Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Eliana and family
Fratello Carlo Malara
(he knew Anz Bona when we lived in Messina)


The Duomo di Milano at night

I'm on top of the world.
Not really...just at a park on the jungle gym

La Scala di Milano

I'm proud to be an American
What Graffiti they have in Italy


Happy times!

Mom's facebook friend Eleanora

The original
"Last Supper" by Leonardo DaVinci
(thank you to the Lisonbee's for taking us!)

Inside the Duomo di Milano

Which one should I ring?
Who will let us in tonight???

Anziano Bona and Anziano Strobelt

Arch built for Napoleon

Anz Bona and Strobelt atop the Duomo di Milano

Taking it all in!

View from atop the Duomo di Milano

Taking in some sun...working on the tan

Home boys!

GANS di Milano~Young Adults in Milano

District Meeting w/ a member

A room with a view

Anz Gallacher -comp from Alessandria (he was going home)

Elders from Milano 2


JEnnifer said...

siate orgogliosi di vostro figlio! non c'è chiamata più grandi di essere un missionario a tempo pieno!


Judi said...

Hai raggione..siamo motlo orgoliosi di lui...e' un bravo raggazo, e un bravo missionario.