Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Dear Mom and Dad!

Thank you guys for your emails again! I'm glad you guys enjoyed my little thought! ha ha I thought it'd be nice to say hi! and I should be sending home another memory card today. It has a few videos and around 200 pics or so! Hopefully you guys get it around this time next week! Hope you enjoy them! As for the other memory card I would probably wait till transfers and then send it in a letter, 'cause I don't know exactly when the next zone conference thing in January is!! So just do it that way.

So.... let me know who wins the big game!!! It should be close to the playoffs for pros. I'm glad the Jazz are still ballers!! ha ha

So let me answer the questions real quick....
Coolest thing I ate was this cheese crazy thing with prosciutto in it. We got it in Milano yesterday:) I'll explain later why we were there ha ha
Best experience... going to Milan...
Coldest weather... don't the temperature but really cold! ha ha and yup we are still on bikes.

So basically it was a really rough week for the work, again. We started last week with 3 baptismal dates and now we have 0.

Today that man Ortu is getting kicked out of his apartment and we are currently doing a fast for him 'cause we really are looking for a miracle cause there is nothing that we can do...

The kid in the wheelchair has basically fallen off the face of the earth. We haven't seen him in 3 weeks. They won't answer our calls and are like always busy when we pass by.

With Eliana we are at a stand still.... there is not much more we can tell her to help her- she knows everything... so we either have to drop her or she needs to start progressing in some way!!! I guess we will see this week how things go!

And nope people still don't wanna talk to us! They rarely do! But for all the Italians it's still holiday season and don't wanna be bugged. Next transfer will be better 'cause there will be less crazy stuff and be back to normal!

We are definitely being tried right now. It's been pretty rough lately but its OK. We know that if we endure well that the Lord will bless us and eventually we will start seeing good work being done. It's just difficult because it would be so easy to get lazy and not want to do anything when all things fly out the window, but its OK. Piano Piano (slowly slowly) we are turning things around. There has just been so much random stuff stopping us from working.

New Years eve we were in by 7pm and I was asleep by 10. I woke up at 12 though cause of all the fireworks and the strip club next door was having a huge party and it was so dang loud! ha ha! But then I fell asleep around 1. But ya' the next day all we did was clean all dang day long!!! It was nasty! You guys know how I feel about cleaning!! ha ha and Dad guess what... I cleaned the bathroom! Remember all the times you guys would argue with me and try to get me to clean the bathroom and I never would! Well i finally did it! I did the toilet and bide' and everything! So nasty but now its all nice and sparkly clean!! I was just thinking of how dad feels cause he does it all the time at home! Dad I'll help you from now on when I get back! ha ha!

Yesterday we got to go to Milano because Anz Weller had a tooth ache and the dentist in Milano speaks English so that's where we go. We saw the duomo and ate some food and I bought a tie and it was chill! It was fun for us but bad for the work 'cause it took all day long! But this week we are gonna work really had and make up for it! We have too!!!

Don't worry things here are going OK! We are keeping our heads up and working through our trails. I love the part in D&C where Joesph Smith is being tried then the Lord explains and tells him even if all these terrible things happened to you it will be for your profit and learning. And that's true for everyone! All of our trails are for our profit and learning! And that's what Anz Weller and I are doing! We are doing our bests to keep our heads up and learn from all these things!

Thanks for your emails! I love you guys so much! You guys are the best! Go mom for going to all of church and staying awake the whole time! ;) ha ha you guys are the best!

Tell Brian that he will never be a better driver then me! He might get bigger but never a better driver! ha ha well I gotta go! Have a great week! I love you guys so much! Until next time!
vi voglio bene!!! :)
Anziano Bona

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