Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Dear Mom and Dad!!!!

OK well I don't have a lot of time today but I will let you know what's going up over here! First of all we have been way busy with two scambios (missionary exchanges) and just like a bunch of stuff so honestly I haven't called that one lady that we are related to. But I will. I am gonna be busy these next couple weeks but I'll explain that later, but I will do my very best to find some time to call her.

Anyway.... last night we had a great lesson with Erminia (the sister of Eliana) and we set up a baptismal date with her. It was so awesome and she shared her testimony and the spirit was so strong it was amazing. She still needs some help with smoking but she is smoking a lot less so we are seeing some great progress. Eliana is solid too. We are gonna try to set up a date with her tonight! We will see how that goes.

We don't have a lot of investigators at the moment but the ones we do are way solid and want to get baptized too, we are really happy about that!!! Finding has been a bit rough 'cause now it's getting cold and stuff and people are I swear getting meaner but its OK 'cause we are still gonna keep pushing through and keep trying our best!!!! ha ha

OK so about transfers.... the impossible happened.... Gallacher is getting transferred... and I've been called to train!! I am going to be a trainer now!!!!!!!
So it's possible that I could train Justin!!!!!!!! How sweet huh!!!!!

But at the same time I'm so dang nervous!!!!! Normally trainers train in their 7th transfer or higher and I'm gonna start my 5th and I'll be training!! I'm so dang nervous and I don't know if I'm ready for this much responsibility 'cause being a trainer is huge!!!! It's so dang rare that someone this young trains! But President thinks I'm ready so I'll do my best! I barely know this city and this language so it'll be interesting to see what happens!!

I had interviews with pres and I had my glasses there and he said they were fine. I don't even wear them that much they are just in my pocket. I do the work I just like to have fun too and there is nothing wrong with that.

I'm pretty nervous but now is the time when I just need to have faith and put all this in the hands of the Lord so that's what I'm gonna do! And I know all will work out fine!!

But yes mom you bring up a good point about the missionaries coming in 2 weeks so let me explain. There is this kid named Anziano Boss (who is this Australian and he is so chill!) and he is in the same situation as I am that he's training and has to wait. So we are going to be together for these two weeks until the new kids get here. The only thing is, is that he is at Genova!!!

So this is what we think has to go down.... we do three days here three days at Genova and then Rresident said that he wants both of us in our wards for church so we get split up for church and be by ourselves (with a member) for half the day then one of us goes to the other ones city after church!! ha ha ya nuts huh!!!! These two upcoming weeks are gonna be so interesting! But I'm excited to work with Anziano Boss cause hes a baller! So ya that is basically whats gonna be happening for a while!!! ha ha lots of running around and just crazy stuff!!! ha ha

But ya I get to train so I have the possibility to train Justin!! ha ha How chill would that be!?!?!? ha ha but I guess we will see how things go!

Sounds like all is going well at home and I'm really happy about all that!! Keep up the good work!! But I got a lot of stuff to do and I gotta write pres and a few others so I gotta go! I love you guys so so so much!!! :) Talk to you guys next week! Have a great week!!!! :) LOVES!!!!!

Anziano Bona

Hey whats up my brother!!!

That is so legit that you got to pass the sacrament!! Mom and dad said you did great!!! :) I'm so proud of you!!

And dang son you are so smart!! You did so dang good in math! So once again I'm really proud of you!!!

So ya I'm staying in Alessandria but my comp is leaving!! and I'm training!!! ah its so crazy!! Ask mom what that is she will explain! ha ha

Dang I didn't know about the miners. I'll definitely pray for them. I hope all goes well!

That's ballin that you guys beat Timpview! You guys are probably way legit! ha ha Keep up the good work and keep doing your best!

Wow sounds like you made bank at your birthday!!! ha ha That would be way chill to get a flat screen TV in your room!! ha ha I know you can do it, keep saving your money!

Well it sounds like all is going well for you dude and I'm so happy!! ha ha

Keep up the hard work and have a great week!!

Anziano Bona

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