Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Familes Can Be Together Forever


Yes sir brother I wear your chain everyday. It reminds me of you! I love you dude.
Ya' don't worry about football, you get used to it after a while. Don't be scared either... have faith dude!!
When you have faith you don't have fear! You will be OK, your a tough little man! But do you at least like football or is it not fun at all? ha
But ya I heard about coach Cardoso's wife, it's way sad.
Thank goodness Heavenly Father loves us and makes it possible for us to see our families again after this life.
I'm glad Provo won, that is way cool. Tell everyone there hi for me k!?
But hey how ya doing on reading the scriptures and praying everyday!? I hope your doing it cause I promise you if you are God with bless you and help you with everything that is going on in your life!
But ya dude I love you tons!
Be a good boy listen to mom and dad! I hate to say it but they really are right all the time!!!! ha ha ;)
Dude I love you and always will! You're the best little bro.
Make me proud!!!
Anziano Bona

Hello parents!
I'm glad things back at home are going well!
But ya the word of wisdom and chastity don't exist here! ha ha but its OK we are working with Felice with coffee and all should be fine in the long run! Thank you guys so much for your support and prayers.
Anziano Bartholomew is cool. He is a little different and we don't talk a whole ton but he is still chill and I like him a lot. He is a good missionary and that's what matters! Back at home I chill with Anziano Roberts and Brooks a lot but everyone in the house gets along great so its way fun! Mom I know, your gonna kill me, but I haven't sent it yet... but I will soon I promise!!!!!
But ya I heard about Mason and that's great. I'm happy for him! He will do great! ha ha
And ya I heard about coach Cardoso's wife too... that really is sad and really hard. But that's why God made this perfect plan for us so that one day we will be able to live with our loved ones again. and I'm so thankful for this too!
And ya grandpa emailed me and I've emailed him back like 4 times now!!!! Has he not gotten any of them!? But ya I wrote him back already.
Dad sorry about the job but its OK.... things will all work out don't worry!!! Faith!!! :) ha ha
Ya I got Justin's email and I asked Mike to give me his email for the MTC so I can talk with him! ha ha its gonna be sweet to see him!
I'm glad Brian's teacher is chill! He's a good kid he will be OK and he will have a good year!!! ha ha.
But ya all here is going well! nothing super new! But I gotta bounce real quick! We got a few lessons that we gotta teach on our p-day!! Not fun, but I know but the Lords work always comes first!!!!
Well I love you guys and hope that you guys have a good week!!! :) Can't wait till your guys next email!!!
Much love!!!
Anziano Robert Bona :)

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