Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Thursday, December 16, 2010

T'was the Week Before Christmas and Trials Abound

Dear Mom and Dad!!

I'm doing alright!!!
It's been a very interesting week!
Ha I think its super funny that you email Lorenza!! I love her she's great! ha ha

But ya Eliana didn't get baptized. So she was supposed to get baptized this Saturday (the 18th). Until everything hit the fan Monday and then she relapsed, and a whole bunch of other stuff happened Monday!!! ugh!!! It was just a day where like all heck broke lose and our investigators just got owned by Satan. Mattia was the only one who like didn't just get owned thank heavens!!!

It was a very humbling day. It was pretty rough but Anz Weller and I both know that it was just a prova della nostra fede (a trial of our faith). I think we both said some of the most sincere prayers of our lives. But it's OK we are picking ourselves up now.

Yesterday we had our zone conference so I wasn't able to see Zio Pino :( We are now planning it for the 29th. Hopefully we can work it all out that day!!!

The coolest thing of the week happened at the end of last week. Last Tuesday I got this call from this less active member and she said that she has this friend who is going through some really really hard times and she wanted to talk to the bishop so I gave his number to her. So then on Friday Anz Weller and I were doing some finding work and we looked across this huge field and saw some casa (houses) in a area that we had never done before and we both just got the feeling that we needed to head over there right at that moment so we did. So we got into our first palazzo (apartment building) in that area and I knocked on this one guys house and this super homeless looking guy answers and is like "o anziani venite venite!!" (oh Elders' come come!) so we walked in! We started talking to this man and then we come to find out that it was that guy who the lady was talking about! His name is Ortu and ya' he does need a lot of help in his life right now. And I know that the gospel is something that can really help him! I know if he just listens to us he will see miracles!!! So we went back to his house the next day and we taught him the first lesson and I invited him to be baptized and come unto Christ and he was like for sure!! So that was the cool part of the week!! His baptism is planned for in a month or so! Hopefully we can help our brother out and help him change his life around! It was just cool 'cause we both (Anz Weller and I) just got the feeling to go to that area and do work over there. We really can be tools in the Lords hands if we are willing to do what He asks of us!! So ya there is my little story for the week!!!

So about the other tie ha ha.... actually ya' it is a present. It's for anz Weller! I was on a scambio (splits) so it was my only chance to get him something without him knowing what!! haha But ya Andrews Ties is a super chill place! the Ties there are awesome!!

That is so cool about Alli and Julia!! I love those girls they are so cool!! ha ha I totally miss chilling with them! Tell them I say hi and wish them a merry Christmas!! Send me Alli and Julia's email!!! I'd love to email them and tell them merry Christmas! :) ha ha

Dad that is great that your gonna take mom to the gym starting next year!!! ha ha Do it mom don't be a pansy! Start off slow you don't need to kill yourself right at the beginning! ha ha and then when I get back you guys can take me to the gym cause I'm gonna need it too!! ha ha

I'm really glad eveything is going good at home! That makes me really happy!! :) I love you guys so much!! And just remember Christmas isn't about presents. It's about being with the family, and Chirst. :) I love you guys and am way excited to talk with you guys in a week!!

Have a great week and I'll email you guys next week!!! vi voglio bene!!!! :) (i love you all!)

Anziano Bona

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