Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Friday, December 24, 2010


Dear family!!!!

Holy freak!!!! ha ha it was so dang good to hear from them! :) (Trent, Michael, and Anthony) it really did make me so happy! Jeez I love those boys! I'm so dang excited for that video! It better work or I'll like cry!!! ha ha And I'm really happy that they are doing well! That makes me so dang happy too! Man I miss them! :)

It sounds like everything at home is going well, as usual! That makes me so happy too! ha ha What the heck is up with the Tabernacle!? Ya that is so crazy! I'm glad no one got hurt too!

And sorry for not writing you guys yesterday! My bad! We went to Torino and went to the Egyptian museum and chilled in Torino for a while so we didn't have time to email so we are doing it today! Alessandria doesn't have a lot of sights, so we went to a bigger city to actually do something for p-day!!! It was fun!! Torino is way chill!

Zio Pino and I are planning for next week!!! Call him and tell him to meet us at my apartment at 11!!! We are open from 11-2. It would be so cool to see him one more time before transfers!! This time it's a lot more likely for me to get sent somewhere else. But I guess we will just see!!!

I'm excited to get Ali's email!!! She's the best! And good for her that she got accepted!! (To study abroad in Italy, next fall) ha ha thats so dang fun! That would be so epic to see her!! ha ha

Yes I got your number don't worry and ya' around 9-10am your time is when I should be callin!!! ha ha ya' that's for sure gonna be the best part of the day!! ha ha and I think we are also gonna watch a disney movie Christmas too cause we can!! I'll explain everything when I call so I'll keep this email a bit shorter!!

Man I love you guys so much and I'm so excited to hear from you guys!! And about the tie, I just wanted to get Anz Weller something 'cause it's his first Christmas and his package from his fam didn't make it in time so he won't get it until January and I want him to have somethin to open too so I had to get him something.

The work is goin ok it's just a hard to find people period around here and Christmas just doesn't help. It's really funny to say Merry Christmas to all the Muslim people though!! They just look at you funny. President said don't use a lot of time trying to convert them cause they will talk to you but won't listen to anything you say, so now the first thing I say is "Hey do you want to change and become Christian?" and they say no, so then we just leave and it saves us a lot of time. The first time I did it a few days ago Anz Weller just started laughing when I said it! Things really are goin great!

I love you guys so much! I'll explain everything a lot more when I call you guys!!!
Be ready! ;) haha
Love you guys have a great Christmas!!

vi voglio bene :)
Anziano bona

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