Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dear Mom and Dad!!!
How are you both doing!? It sounds like home is going well and chill and all so I'm really happy about that!! That's great dad that you get to be home more now to spend time with the fam! Your a baller! ha ha
But ya things here have been goin good. Ya' the 15th of Agosto was pretty nuts! ha ha but normally it's the day we get off and stay inside all day and just clean house but since it was on Sunday we didn't get it! So we got the 16th to have our day off and we just chilled like all day. It only took like 3 hours to clean the whole apartment cause its so small and there are 4 of us! ha ha So the rest of the day we just chilled and went and got gelato and stuff ha ha it was fun! but kinda sucky cause we got bored too!!!
We might as well have been out there doing missionary work! ha ha
But then yesterday was zone conference out in Alessandria and that takes the whole day... and then today is p-day! So we like got off 3 days in a row from missionary work! Its actually kinda sucky! It's just gonna be a bad numbers week! But we will just work way hard this weekend to make up for it!
But ya Felice didn't get baptized this last weekend. We pushed his date back to the 11th of September cause he is still a fan with coffee so we are working with him on that! Besides that he's way solid!
We've been workin a lot with this old lady named Marta who is just like the sweetest old lady ever!!! The one nice old person in SanRemo we found!! ha ha Thank you spirit!!!! ha ha! But ya she has heard like almost all the lessons and wants to get baptized but she is only here for the summer! :( She is heading back to Milano until next summer! So hopefully she will meet with the missionaries there! We told her she has too!
But ya' the work has been going well considering it's the summer in SanRemo! ha ha Once Agosto is over things should start getting better for sure!!! But ya all is going well!
Brian told me about dads icyhot incident! ha ha That's so dang funny!!!! ha ha
Well I hope all is going well! I love you guys so much and am thankful for everything!!! I love you guys so much and am thankful for all your love and support! The church is true!! Never forget it!!
Real quick! I heard something really cool at zone conference... So like everything is the Lords you know?... Except one thing... our agency... so when we give Him back the one thing that He has givem us, we can then really be tools for the Lord and He can work through us... All we gotta' do is obey the commandments and do what He says. And when we do that really anything is possible!! I just thought that was pretty cool when I heard it!
Well I love you guys so so much!!! I cant wait to get your guys emails next week!!! much love!!!
Anziano Robert Bona!!
PS.... I gotta go by Anziano for now!!! It's my titolo!!!! ;) ha ha

Brian's Letter:

First I just wanna say sorry for not writing last week! but ya I love you tons! So that's legit that you are playing football! You're probably a stud! What position do you play? No Felice didn't get baptized yet. He still likes coffee haha we are planning onthe 11th of september. That's the new date. That would be cool to take a trip down there. What is it for? Dude that story about dad is so dang funny!!!!! haha I would of laughed so dang hard. Dude guess what, I wear your chain every day now!!! cause I love you! Keep up the hard work in football! haha I love you tons dude! take care of the fam for me!
much love your brother
Anziano Bona!!

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