Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Dear Mom and Dad!!!
First of all..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!! Well actually it's tomorrow but it's ok!!! I'm telling you today!!!! haha You're so awesome I love you so very much and am thankful for all you have done for me!!! I sent you a letter today so hopefully you get it at the beginning of next week! Sorry it's late I was just so super busy this week!! haha But don't worry I didn't forget!!! I love you mom :)

Ya' we did a lot of finding work this past week. We found a few people but no one too solid... the best one is this lady whose name is Lusia. She is totally athiest. But secondo me (according to me) I think there is some hope. We taught her the first lesson and she didn't accept the Book of Mormon that we tried to give her. But she wants to hear about the plan of salvation. So we will go back and see what we can do! I'm keepin my head up cause I think if we can show her that there is a God and that He loves her then I think she would really like the gospel in her life. Everyone else we talked to was like not solid at all. So.... ya it was still like a hard week.
And we got terrible news about Ermina. She isn't gonna be getting baptized for some time. Like she wants too and all but there are some things in her life that she says she can't change right now so we can't baptize her. She said she thinks she needs a break and stuff. I was so sad.... it's weird how close you get to these people and then when things go wrong your like so sad for them!!! ugh.... Ya I was hecka' bummed.... but it's ok.... and with Eliana I just dont know if she's ready to get baptized this soon. We might have to push her date back a bit too. So like over all it was just a rough week.

But it was cool 'cause yesterday the training meeting thing was in Alessandria and was for everyone this time so all the missionaries from the Genova and Torino zone came to Alessandria and we had our huge meeting thing all day long. They talked about not getting discouraged and stuff when stuff doesn't go the way you planned. It was totally comforting and stuff and I knew it was like totally for me!!!! 'Cause like Anziano Weller and I have been trying so hard to help these people and find new people but it's just been hard!! So that was the Lords way of answering my prayers so it was cool! So we are still keeping our heads up high and keep doinW work!!! we know the elect people are out there and we are willing to go through some hard times to find them!!! And we will find them soon :) haha

It sounds like things are going great at home! I'm glad!!! Thanks for keeping me updated on all the stuff going on at home! It's nice to still kinda be in the loop! :) haha That's chill that Brian won the championship!!!!!! Tell him to keep playing football and he will just keep getting better and better! Get him into some legit basketball leagues too!!! haha Like an open court thing or something!! They are hecka fun too!! haha

That is so chill that dad got you some fancy cookin thing!! haha and yumm!!! Those Greek cookies are so good! haha Dude I can cook some dang good pasta now! Anziano Weller and I eat so dang good! The carbonara is like my fave!!!!! haha It's so yummy and I'm legit at it! haha Pasta is easy and I love panna!!!!!! I'm bringing like 50 kilos home i swear!!! haha!!! The food here is just so good! We get gelato like all the time!! haha It's awesome!!! And focaccia is too epic! haha And now there is like pandoro and all that cake stuff that they bring out for Christmas! And thats way yummy too! haha American food is gonna kill me! I think im getting spoiled :) haha

But oh!!!! Yesterday I got 2 packages. One with just a bunch of candy and junk food and the other one with the christmas presents!!!!!! :) haha Thank you so much! I won't open them until then!!! haha But ya we got another thing December 15th or something, so there is still time to send me more!!! ;) haha just letting you guys know!! haha

Speakin about presents and what not... is there anything you guys want?! Ties, bags, food, anything? I just dont know what to get you guys!!! Please let me know something so I can send something!!! haha Please let me know!

Yes i got a new watch and I used the credit card a couple days ago. Um.... like I'm 95% sure I'm buying a bike within the new few days.... So I think I'm gonna use the credit card.... just letting you guys know!! haha Sorry I just kinda' need to buy one! And I'll try not to spend to much money on stuff. There is just a lot of neat stuff I want for christmas, ha ha!

Dude guess what!?! Jordan Monsen is training some elder that has the last name Ciccio!!!!! haha and the kid is from Italy!!! ha ha he's training one of the Ciccio boys!!! haha small world huh!? I met fratello Ciccio' at some stake priesthood meeting ha he's a nice guy!

And oh about Giuseppe's fam. None of them answer and one of them hung the phone up on me and we can't like waste a whole day and just go all the way to Asti to try to give people stuff that won't even answer me! So I dunno what to do with that situation... :( and Alessandra... I should be hooking up with them today for a bit.

My time out here is so little and precious so I need to use it wisely.

But ya we are fine out here! We get along super great and always have fun! Especially when it's pooring rain and freezing! ;) haha But we are good and trust that the Lord will help us out! I'm glad all is going well at home! I love you guys so so much and am glad all is going well! Have a great week! I cant wait to hear from you guys again soon!!!!! :)
much love!!

anziano bona!



Yep it's almost Thanksgiving time!!! haha Bro you need to eat a lot of turky! Eat some for me too ok bro!! ha ha That'll be fun that your going to the Tubbs house! ha ha Tell them hi for me! And nice bro now you got time to chill a bit! You should use some of that time and crack open the scriptures a bit and read for like 10 min a day!! That would be good ;) And good work and beatin dad on Madden! I'll still own you though! :) haha and calm down I still got like 4 months till I hit my year mark! ha but time does go by hecka' fast that is true! haha
I love you so much bro! Have such a great week! :)
anziano bona

(this letter is from last week)

hey bro!!!!
Ya all is going well over here so don't worry! Ya it was better that I just let him get away with that! (referrring to the watch situation). haha
So all good! Dude I'm so happy the school is going well for you! That is so good that your staying on top of your grades like that! atta boy! :) And that is ballin' that your football team is doing so good! good luck bro and give it your best! you gotta let me know how that all turns out!
My new comp is really chill! His name is Anziano Weller! He is chill and we get along really good! He is really obiedent and brings the spirit with him everywhere! He will help me out a lot! So we are having a great time! Brian i love you so much! i love the pic I got from you guys! You look so big and look like such a baller! I'm so proud of you! :) I love you so much and miss ya tons!!!
Keep up the good work and keep up being bravo (good) for mom and dad! :)
love you have a great week!

love anziano bona

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