Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Dear Mom!!! And this is for dad too even though he didn't send me an email!!! hahaha :P

Yes this weekend was absolutely amazing!! I'm so proud that you guys watched all of the sessions!! Guess what?! I did too! and I didn't even fall asleep! ha ha! All of them were my favorites! I will give you more details about which ones I liked the most because I don't have my notes with me right at the moment! I think that's great that you guys watched the priesthood session talks! They were all so amazing! I had 10 questions that I had going into conference and all of them were answered! The Lord really does answer our prayers! TRC yesterday was awesome! It was the first time we had to teach totally in Italian, and it went amazing! We committed him to be baptized and he said yes and I almost jumped through the roof!!!!! :) It was so nice just to see that it is possible and I just felt so good when someone would say that they accept the gospel and accept Jesus Christ as their savior. The gift of tongues truly does work. When the Lord wants you to talk He will help you!!! The Italian is coming along slowly but its OK. It's still a bit frustrating but I just don't let it get to me!! I just gotta be patient and that's what I'll do! :) ah!!!! I did write Kourtney but it got sent back to me so I sent it back so I hope she got it yesterday!!! Please ask her for me and if she hasn't gotten it yet please let me know so I can write her again!!!! I think that's great that you talk to her every once in a while and that you guys can just talk like you did on Saturday!!! Overall everything here is OK. I got pretty sick right before conference but I'm feeling so so much better now!!! The food here kinda sucks and makes me use the restroom a lot but it's OK hahaha ;) Sorry to hear about dad... I'll keep him in my prays.... I love you both so so much and miss you guys a ton!!! But this is where I want to be and I know everything will be OK!!! I'll write you guys later today and give you more detail about things! Let me know how today goes with Kourtney and Jessie! Take care of Brian and keep me updated on sports!!!!!

Anziano Robert Bona :) :) :)

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