 at night here which is noon for you guys back at home! I hope that works out OK for you guys!!! I'm really excited for that!!! ha ha
It's starting to hit how long 2 years actually is!! ha ha Man it's a while! But its OK. It's normal that there are there ups and downs. ha Thank heavens right now is a little up :) ha ha
Well I love you guys so much!!! I'm glad you got my pics! I hope you guys have a great week!!! I hope I get your guys stuff soon!! It probably won't be until the end of May because that's the next time we have our zone stuff so I still have  some time to wait ha ha
Well I'll let you guys go!!! I hope you guys have a great week!!! I love you guys tons! :) take care! until next time! :)

much love anziano bona!!!

PS.... for skype do you guys have account already? if so what is it?

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