Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


(This week's letter is actually pretty short because Robert and I actually "chatted" via emails-He sends his love to everyone and is doing well. He says that it is pouring rain today in Raveanna. He is very excited about his friends who have received mission calls in the past few weeks and those that are waiting for their "white envelopes". He has also decided that he wants a Mini Cooper when he comes home from his mission~I think he has forgotten what Utah winters are like~He was also glad that we got the pictures and liked them)

Dear Mom and Dad!

Thank you guys so much for your emails! How are you guys doing? I hope good! Hope work and what not is going alright! Ya' thanks for the little toy target gun it's fun! ha ha .

I'm glad you guys got the pics! I'm bummed some of the videos didn't come out that well! ha ha Ya' last transfer was hecka' super fun!!! We did good work and just had a blast too! That is how the mission is supposed to be like! ha ha (This transfer is a bit different ha) but ya' on my memory card here I got pics of Como and of the baptisms and stuff! I'll probably send it home in a week or two!

OK, so you guys said you wanna' know a bit about my comp... well his name is Anziano Craig. He is from Missouri, and he doesn't really like sports. He loves army stuff and wants to enroll the second he gets home. He wants to go home so bad. All he talks about is home and it makes me miss home so bad too!!! ha ha But it's OK, it happens.

So ya' the baptisms went through! It was really amazing!! Columbus baptized his wife Lucy and his daughter Joyce. It really is amazing because not to long ago she was totally against the church. Even I have seen a change in her in the short time I've been here. It was really amazing. The spirit is always super strong at baptisms!!

So we had to go fill up the font Saturday and it normally takes 5 hours or so to do it. So we set it up and what not, so I just read the Book of Mormon a bit. It was a long morning.

OK so like funny story!! Sunday we do the confirmation's right? So President Gresta confirmed Lucy. Then he was conferring Joyce and then Freedom (he is the little 4 year old son of Columbus and Lucy) runs up in the middle of the blessing and puts his hands on her head with all of us and just gets this huge smile on his face!!!! ahhahahaha Then one of the guys in the circle pushes his hands off and then some member runs up and carries him away! ha ha It was like so funny I almost busted up!!!!! Man those are the times that you will remember for forever!!! ha ha but ya it was a great weekend. Columbus was so so happy to have his family baptized. They are so great. That's what its all about. Helping families all get baptized! Now they are working on going to the temple!!!!! how cool huh!!!

Man I miss the temple! That is one thing I'm gonna love about being home! Just having so many to choose from!

Our district meeting on Monday was about enduring!! ha ha it was super funny! I think Anz Bos did it for both of us because he knows we need it!!! ha ha But it was good and helped me a lot to look at things with a different perspective. Enduring is definitely something I'm doing at the moment!!

I really have learned even more to love the Book of Mormon. I've had a lot of extra time to read it so it's been really nice. It actually does help too! It's weird that the gospel actually works! ha ha I guess what I'm doing out here really isn't that crazy! ;) and it does make a difference!

But ya' things out here are going OK! Now we are just gonna do our best to help Cristian and Francesca out. We just dropped one of our contacts named Bondi yesterday. He had a baptismal date but we just had to let him go. That's one of the hardest things to do! But at a certain point it's what ya gotta do! (There were situations that made us come to that decision)

I hope you guys have a great!! Take care of Brian, I love him!
Love you guys!!! Vi voglio bene!!!!!
Anziano Bona

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