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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April 27, 2010 One Week Left in the MTC

Dear Dad,

I think you answer back crepi!?!?! or something like that! ha ha But yes the MTC experience is going great!!!! And yup I only got a week left! I got my flight plans :) ha ha ha ha ha but you'll just have to wait till moms email to hear about them! And I'm so happy about you finding a job!!!!!! I told you that the Lord would make sure everything works out! I'm so so happy for all you guys! I miss you all a ton! Dang, it sounds like Brian is gonna have a ballin summer!! Lucky kid! Thanks for letting me know about sports in the outside world! GO JAZZ!!!!! ha ha ha Cheer hard for me!!! I love you so much and thanks for your great example!!! You are the best! But now i gotta write the rest of the fam!!! You know how mom is!! ;) hahaha

I love you so Much!!!!
Your son,
Anziano Robert Bona

Dear Mom!!!!
I love you!
Things are going great and yes I feel like I'm ready to go to Italy!!!! And yes I got my travel plans!!!!! We fly to Chicago then to Germany then to Milan!!!!! How ballin is that! I will give you exact times when I write you! I don't have much time on the computer so this is gonna be straight and to the point! Yes money would be nice! I had to get a shot and it was 70 bucks!!! Ouch!!! Yes a little shampoo and of course razors couldn't hurt! Deodorant would be nice ha ha ha ha just to stock up! I'll probably just send stuff home through the MTC..... and I haven't gotten Kourtney's letter yet so ya just in case send me her number where i can get a hold of her! And ya you can give her this email! at least I hope so! So do it anyways!!!! ha ha ha ha Yes dad told me about his job and it makes me so so happy to hear it!!! We are spending the whole day at the temple today and we are fasting and I was fasting for dad so that's cool that he got it!!!! :) I'm excited to just get in the temple and chill and read and feel the spirit!!! Send me anything that you think would be useful!!!! You know I'm terrible with all this stuff!!! ha ha ha ha I love you so much and am so thankful for everything!!!! Oh yes I found my memory card!!! ha ha i gotta go but i will tell you more in my letter!!!!

I LOVE YOU!!!! Tell Brian sorry I didn't have time to write him I'm just so so busy!!!! I love him too :)

Love your son,
Anziano Robert Bona :)

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