Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Dear Mom and Dad!
Well first off dad can I say that I'm so jealous!!!! ha ha Man I saw the beach when I was in Rimini and remember how bad I wanted to get in it!!! ha ha That's so cool that you and Brian had a good time and that you got to go see some fun stuff! Ya sorry stuff doesn't always turn out the way we always want. That is definitely one thing that I have learned out here!! Mom I'm sorry that you were alone for a bit. You should have thrown a party or something!?!?! ;) ha ha Well by now I think that you guys are all back together now or will be shortly and that's what matters! That is so true family really is the most important thing here. I love my family so much!!!!! :) 

That's super chill that you talked with a few of my buddies on facebook! I loved Anziano Shill, he was my district leader for 2 transfers while I was in Alessandria and he was amazing!!! ha ha and Anziano Poulson is definitely one of my best friends that I have made out here! They are great guys! It's so weird that they are home and to think that one day the mission will really end! How crazy. It just seems like I'll be doing this stuff forever. Ha ha

Wow I didn't know about Tanner. Tell him I send my best wishes and that I hope all is ok,  and he can email me if he wants to!

So ya' this last week was super cool. It really was great. It is so nice to have the spirit back in this work. You really can't do it without it!!! It is key. My scambio (exchange) with Anz Dunshee was amazing!!!! We had so much fun and did such good work! Then we chilled in the apartment and were up until almost 2:30 AM  just catching up on everything! OOPS!!!!!  But it was so fun! Then we had the most spiritual comp study I've ever had in my whole mission. It was amazing. And I'm not just saying it because he's my good bud, but it was just crazy. I'm so happy to have him as my zone leader. He is a great example to me!!! I love him :) ha ha So our first d-meeting will be tomorrow and I got something special planned so it will be super fun!!! ha ha

So ya'  the work here is actually moving forward. Slowly but surely. The Africans here are like super cool and love speaking with us. So last Monday I stopped this guy and we started chit chatting for a bit and we set up an appointment with him. So we went to it on Friday and he didn't show!! What a bum huh? Anyways I call him up and set up another one for last night. So we went and taught him last night and it went amazing!!! To make a long story short we invited him to be baptized and he said yes!!!! So if all goes according to plans on May 14 (before next transferes) he should be getting baptized. His name is Ik and he is a baller. He really is a good guy and there was such a good spirit last night!!! I made sure Anz Winegar got to invite him. It's such a great experience for a new missionary to ask and invite someone to do that, and them say yes! He loved it! He was so happy! :) It was chill! And we have other people we are working with so piano piano stuff around here is getting better!!!

So guess what? Right now I'm sitting right across from Simon!!!! ha ha He is here and we are gonna go get lunch and chill for a little but until 2:30ish! It was so cool and nice to see a familiar face! :) ha ha

Man I'm bumbed Brian didn't go on any big roller coasters!! When i get back we are totally gonna do it!!! I swear I will drag him on it with me!!! :) ha ha
Well I love you guys so much! I hope you guys have a great week! Have a great Easter weekend. Don't forget the real meaning of Easter. Ya' the chocolate bunnies are cool but we all gotta remember why we really celebrate it!!! So don't forget!!!
I hope you guys have great week! Miss you guys tons and love you guys tons!!!! :) :)

love you guys!!!!

Anziano Bona

(Robert's letter to Brian)

I love you so much dude!!! Your testimony was so powerful. It really was. I'm so glad you already have a strong testimony at such a young age. That makes me so happy and proud of you!! I love you bro!!!!
Dude it sounds like you had a blast in Florida! I'm super jealous!!! Dude you need to go on the big roller coasters!! When I get back we are gonna go on them together! I can't wait :) I love the beach too that's so cool! we gotta go back there when I get back!
Wow you saw Talon! Super cool! I hope that was fun!
Ya'  we are teaching a good amount of people these days. Finally. Last night this African guy named Ik said he would get baptized!!!! So we are working with him!
And ya your a big dude. I'll still be able to take you though! ;) ha ha
Well bud, I'm super busy so I gotta bounce!! I love you so so much! Don't ever ever forget or lose your testimony!!! It is the most important thing ever!!!! :) I loved it thank you so much :)
I miss you!!! I'll hear from you soon!!!
Love ya bro!!!!!!

Anziano Bona

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