Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Dear Mom and Dad,

Well first off it seems Brian didn't write me this week but I understand he wasn't around.... but I do wanna give him a shout out for overcoming his fears and going on those sick roller coasters! He went also on the big swing!! I can't believe it! Now I know I will be able to have so much fun with him once I get back! That is so awesome! I also want to give a shout out to one of my best friends Adam Tubbs for helping my brother face his fears of roller coasters! That's so sick!! It made me so happy to hear that. It sounds like a really cool movie (17 Miracles) even though I am not gonna lie HP7 and Transformers got my attention a lot more ha ha ! I will put it on my list of movies to watch for sure!

Well this past week has been a pretty crazy eventful week. Last Thursday to Saturday morning we did a scambio with the traveling assistants. I got to be with Anz Bolnick :) It was so cool to spend some time with him and do work together. We got to drive around in their car! It was so cool because I haven't been in the front seat of a car in such a long time! It was fun! It was cool to talk about our missions and what we have experienced so far. We have a lot of similar stories and it was nice to share experiences with such a great friend! I am thankful that he has turned into an amazing missionary. He is a great example for me!

Then Sunday came.....and that day turned out to be very interesting! At church we didn't have too may people in attendance because we have a lot of people out on vacation. However, that  is not the reason why Sunday was " different". We are going to an appointment and I crashed on my bike! I guess it was about time, with all the close calls I've had. Everyone knew it was going to happen sooner or later and it messed me up a little bit.

This is what happened. I was going up a hill pretty fast on a small side walk. A wall was on both sides of the sidewalk so it's definitely a narrow space. All of a sudden I see this old lady flying down the hill and to me it looked like we were going to run into each other because she kept getting closer and closer to my side. Unfortunately my bike isn't the best and my tire was loose and flat so I when I  turned my handlebars a little bit my tire gave out and just completely threw me over my bike. I end up flying over the handlebars and my head went right into the back tire of the lady's bike. My legs were tangled up in my bike and I pretty much drilled my head on her bike. Pretty cool huh? I'm proud of myself  because I only said 2 bad words (sorry! in English!). A lot better then what I would of done before my mission ha ha!. After we stopped I stood up, put my shoes back on ('cause they got knocked off somehow), and checked the lady to make sure she was okay. My companion Anz Bushman was kinda' freaking out a little, I told  him, "Dude we gotta go...we have an appointment and a lesson to teach!" So  I jumped on my bike and off we went to teach the lesson. My hands were scraped up pretty good, my left wrist was killing me, I had a goose egg -the size of a baseball- on the back of my head and my right leg was all messed up. I had some nice little cuts and bruises everywhere on it.

We arrived to the member's house and I just said "Ciao can I go to the bathroom and clean myself up really quick?" They provided me disinfectant and helped me a little bit. In the middle of the lesson their little 3 year old got behind me and started saying "c'è sangue c'é sangue!!!!" (there is blood, there is blood!!!!). I said to Mattia (the little kid) not to worry because there was no blood. But on our way out as I was walking down the stairs Sorella (sister) Ongibene said "Anziano there is blood on your head for real!!! We realized that I actually had a nice cut on the back of my head and they wanted me to go to he hospital to get stitches but I said I was fine and that I didn't need it. Man I got a hard head!

I called Sorella Wolfgramm (Mission President's wife) explained what happened and she told me to take the day off and to rest so I did. Now I feel OK but I probably should have gone to the hospital and get stitches! To be honest though  I didn't want to go because I'm scared of Italian hospitals (sorry dad!) and I have heard crazy stories you remember yours, mom? My leg and wrist are kinda sore but everything else is doing OK and my big toe kinda hurts too ...when my shoe flew off I nailed my toe on the sidewalk...oh well overall I'm doing OK!!! Just thought I'd let you guys know ..don't worry no major issue. I was blessed!

Monday and Tuesday I had the best scambio with Anz Dunshee. We had so many things going wrong to try to block our work but we did make the best out of our situation. We had one of the most spiritual lessons together. I can say that we were totally guided by the Spirit. We went to see Luca. We talked about how his date is for Saturday and we just wanted to see how he felt about that. To make a long story short we just explained how there is no need to be scared of baptism and we talked about his doubts and problems. At the end he said " If I'm ready then I will do it!"To that I replied  "Well there is only one way to know if you are really ready and that is to have the interview with the Zone leader." Then I pointed to Anz Dunshee and said "He can do it for you right now!"  He said OK. So I went into the other room so Anz Dunshee could interview him. I instantly felt the need to drop to my knees and start praying for both of them! I didn't know what else to do so that's what I did. It was such a long interview! 35 min later they came out of the room and Anz Dunshee said he was ready! So this Saturday he is getting baptized!
We are really excited for him! We are in super fretta ( in a hurry) to get everything set up but we are doing it and will be ready. We are seeing him tonight and Friday night just to make sure all is good! There shouldn't be any problems unless he just backs out at the last second, but I know he will not. He is super bravo. He is just scared a bit 'cause he knows it is a big important step. We are excited for him though and everything should work out perfectly. I will take pics and I will tell you guys more about it next week.
Other than that things are good here. Sometimes I am just kinda scared of my shortcomings and that I'm not letting the mission change me in ways that I should be changing. It's just weird and hard to explain. I just see things that my friends write and how great their missions are and I still don't see myself as good as they are. I know that I shouldn't compare myself to other people but I just don't see the great changes in myself that everyone talks about...maybe it is because I don't cry?... I'm scared of crying! Because when I do I don't stop! Do you remember the night I got set apart? ha ha I balled like a baby and I would prefer not to have that happening again! I guess I have a problem with too much pride! That is something I need to work with many other things because like everybody else I am not perfect. I can say though that I really love my companion! He is great and we have a lot of fun as well. I don't like the idea of possibly leaving next transfer but it is a probable thing to happen. Just in case I wrote to President and told him that I would prefer to stay if possible...but I guess we will find out pretty soon! (Next week!)
Well I've blabbed for too long now. Thanks for your emails and tell Brian hi and that I'm proud of him! I love you guys so so much! This gospel is so true! It's just hard sometimes. but I love it and I love my mission so much! I hope you guys have a great day! Can't wait to hear from you guys next week!

vi voglio bene!!!! :)
Love Anziano Bona!

The Thinkers

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