Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Friday, March 25, 2011


Hey Mom and Dad!

So maybe I might have given you guys they wrong impression about my companion. It's not that we don't get along cause we get along pretty well. I can get along with anyone that's not the hard part. We laugh and joke around and stuff but just when it's time to do missionary work he just turns off . Our mission is doing this teach to find program, and you need 2 people to do it so it's just hard. I'm still trying to be a good example and what not but I'm just getting a bit tired.... I'm just doing my best to stay up and not let it bring me down.

Yesterday was cool! We went and ate with Zio Nicola and family!!! Oh my heck it was the best food I've ever eaten!! Zia Graziella is an amazing cook! We had tortellini, lasagna, chicken, piadina and  mascarpone for dessert. It was so good!! I loved it!!! :) ha ha Dad, are you jealous!? ;) because you should be! haha Don't worry I took pictures. I think Silvia (cousin) took more but I took some too!

It really was cool to get to know them better! They think we are crazy because we don't have sex before marriage and that we don't drink a lot of stuff. It was very funny. We had some good conversations. I felt it wasn't the time or place to be "too religious" .... it was one my first time talking with them and getting to know them better. We did talk a bit about church but not a whole ton. They are super funny though, and I love them!

Of course right when I saw Zio Nicola he was smoking and at lunch they wanted us to try some wine and Silvia wanted us to go to some dance club with her and some friends ha ha! Of course we said no and explained what missionaries do here and how we have rules that need to be followed. It was cool because they respected all of it, and didn't judge us or anything! They are really good people and way fun!! Plus it was nice to just relax with them and take our minds off the work for a few minutes.

Wow! That's crazy about the calling changes, but you're right they are all going to do great. We have some really amazing people in our ward! We are so lucky to have all of them! 

Brian and dad are super lucky to go to Florida!! Good for them! I could totally use a little vacation like that! I guess I'll have to wait a year for that though...busy doing work right now. And mom you'll get some peace and girl time so that'll be good for everyone!! ha ha

Well ya things here are going well! Thanks for your emails they were nice! I'm just pushing along doing my best !

I love you guys thanks for everything!!! Take care and have a great week! :)

love anziano bona

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