Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Hello Mom and Dad!!!

How ya' guys doing!? I hope well! That's cool that you guys got a new fridge! Hopefully it works ha! I'm glad Brian likes it. That's so cool, the news about Darian! Good for him! I'm proud of him! He won't regret this choice he's making!!!

And ya I got the info about the card. Once I get it I'll email you guys. What info will I need to send you guys about it? Fammi sapere!!!! Hey you see that! Look at my Italian! Dang I'm good! ;) ha ha (actually I still might have spelled it wrong I'm not sure!) ha ha I can speak like pretty dang good but I can't write it to save my life!!!! That's something I need to work on! ha

So this week for me has been pretty much normal. Nothing really special and nothing much has changed. I'm just doing my best to keep going day by day. Honestly I think we will probably be together another transfer too. I'll let you guys know for sure next week when the call comes.

So that one investigator of ours, Cristian is super chill. I really have come to love this guy! He really is great, and he reminds me of myself a lot. He is still unsure if even God exists but if he does then he really does want a good relationship with him. He has stopped smoking and is piano piano (slowly) reading the BoM. So he is doing pretty good! His girlfriend Francesca is like distancing herself a lot though. She really doesn't have much interest in this stuff. She likes science and that sort of "religion".  Forget science!!!!  But we are still trying to help her out too.

This weekend is like a break it or make it type week with Cristian. He is going to come to Rimini to watch some of conference! We are super stoked about that. He wants to hear the prophet. I know that this is gonna be a good weekend for him! So I am thinking that it would be nice if you guys could keep him in your prayers this weekend too! Thanks!!!

I'm actually looking forward to conference a ton too! I really need a little spiritual boost as well!! So it's coming at a perfect moment! The more I think about it the more I realize how very lucky we all really are to get the chance to listen to the prophet and the apostles. When I get back I want to  go to the one right after! I encourage you guys to watch it too! all of it!!! ;) and do your guys best to pay attention and not pass out on the couch! ha ha

So I'm going have a good weekend  because tomorrow Anz Bos and I are doing a long scambio (splits)!! Because here in Ravenna we can't watch conference so we have to go to Rimini. So from Thursday to Sunday we will be together!! I'm super excited! It'll be nice to get a little break and be with my boy for a bit! The other anziani (my comp and Anz Bos' comp will stay in Ravenna) will be joining us Saturday night. It's crazy that he's done with his mission this transfer though!!! It's weird to see that the mission actually does have an end to it one day!!!

Well overall I'm doing pretty good!! I'm just going along doing the best I can in my situation. Tonight we are going bowling with the ward and some investigators so that will be chill too!

I love you guys so much! Have a great conference weekend! I hope you guys learn a lot!!!
Have a great week!!! Can't wait to hear from you guys next week!

vi voglio bene!!!!!

Anziano Bona

( part of Robert's letter to Brian...i don't always post these, but they write each other every week)


Dude!! You're going to the championship game again!?!?! You guys are way too good! Good luck man!!! Do your best! I know you guys can win!! And chill,  the first aid merit badge is cool! You learn a lot of cool things from it! Yup this weekend is general conference! I'm super excited for that!! You need to watch all of them and pay attention! We all can learn so much from it!! The spirit is always super strong during it! I'll be watching it out here too! That's so chill that your the deacon's quorom secretary! You better not slack off like I did!! ;)  The Lord trusts you my friend! Do work!!! 
I love you bro! Have a great week OK! Keep up all the good work your doing!
I'm so proud of you! :)
I love you

Love Anziano Bona

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