Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Dear Mom and Dad!!!

first thing is first... my new address is

viale monza 169
20125 milano (ml)

Thanks for your emails! Dad I loved the message from Pres Monson. It was super legit and super true!! Charity is key. It's really hard to have but super important as well!!

It sounds like things are going really good at home as always so I'm happy for that!! but, I'm bummed about the Ravens but it's OK there is always next year! Though it stinks I'm gonna miss the super bowl next year too! :( oh well I'm doing much more important stuff at the moment! :)

I'm glad you guys got and liked my my pics and videos! Anz Weller and I had a lot of fun :) I love that kid.

OK so now a bit about Milano....

So... my comp is Anz Strobelt. He is starting his 4th transfer and is from New York! He's a really cool kid. We get along really well. We think we are gonna have a really good transfer! One thing that I found out right when I got to Milano is that we are also opening a coppia here in Milano 2. So basically that means that we are in a part of the city where no work has been done and we start from 0 (zero), like no investigators nothing.... ha ha so that means a lot of finding work for us!!!! ha ha But the thing is, we work so good together!!

Every time we have left the apartment we have been able to get into peoples houses and get new investigators. We are now both bringing our A-game and are seeing miracles happen! We have told ourselves that we are not coming home without getting into someones house and teaching them about the restored gospel and that's exactly what we have done!!! We have had some really good lessons and we just teach so well together! I'm excited for the work that we are gonna do this transfer!!!

We started off and we were getting rejected all day long and stuff but then I was all, come on we need to have a good attitude so the Lord can lead us to His elect and then that's what happened!!! Attitude is really key too!!

We have already had some crazy times together! We got the cops called on us 6 times in one palazzo but luckily we got into a house so they couldn't do anything to us!!! ha ha It was awesome!! This dude tried to kick us out of this one palazzo and I wouldn't leave 'cause I told him we got stuff to do and we have permission legally to be here, he like started pushing me and then I just walked around him and then he wanted to fight me, it was really funny. I don't know why I always get the people that wanna fight! I told him I wasn't gonna fight him and then he started calling me a bunch of bad words and stuff and then i just laughed at him and walked away. Man some Italians are crazy!!! ha ha But we have still done some really good work out here and are going to continue to do so. I think we found like a good spark and now I've pulled my head out and now ready to do good work!

A really cool thing about our apartment is is that we have a bench press in there so we work out in the mornings now! Time to get back into shape!!! ;) ha ha. and yup the tie is still the same and always will be!!!! :) but um... you can send some snacks.... :) that's always fun!!! ha ha and like the normal face wash stuff. Nothing special just like whatever you want! but ya I'm pretty good on ties!!! for now! ;) ha ha

Today is p-day right so this senior couple who are serving here named the Lisonbees got us tickets to go see the painting of the Last Supper so we are gonna do that! They are also taking us to lunch so that's cool too!!! I'm excited!!!

Oh in our apartment there is me and Strobelt, then we got Bartholomew (not my old comp but a different one) and he is training this kid from England named Anz Wilkonsin. They are all super chill and we get along and are having a great time!

Thanks for everything guys!!! Send me everything :) ha ha
I love you guys so much and am thankful for everything!!
I hope you guys have a great week!!!
Love you guys tons but I gotta go now!!

vi voglio bene!!!!! ciao ciao!!!!
love forever!!
anziano bona

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