Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Thursday, April 29, 2010

4/27/2010 10:15 am

Dear Family!
I hope you all got my email! I tried to send one to Brian, hopefully it worked! So first of all. Dad, I am so happy you got a job! It is comforting to know the Lord helps us when we really need it! I'm so so happy!!!
Now the flight plan stuff! So we leave the MTC at 5 AM on Tuesday morning and we head to Chicago at 8 AM. We get there at 11 AM Utah time. And our flight to Frankfurt Germany doesn't leave until 2:30 PM Utah time, so I'll probably call inbween 11:30 and 2 PM Utah time. Probably and mostly around noon sometime, so be ready! :)
I am super excited to hear you guys! I love and miss you guys tons! Anyways, we should get to Italy about 10 AM Italy time on Wednesday morning April 5th! It's gonna be long but great! I'm so excited!
I told you that I had to get a $70 shot. I just used the debit card, so probably put a couple buck on that then the extra $100 would be nice, just in case something happens at the airports. I get to sit by Elder's Barney and Bolnick on the airplane! So it's gonna be ballin! I think I'm just going to send my stuff home through the MTC Post office.
We get to write you guys on Monday next week so that is when I'll send the other memory stick home! But here are some pics anyways!

Please send anything that you think I might need or that I'm forgetting!
I do think I'm ready and my Italian is decent and my testimony has grown tons! God loves us all so much! We are truly lucky to have this gospel in our lives!
Don't take it for granted like I did Brian! I love you guys a ton! Can't wait to hear from you guys again soon! :)
Anziano Robert Bona

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