Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tuesday April 6th. 3:15 PM

Dear Bona family, :)
I hope you guys got my email! I got your package and I loved it! :) Thank you so much it made my day! So I just got back from the temple and it was amazing!! Two Italian Elders are leaving next Tuesday so this was their last session and it was so good! I felt the spirit a ton. It was so great! You (mom and dad) should go to the temple every time you get the chance!
I took that one missionary picture that you wanted me to!

I'll be sending home the memory card next Tuesday so you'll get more then!
How was lunch with Jessie and Kourtney?! Did she get my letters? I sure hope so! Let me know!...
But I'm glad you guys watched conference! It was just amazing! The talks I loved: ALL OF THEM!!! ha ha
I did enjoy Elder Holland's talk on love and lust. It was so deep and good! I love when Elder Bednar talked about watching out for warnings and warning signs. I think if we all do that it will be a lot easier for us to stay out of trouble and what not! I hope Brian listened to David L. Beck's talk because he will 12 soon and he should totally do the Duty to God program! (Actually I know he didn't because it was in the Priesthood session~ so make Brian watch it!) :):)
I loved President Uchtdorf's talk on patience! I loved Eyring's talk on diligence! And President Monson's talk during priesthood was unbelievable as well! Mom you need to watch it when you can because it was the best one I've seen so far!! I loved it! I also loved the talk about Mothers! Thanks for being so good to me mom! AKA JUDI!!! I love you!! :)
Pretty much this was easily the best conference I've ever heard! And the only one that I've heard the whole thing! How sad! :( It's okay because I'll watch all of them from now on!
Things here have been normal! It's just really repetitive but it's not terrible. It could be worse. Last week just was a bummer because I was sick, but now that I feel good we are all systems go and I'm ready! I think I told you about TRC in my email but if not I'll tell you again! It was amazing! It was the first time we've had to teach a whole lesson in Italian and we were kinda nervous but we were blessed by the Lord so it went great! :) Hopefully we can do even better next week!!!
My companion and I have gotten way close. We've had a few heart to hearts and it's been great! We get along so so good! I truly do love him and hope the best for him!
How are you guys doing? It sounds like everything is going well and it makes me so happy to hear that! Sorry I don't write in Italian. I can't read or write in Italian! My brain is handicapped sometimes!
Dad I love you so much and look up to you a ton! Thanks for everything! I pray for you every night! I know that everything will work out with your job and stuff!! Just don't throw any sandwiches and all will be good!!! :) ha ha!!
Just have faith in Christ and all will be okay! Here is a cool little something that I have and I though it'd be cool for you guys to have one too! (see post fellowship of the unashamed).
I love you all so so freakin much and I miss you all a ton! But it's okay I know you guys and myself will be fine!
I can't wait to hear from you guys soon!!! Thanks for your great support and your prayers!

Love your son and brother,
Anziano Robert Bona

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