Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Dear Mom and Dad!!!


I hope you guys have such a great day! Have so much fun with the Tubbs! Man I love them! Tell Adam and all them hi for me and that I'm so thankful that they are watching out for you guys! ;) ha ha

But what the heck!? I sent you a letter mom and in it were pics! Have you not gotten it yet? If not you should in a few days don't worry! The pics are coming!

And dad guess what? I totally can read all your letters in Italian and it's easy! You have no idea how comforting it is to get a letter in Italian and then actually be able to read and understand all of it! It was funny 'cause I saw it and I was like heck I don't wanna read all of it 'cause it takes forever for me to understand it! But I was like whatever and I did it just fine! ha ha! I'm thankful for the gift of tongues! Because I know without it all us missionaries would be in so much trouble!!!
But ya next week p-day is back on Wednesday and then I'll also tell you whats going on with transfers! I hope I stay 'cause I'd love to be here with Anz Weller in Alessandria for Christmas! That would be way fun!

But ya we got bikes. And if I get transferred or something the bike stays here. But that means if I need to buy a new one later in my mission it's reimbursable so it's like free. The first bike we buy it's our money but after that the mission will pay for it! And ya' we ride around in the rain and what not... ha ha it's crazy and cold but the thing is, is that for the work it's great. It saves us so much time so we can get more done! A day is so short it sucks!!! ha ha But once it starts snowing and stuff I dunno how much we will use them but ya' we wrap up with our scarfs and gloves and I wear my nerd glasses to protect my eyes and then we just head out!!! ha ha It's nuts!

Yesterday at our addrestamento (training) we really did get spiritually filled! We always do at those things! Pres Wolfgramm is so chill and awesome! Plus it's fun to see some of my good friends at those things! ha ha Anz Bos and Anz Shultz are my boys! I love those guys. So ya' days like yesterday where everyone together is fun!

Um... finding work this last week was OK I guess.... We got some solid potentials that we can try to work with so that's cool. So it was alright! But Ermina really doesn't meet with us anymore. She said she needed a break. And Eliana is still super solid. She just got her feelings hurt from some members so we had to do some damage control with her. Her family really is like my fam out here at the moment I love them!!! She will get baptized she just takes things like super slow.

And we don't get discouraged!!!! Discouragement comes from Satan. We just get disappointed. We learned about the difference between the 2 yesterday at our training thing. Never get discouraged!!!!! You always gotta keep going and keep giving it your best! :) ha ha

OK so today this is the plan.... we are gonna try out this Chinese restaurant for lunch!!! ha ha Then maybe go a bit shopping and just look around at stuff!!! Then put up our Christmas tree!!! ha ha :) We got like a 5 euro tree that's like 3 feet tall. I'm excited for that! It'll be fun!! ha ha Then for dinner we were thinking about going and getting a dang good pizza :) ha ha very Thanksgiving like huh!?!? ha ha We are excited it'll be fun!! ha ha Today really is a good day to just step back and reflect and look at all the things that Heavenly Father has blessed us with!! Because he really has given us a lot!! It's awesome!

It sounds like things are going great at home and that makes me really happy!!!! :) I'm glad all is well!! I love you guys so much and miss you tons! But don't worry in one month I'll be able to call you guys! Heck yes I'm excited for that!!! :) ha ha

The church is so true don't ever forget it!! Can't wait to hear from you guys next week!
I love you guys!!!! :)
Have a great day!
Happy Thanksgiving!!! :)

Anziano Bona

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