Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Dear Mom and Dad!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you dad!!!!! You're the best!!! I love you so so much!!!! Happy birthday and I hope so much with all my heart that you have a great day!!! I sent a little something home!! I'm sorry it's nothing big but it is a little thought! I can't get soccer shirts till my next city 'cause Sanremo is so dang expensive! I'll do better with that next time! ha ha but yes in there is the memory card!! ha ha :) But ya dad happy birthday I love you!! :) yes mom I love you too ;) ha ha
But ya all is going well here! But guess what... transfer calls came and yup I'm outta here! I'm getting transferred to Alessandria!! ha ha I'm excited it should be fun! My new comp will be Anziano Gallagher or something like that! ha ha But ya it'll be fun! and it's where the Lord wants me to go so I'm excited!! ha ha I'll let you know how that city is next week! ha ha
But dang it seems like so many cool things are going on at home! Sounds like everything is great and I'm so happy about that!!!! :). But I'm glad all is going well with all you guys!!! I love you all so so much! I know this email is short but I got a lot of packing to do so I gotta go! Next week I'll tell you more and answer all your questions and what not! thanks for the pics, and you will be getting some soon!!
I love you guys have a great week! :)
much love
Anziano Bona

Hey Brian!
I've been good dude! How have you been? That is way chill that you get to play football tonight! I hope you have so so much fun!!! ha ha Do work my friend!! ha ha But ya guess what I'm getting transferred....I'm going to Alessandria! I'm excited it will be way fun! I know it's where the Lord wants me right now so that's where I'm going!!! ha ha it'll be way good! So now I'm just way busy packing!!! ha ha Hopefully all works out well! I hope you keep having fun and keep doing good work! It's almost your birthday!! ha ha Give dad a big birthday hug for me OK!!! ha ha Thanks bro talk to ya next week!!! I love you so much!!!! Ciao!!!
love your bro
Anziano Bona

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