Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Here are the last pictures of Anziano Bona and Weller
together in Alessandria.
They had a lot of great experiences together.
Anziano Bona will always have very fond memories of his time there.

they had to go there for Anz Weller's tooth ache.
Little did he know that this city would be a part of his immediate future.
The Malara's home for Christmas

Anz Bona and Nonna Angela
on Christmas Eve

Anz Bona and Weller

Torino on p-day


P-day at the Egyptian Museum in Torino
(it really is an amazing museum!!!)

keeping good company.....ha ha!

Torino - Egyptian Museum

(the contact that they were working so hard with-
we still pray for her and that she will decide to
get baptized)


Downtown Alessandria

returning back to snow covered bikes is not always a fun thing!

Who said Italy was warm???

Doing "Villa Casa"

(basically they go to villa's and do casa
hoping that someone will want to hear
their message-the only problem...the houses
are far apart and it takes a long time)

No he's not in the Mafia...he's cold...BRRRRRR!


Reunited with Anz Mosley
(Robert's trainer)

(oops...out of order)
Merry Christmas!

Anz Weller, Anz Bona, Anz Mosley
(son,father, and grandfather)

Good bye Alessandria.....thank you for 4 wonderful months!
I hope to return someday...soon!

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