Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Anziano Bona is now in Alessandria....

Here are a few fun facts and pictures of his new area.

Population: 85.438

It is in the Piemonte district of Italy.

The average temperature for Sept - Dec is about 55-65 F, with about 3-4 inches of rain per month, and is also known for the fog.

The church has a stake there with several wards.

We also have some dear friends who live there...The Malara/Ciccio' family. They are from the Messina/Calabria area where we lived and where Robert was born.

Also, the Martinengo family is from there as well.

We feel blessed to know so many people in the area who will keep an eye on our son.

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