Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Dear Mom and Dad!

Thanks so much for your emails! I really do love them so so much, you have no idea how happy they make me!!! Dad your story was so cool! I loved it! A little worldly prooff to prove the Book of Mormon is really true doesn't hurt! ;)  But the only real way to know if it's true or not is to pray about it and ask and find out personally for ourselves! But thanks for your cool stories, I love them! Keep them coming!!!

Wow you guys are so lucky that you get to go to Florida! That would be so fun! I hope you guys have a great time!! Wow tell Jeffery Ogden congrats for me!!! That's so cool he's gonna have such a good time! He has been called by the Lord so that is really where he is supposed to be! Rough language but I know he can do it! Oh man Anz Bos... what a chill kid! ha ha

So ya I got my new comp!!! His name is Anziano Winegar!! He is from Springville Utah! He graduated in 2010. He loved playing funky computer games before the mission. He played soccer in high school. We are so different but I love it and him!!! I think it so funny! We laugh so so much! And he loves Taylor Swift so he gets bonus points for that too!! ha ha But he is pretty chill! Like I said, we are kinda different but he is so nice! He is so loving! But what I like the most is that he has a great testimony and a great desire to do the work. Once again I get a new kid who is super obedient so that's good! It'll get me back into shape!! ha ha Exactly what I need! ha ha

He kinda struggles with the Italian a bit but that's OK, we are working on that! He's still kinda scared of people a bit and we are working on that also!! :) ha ha It's totally normal. I still get scared sometimes! But he's great and I think we are gonna do some good work together!

We've been super tired this week because we've worked super hard! I haven't worked this hard in a while! It's a big difference from my other comp! I'm a little rusty but its OK, we are doing our best!!!
So... I'm trying to think of cool stories... oh actually I have one! So when I went to Milano to pick up my comp I was talking with Sorrella Ryan (a sister missionary) and we both served in Milano 2 at the same time. We gave her a referral that me and Anziano Strobelt found and taught for a bit. But then while we were teaching her she like just stopped talking to us and wouldn't answer and what not when we would pass by. Anyways her name was Patrizia and we told the sisters that she had great potential and seemed to be super interested, so we told them to stop by and see what was up with her. Then Anz Strobelt and I got transferred. To make a long story short, the sisters got in contact with her and started teaching her again and now she's getting baptized!!!!! yay!!!! So the lady we found is getting baptized in a week or so! So we were super happy about that!!!! It is a team effort out here.

A story a bit on the rougher side is that Cristian dropped us. We were supposed to meet with him Monday to find out what was up and stuff, but he called Monday morning and said he needed a break. Things with him and Francesca weren't going so well and there were things that he needed to fix before he could keep meeting with us....Needless to say we were pretty bumbed about that. But we know we did our part and our best... and we are always here when he wants to come back!!! :)

And yes I love Anziano Dunshee!!! Monday we didn't have district meeting because Tuesday we had interviews. No I didn't get the package.... not yet. I'll probably get it next time!! I'm actually doing a scambio with Anziano Dunshee tomorrow!!!! I'm super stoked for that! It was always our dream to get to work together and now we get to try it out!! ha ha It's gonna be super fun!!!

But ya' I talked with Simone! He sounds like he's doing good! He goes to church out in Alessandria! He is coming down next p-day to chill for a bit! It's gonna be fun, I'm excited!!! Then the p-day after that we think we are going to go to San Marino! But the p-day after that we wanna go see Zio Nicola again! Can you let him know that for me!? Thanks!!!

So ya' things here are going OK! We are on bikes here.... not a fan, but it's what we do! ha ha Now we just have a lot of time to do some good hard finding work so that's what we are gonna be doing this transfer! Hopefully it goes well!!! I know it will!!! It's not gonna' be easy, but it will be worth it!!!

Thanks so much for your emails and for the picture!! I actually sent pics home today so you should be getting some in the next week or so!!! Thanks so much guys! I love you so much and miss you guys tons!!!!!!
Can't wait to hear from you guys next time!!!!

Vi voglio bene :)

Love Anziano Bona

PS.... Brian is getting so huge!!!!!! ha ha

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