Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Dear Mom and Dad!!!

How are you guys doing!?!? I hope all is going well! Sounds like stuff at home is going quite well so I'm really happy for you all!

So ya i'ts been quite the week here in Alessandria!

First of all ya I saw Anziano Barnes and it was so cool!!! ha ha I gave him a huge hug! He is so tall now! I don't even make it up to his head now! Jeez I swear I'm just shrinking or something!!! hahaha But ya it was cool to seem him! I bet the ward thinks it's so cool that we are in the same mission huh?

But ya he gave me the little package and then I got 2 more from the mission home! Thanks so much for the little candy it was so yummy! You really don't realize how much you miss all the little things until its gone! We take so much for granted back at home! So I think that that's everything you've sent but I'm not sure!!! ha ha I'll find out the next time I make it to Milano!

The next zone conference isn't until like December 15th or something like that! But guess what! This month there is this like crazy training meeting for all zone leaders, district leaders, and trainers!!! It's like this 3 day long thing in Milano!!! So that'll be super fun and then I can see if there are any other letters or mail or whatever!! ha ha

OK so get this...

Thursday morning we (Anz Bos and myself) get into Milano to pick up the new kids but neither of us have ever worked in Milano so we don't exactly know how to get to the church. So we call the AP's (Assistants to the President) and they tell us to get on the green tram and head to some exit. So we go to where the trams are and we see the green one and it's about to leave so we run like hecka fast and jump on it! So we are like yes!!!! We made it and didn't miss it!!! ha ha So by this point we have been on the tram for like 20ish minutes and then we finally realize that we are going the wrong way!!!!!!! And the trainers meeting starts in 10 minutes!!! ahahaaaaa!! So we are like oh, heck no!!!!!!!!! So we get off at the next exit and take the first one we can to the right place, so to make a kinda' long story short Anz Bos and I got to the trainers meeting 1 hour late!! Dang do I know how to make a good first impression or what!!??

It was funny President Wolfgramm was just like stalling until we got there and we like just totally ran in there and he was like "train problems?" with this like funny grin on his face and we were just like YEP!!! hahahaha and he's all, "good cause we were just talking about how sometimes in the field things don't always go according the way you plan just like this!" So it was like way funny and everyone like laughed and it was totally chill! So there is like my funny little story for ya!!!

So ya a bit about the new kid!!!

So ya his name is Anziano Weller. He is from the bay area (Clayton to be exact) and ya he was ZL in the MTC. He is like hecka super obedient!!!!! Like a little too obedient! It's crazy!!! ha ha I think I'm gonna learn probably more then he will learn from me! The Lord was definitely laughing when he planned this all out! ha ha So ya Anziano Weller is helping me out on a few things and I'm showing him the ropes of how to do all this missionary stuff! ha ha The good thing is is that he is chill. He's a good guys too! We are now starting to open up more and we've had a lot of fun these last few days!

Once again hes taller then me by a good 4 inches (at least) so I just feel small and short! ha ha Darn my genes!!!! ha ha Thank heavens I'm good looking ;) hahaha

So OK.... we had a baptismal date with Erminia... but then we found some stuff out and she had to talk to the bishop for some stuff so we had to drop her date. So on Sunday she talked to him and go everything all worked out so last Monday we had a lesson with her and we set up another date for the 27th of November!!! We are so happy for her :) She is so rock solid!

So last night we went over to Elaina's house.... (she is the one who the rest of her fam got baptized right before I got here and has known us longer then her sister) and we had a good strong lesson with her. She has never set a date before 'cause she's always been to scared of not being ready for the date that she sets. Well last night we had this powerful lesson about faith and fasting and pretty much a whole bunch of other stuff. and she said she wants to get baptized with her sister on the same day so we finally got a date set with her too!!!! So in the last 2 days we've set up 2 baptismal dates! So we are really happy!!!! hahaha (Pray for them!)

Things have been going good! The problem is still finding at the moment! We've done so much of it lately and just got nothing! I'm just doing my best to keep Anz Weller's head up and telling him not to get discouraged and stuff. We know the Lord is preparing people just for us! It's not gonna be easy but we will find them!!!! We've just got a lot of slammed doors in our face the last little bit! But these last 2 days have made it totally worth it! :) so thing are going great! He is solid and we are having a good time!

It's rained for like 4 days straight now and it's hecka cold outside too!!!! And to make things better out like heater in our apartment doesn't work!!! I gotta make a few calls and get all that worked out soon but don't worry we are doing fine and having a great time! :) I think today we are gonna go out and get some companion ties and comp scarfs too! and I'll look for my watch too! ha ha

So ya I love you guys so so much and miss you guys tons! 1/3 of the way down!!!! It really is so crazy how time flies! It's weird cause it goes so fast and yet so slow!!! It's hard to explain! ha ha But I'm gonna make the most of it!! ha ha I hope all you guys have a great week!!! Dad good luck with all your stuff! i know you'll do great! You're a baller! :) Mom don't start listening to Christmas music yet!!!! We aren't even past Thanksgiving yet! ;) ha ha

I love you guys have a great week! Can't wait to hear from you guys again!!!
Vi voglio bene!!!! :)

Anziano Bona

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