Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Dear Mom and Dad!

How are you guys doing? I hope all is well!

This week was pretty good. It wasn't my best week ever it's still a bit rough. The end of your mission is when your supposed to give it your all. One thing that I figured out is, they do finding work differently down in the Rome mission. Our way is more effective but it's also more hard core and takes a lot more out of you.

The work here is going OK. The baptisms didn't happen last weekend because Lucy got stuck in Nigeria for an extra day so she didn't make it. (They are both Nigerian Africans). But they are both now here and passed their baptismal interviews so all is a go for this weekend! We are so happy for them they are awesome! Africans are so so cool! They are way epic. They always have cool dreams about receiving answers to prayers, it's cool!

We have this other investigator named Christian. He is Italian and lives with his girlfriend Francesca. They are both super awesome and super open. They are super cool and we are working with both of them.

Monday night I had a neat experience. We went over to his house with our branch president, and this was my first lesson with them because last week I was in Rimini when we taught them. So we walked in and Christian was there by himself and was smoking and you could just smell alcohol everywhere. Soon as we walked in we sat down and he just started crying and told us about all these problems he was having and stuff. And then everything went into slow motion for me and I saw him for as he really was. I saw him as a child of God. Instantly I was overcome with this overwhelming love for him. I just felt so bad for him and wanted to help him so much. We taught him about hope and desire and it was just a super powerful lesson! President Gresca was a great companion, and it was great because the spirit was so super strong!!!

After that I realized something that I needed to change. I realize that I tend to judge people a bit. Not intentionally but, it just happens. It's terrible and it's something I need to change, big time!!! If I can see people for who they really are I know I could be such a better missionary! It's something I'll be working on! :)

Things are OK here! I really can't work as hard as I want, but we are trying to find a good medium point. It's just hard because it kinda brings me down too, but I'm keeping my head up and doing my best.

There is this sweet quote in our apartment that I love, that I read everyday that helps me out. It says something like... if you try to help someone out by being a good example your helping two people, but if you try to help someone by not being a good example you're not helping anyone. It's so true too! I love it.

I sent home the memory card so hopefully you guys get some pics sometime this week! And yes, I got my packages and stuff!!! ha ha Thank you so much!!

I love you guys so much and thanks for all you guys do! You guys are awesome!! I hope you guys have a great week!!! Keep your heads up and keep a smile on at all times! ;)

OK so my address is...

Via Massimo d'Azeglio 3
49100 Ravenna (RA)

Thanks for everything and have a great week!!! love you guys!!! :)
Anziano Bona

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