Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

For Mom and Dad

Dear mom and dad!!!!

I've been doing pretty good! This last week was kinda rough not gonna lie but it's ok because this week has started off really good so hopefully it will continue!! Last week was just hard because we got pounded on with the language!! But it's ok i think i'm getting better at it!
dad guess what.... i go to trc on monday's and yesterday i balled it up!! my companion can't speak italian very well at all, so during the italian section we had to talk with them for 15 min and i pretty much did the whole thing! it was pretty cool and stuff! The language stuff is coming along slower then i wanted but at least it's coming! haha
mom thanks for getting in touch with kourtney and i think it's a great idea that you are going out with her and jessie. they probably need a talk from judi! it always helps! i loved them! haha
But ya i can pray and bear my testimony in italian. we learned that the first weekend we were here haha now is just like conjugating in the future and past and just a bunch of wierd stuff! ha it's hard but it's ok.
Yes i'm so so excited for conference! i think it's going to be amazing and hopeully a lot of prays will be answered in it! i know they will be! No i didn't get the donuts yesterday but i talked to coulton and he did! haha he says hi and thanks!!
Ya i see jordan all the time. on sunday we sat by each other during the movie and we just talked and chilled the whole time. it was nice to talk to someone ya know!! we are going to try to get a pic of all of us by the temple! when i do i'll send you the memory card so you can put them on facebook or whatever! haha
Thank you guys so much for your support and everything! i pray for you guys every time i pray! i hope everything at home is going well!! i also do enjoy the packages and everything hahaha
i love you guys so so much! Take care of brian i know you guys will!!

Love Anziano Robert Bona!! :)

PS i'm going to write you guys as well so you'll get a letter in the mail sometime soon!! and yes kourtney did write me twice last week :) haha Love you guys!!!!

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