Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Dear Mom and Dad!!
First of all.... congrats dad on your new calling!!! :) I know you will do great!! And mom.... you know this means you gotta go to Sunday School now!!!! hahaha! But don't worry once I get back we can sluff together and go watch sports and eat food just like the good old days!!!! ha ha ;) (just kidding!) But dad your gonna do great that's so cool! ha ha

And about the card and watch.... so ya I didn't get that I couldn't use the debit card so I tried to pull money out and the ATM just ate it and I was so mad and kinda nervous!! But ya the lady from the office called me and it's all cool and all good now!!! So don't worry about that. I'll get it tomorrow when I go to Milano and see all them (Justin)!

ha ha so ya about my watch... get this I was furious!!! ha ha story time...

So every time I email I take my watch off cause it bugs my wrist. So I took it off and stuff and then when we left I totally forgot it!!! So we did p-day last week and went and bowled and played pool and it was all chill. So on the way back we stopped by the place where we email and asked if anyone saw my watch.... and the dude who runs the store was wearing it!!!!!! I was all dude that's my watch!!!! and he was all no I found it like 3 days ago, and I was all that's bull, that's mine!!!!! Then he started saying stuff in his language and like out of no where three other crazy Muslim looking dudes were just standing behind us. Anz Bos was all, dude we aren't leaving without his watch. Then the dude was like, we are gonna call the cops on you guys and stuff and he was being like the biggest jerk ever! I was so mad! But we were like whatever so we just left and I wasn't too happy but ya it's just a watch. It was funny though!!! We were just making jokes about it like all day after that ha ha but don't worry nothing happened!!!!!! And I'm here right now at the same place and the same dude is here and he's still wearing my dang watch!!!! ha ha o well!!!! ha ha its' just another funny story!! ha ha

These last two weeks have been so crazy!!! So many weird things have happened its' been funny!! Ans. Bos is so legit too! He's a way cool kid and a way solid missionary. It's been a good two weeks just very tiring from all the moving around and not always sleeping in the bed I'm used to and stuff but its all good! It's been a good two weeks!!!

Elaina and Erminia are doing OK.... they've had a couple of hard rough weeks but we met with them on Monday night and they still want to get baptized so we are still working with them!!! We talked about how everyone has hard trials and what not and what we need to do to overcome them. So I think in the long run they will be just fine!!! We are excited for them!!

But ya tomorrow we go to Milano to pick up all the new guys!! I'm excited to see Anziano Barnes and to get my new greenie!!! ha ha It'll be fun!!!

I'm glad to hear that all is going well back at home!! That makes me so happy! :) ha ha You guys are all ballers! and my heck! Brian sounds just huge!!! ha ha don't worry I can still take him!! :) ha ha Don't let him wear my stuff!!! (naw...he can wear whatever he wants because when I get home you know you'll get me new stuff!) ha ha But ya all is well here on my end too!!

I love you guys so so much and am way thankful for your great examples for me!!! Keep up the good work and keep living the way the Lord wants!!! I'll talk to you guys next week!!!
I love you guys!!! :)

Anziano Bona

(We recieved an email from Anziano Bona the Saturday before we got this one telling us that his ATM card didn't work~we had told him we were sending a new one and to not use the one he had~ and also he let us know about him loosing his watch. We called the mission home to let them know to tell him that Anz. Barnes would be brining a small pkg with a new debit card inside, along with other things too!)

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