Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Friday, April 23, 2010


Dear Homer ;) ha ha ha

I'm doing great!!! Stuff with my comp and I are going just great! Thanks for letting me know about the Jazz and keeping me updated on that stuff! I am working hard and having a great time! I should be getting my flight plans this week!! How freakin ballin is that!! :) But hey sorry to hear about the job stuff.... I know everything will be OK and will work out. I know it might be hard but just keep on doing the things you are supposed to. The Lord will find a way for everything to work out!! I just know it! You are always in my prayers! You are such a good example to me and I'm so thankful for all that you have done for me and all you do for mom and Brian! You are amazing :) I love you so so much!! And oh I'm glad you go to all three hours of church I wish I was more like you! I love you! I hope you find comfort in praying and reading the scriptures!!! I know I have, and you can too!! You are always in my prayers! I love you :)

LOVE Anziano Robert Bona

Dear Mom!!!

I'm doing really really good! Sorry you got the impression that I wasn't doing good cause W was! It was just a bit rough teaching last week. But this week was totally awesome!!!!! TRC yesterday was amazing. Probably the best one we have had so far! I am helping Elder Dunshee as much as I can. He did so so good! The good thing with us is that we teach by the spirit and we just always teach together! We are getting along great don't worry!!! :)
Haven't gotten the package but I probably will today! Thanks so much for all you do and all!!! I love it so much! I'm excited to get it! Thanks for keeping me updated with the Jazz and all! It's still kinda nice to know whats going on in the real world! ha ha! I'm really glad Brain is doing good and having fun! He is a baller!
Money wise I think I'm OK..... I've used the debit card a few times but that's it ha cash... I'm OK ha but a little extra wouldn't hurt just in case my bags are heavier then they are supposed to be ha but no flight plans yet. We should get them sometime later this week!! I'm so excited for that! I will totally call you guys when I'm at the airport. I'll probably call when I'm in the east coast somewhere when it's not super late here. I'll let you know! I think I might call Kourtney too ha we will see! But um can you send some soap and shampoo!!! That would be nice! ha ha I haven't heard from Kourtney about prom yet but I'm glad to know she had fun ha and I'm glad Seth and everyone else had fun. I gotta go I'm running out of time! I will write you guys today so you guys should get a letter in a day or two!

I'll talk to you later goodbye I love you so so much :)

LOVE your son Anziano Robert Bona :)

April 20, 2010 10 AM

Dear Family,

I was so glad to hear everything is going well. Everything is going way good here too! I'm just super stoked for Italy! Anyways, TRC yesterday was legit! The spirit there was so incredibly strong it was amazing!!! We both bore powerful testimony and asked her to get baptized and just taught her the importance of it and she said yes! It was easily the best one we have done so far!
We should get out flight plans this week so next week I will let you know what's up! About the temple thing...I don't think that you guys need to come. I'll just call you guys while I'm at the airport, then call you again that Sunday! (Mother's Day). I just don't want to risk it being hard to say good bye again! I do want you guys to know I love you all so so much! I think I'm going to try to write Grandpa and Lorraine again today. It's weird that they hadn't gotten my first one! I hope they are doing well! Mom and dad, you guys should go to the temple! Go as often as you guys can! Brian once you turn 12 go do baptisms for the dead all the time! The temple is an amazing place and prayers are definitely answered there! Don't get discouraged about the job stuff. Everything will work out I promise. I know it's hard but remember tithing is important! I know you guys can do it! All you need is faith!
So, ya! I think I'm going to need to send some stuff home like my extra suit and my white shoes! ha Send back the other camera card because I want to send you guys one more before I leave!
Just know it's all great here!!! I love you all so much and am so thankful for you guys! Can't wait to hear from you again!

Love Anziano Robert Bona

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