Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Dear Mom and Dad!!!

How are you guys doing!?! I hope all is going well! It was nice to chat with ya for a sec yesterday mom! ha ha That was fun! But ya um... for Christmas we will call around 9 to 10 your time! Not any later then 1030 your time!! ha ha I'm excited for that!

So dad your story was so so cool!!! Ah man it got me!! I really can believe that happened!!!
Keyan is a great kid!! He is gonna make a great missionary!! I'm so excited to see him out here and to see the work he's gonna be able to do!! Man I've read that like 20 times I just love hearing that!! Get on my face book and give him my email address and tell him to hit me up if he has a few minutes!!

So ya it's been kinda cold around here but actually today was a decent day!! And ya we still use our bikes ha ha thank heavens for thermal's and for scarves!!! Man I love these things they save me!!! And yes we have a heater that is finally working so now going home isn't that bad!! ha ha I'm glad you got the pic! And man you just always see the pics that seem like I haven't shaved for a bit! But I do shave a lot! I think I just like don't take pics when I shave ha ha I'll work on it though!

And yes we are hoping that Zio (Uncle) Pino can come next Wednesday! He said that if it doesn't snow that he will come down for a few hours! ha ha So now I'm praying it doesn't snow 'cause that would be awesome!! I'd love to see him another time before Christmas and before I leave here!
And dang guys I miss the Jazz games! They were always fun :) ha ha and that's super chill about the hat! I bet Brian just loves that! ha ha

Thank you guys for the stories that each of you have shared with me! That one from Uchdorff and the Give My Son one. They were both really cool and both brought the spirit!! Ya this Christmas is gonna' be a good one! If possible get Brian what he wants he totally deserves it! :) ha ha

But ya my MTC group is way ballin! Anz Palmer trained when I did and now Anz Lesa and Zanni are training too and also Anz Delosso is a DL (district leader) and there are a few others who are senior comps so ya' pretty much my group is super legit and amazing!!! There are some really solid missionaries in my group!

So ya guess what.... we are like 99% sure that Eliana is gonna finally get baptized on Saturday! Tight now I'm on a scambio (splits) with the DL and he is gonna interview her later tonight! Hopefully she just feels better and isn't sick!!! ugh sickness!!! But I know she can feel better and know that she will!!! It really has been super awesome to see the gospel change the life of her and her family!!! I just love them so much so we are so happy for them!!
Ya we have had a few rough weeks but the Lord has finally blessed us. We also heard this great news about this less active family who has a 12 year old child who isn't baptized and they want us to start meeting with them so he can get baptized!! So we are super excited about that as well! Patience really is the key! The Lord wants to see how we deal with the hard times but I know that if we are just patient and keep doing what we are supposed to that the Lord will come through and help us out!!
So ya things are going great here! ha ha Anz Weller is chill and all is going good! It's just cold! I also think I might be gaining one or two pounds!!! ha ha This food is just way to good!!! ha ha Man, Kinder ( a brand of food/sweets) is just the best thing ever invented by man! :) ha ha

Well guys I hope that all keeps going well back at home! Thanks for all you guys do! You guys are the best! Can't wait to talk to you guys some more next week! But now I gotta go there is work to be done!!
love you guys so so much!!!
Anziano Bona

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