Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Dear Mom and Dad!!! and Brian!!!!
(I don't have a ton of time cause it's Thursday and I got some work to do!)

Yup tomorrow is my 6 month mark!!! Crazy huh!?

Well first off real quick I just wanna say sorry about not writing yesterday! I have a really good excuse and I'll explain it all later!

But ya' mom you are exactly right. Time just seems to fly by! But at the same time it does feel like I've been here forever! Like right now I just can't think of doing anything other then missionary work now! It feels like I've been doing it all my life and that I'll be doing it all my life as well! ha ha I know that's not true though. I'm just exaggerating a bit! ha ha But ya I'd say it feels like 6 months is about right ha!

Well first Brian that is sweet about football and your number! Atta boy! #47! and sorry about your arm dude. I'm sure you'll be fine! Your a tough kid! I hope all goes well with that!
And I'm glad you are enjoying school! Year book I bet will be way fun! It sounds like your gonna have a great year. I'm really happy for you dude! ha ha and it's OK dude you haven't let me down! I love you so much! :) just do your best! I know it is really hard sometimes but I can promise you that it will be worth it! I love you bro!

Dad your letter was epic! You're right we really are super duper lucky to have a living prophet with living apostles to help guide us during these crazy days!!! I too am way thankful for all of them! Thanks for your testimony! It really was great! :) I look up to you so much!

And ya, keep me updated on the Utes!! ha ha

Mom it's totally cool that you talk with them. ha ha They told me that you talked with them for a bit and that's totally cool! They are both really way chill! Jessica is preparing for a mission, it's really exciting! We are so happy for her she is great! ha ha

But ya' Sister Barnes emailed me and told me about Justin! ha ha that's way funny! and that is cool about Felipe's sister and Alberto. Good for them! But ya Colby sent us all his talk and it seems like he did a really good job! I really happy for him too!

I'm really glad it sounds like everything back at home is going really well. That makes me happy! We are doing our best with the work right now. Felice is having a bit of trouble but we are still working hard with him.

We have been doing some bomb finding work and just destroying areas here! We found a lot of investigators so hopefully we will see if they start progressing or not. That is one thing I've learned. Don't waste your time here with people who really aren't interested. We are only here for a little while so we gotta use our time wisely!! ha ha

OK... so now the reason why I didn't write yesterday.... so Tuesday night we went over to Savona to spend the night 'cause yesterday we had a big zone activity and went to Cinqueterre!!!! :) How sweet huh!? ha ha It was so ballin and it was so dang fun! I got some epic pics and yes yes I will be sending them home this week!!! ha ha Oh my freakin heck it was so beautiful! Like the most beautiful thing Ive ever seen! And another cool thing was that I got to chill with other missionaries in our zone and I made some way good friends! It was a legit hike though! We were way up in the mountains but the view from the top was amazing! Right now I just feel like I wanna die 'cause I'm sooooo tired but it was so worth it! It's a 9 kilometer hike (so around 5.5 miles). We started around 1030 in the morning and finished around 3. Then we had to catch a 5 1/2 hour train back to Sanremo and got home around 830 and by that time we were just dead and had no time to email!! So I'm doin it now!

Everything is going great! I hope everything keeps going well at home! I'm so very thankful for you guys and for your love and support! I love you guys tons!!!! And miss you tons but there is no doubt in my mind that the church is true and that this is where I need to be right now! Thanks again and have a great week! :)

I love you guys!!
Much Love!!
Anziano Bona!

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