Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dear mom :) aka JUDI!!!!!

Can i just say i love you so so much!!! I love your packages they make me so dang happy you have no idea!!! keep em comin!! haha But ya everything is going well over here! I did get a hair cut and it doesn't look terrible but it's not great either! ha I'll probably send some more pics home in a week or so!

Elder Dunshee and I are getting along pretty good!! He is a nice and funny kid. It's just hard to stay on task because we both love to joke around so much! But it is ok cause we have been getting way better at it! And yes of course i write in my journal!! I love doing it every day! It's the one place where i can just vent and get away for a bit!!

If there are any people in the ward or anyone else you think i should write or say thank you too just send me their email!!

Tell dad i wont be able to respond to his email because we only get a certain amount of time a day to be on the email and my time is almost up!! Tell him i love him so very much!! I pray for you guys and especially him everyday!!! I too will be fasting for him!!! :) but yupp two fast sundays down 22 more to go!!! hahaha jk I love it here don't you guys worry!!!! i'm also gonna write you guys a letter too so you'll probably get it in a day or two!!

Goodbye guys i love you all so dang much!!!! Miss you! and i can't wait until i hear from you guys again! :)

LOVE Anziano Robert Bona

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