Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tuesday March 23rd

Dear Family, !!! :)
I hope you guys got my emails today! Dad, I'm sorry I didn't get to email you back! I really did enjoy that scripture though! Thanks! I did read all of it though! The Italian is coming along slowly but at least it's coming along!
My typical schedule is like different everyday! Some days I have class in the mornings and other days I have it at night! It's all messed up but we are all getting use to it now!
The food here is interesting...some days it's really good and other days it's freakin terrible! But one thing that stays the same each time is that it is all so fattening and really will make you fat!!! I'm doing my best to not get fat but I don't know if I'll be able to hold off for 6 more weeks!!!
The towels are great though! I love it! Shaving pretty much sucks like always! I haven't used the electric one I've only used the real razor! I hate doing it, but it's okay! I did get my hair cut! It turned out OK! I won't complain because it was free!
If you see anyone that I love, please give them my love :)
But, my companion isn't "peter priesthood" he's actually funny and stuff! I love him.
Keep me updated on how things are going and about dad's work stuff!
Can't wait until I hear from you again!
Anziano Robert Bona

Dear Mom,
Sorry I forgot to mention this in my letter! Can I get a bottle of Dr. Pepper??? and some of that lotion I use for my face? I get way dry after I shave! If so that would be great!
Thanks for all that you do!! I love you tons!

Hello Judi!
This is Anziano Lesa.
It's been great being here and learning with (and from) your son. He's great and I know ( as all wise men do) that he gets that from his mama. Thanks for doing such a great job with him!!
Anziano Lesa
PS: Thanks for the treats. Anziano Bona is a great sharer! :)

Mama Judi!
I gotta let you know that your son is the greatest companion I could ever have. We're best friends no doubt.
Thanks for providing all of us with treats.
I've learned so many good things about you.
You're a saint!
Anziano Dunshee

As you see, all my companions love you! And so do I! :)
I can't wait to hear from you soon!

P.S. Tell the family hi and I love them too! And possibly a few more envelopes would be great too! If not, that's okay!
Love you all!

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