Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Hey Mom and Dad!!
Wow no way the shuttle didn't go off again!? Bummer, that's just dads luck huh?! ;) ha ha jk! But ya that's super cool 'cause you got to spend a lot of good time with Brian!! That's super fun! You gotta take me to Florida a few times too! ha ha

So I'm probably gonna keep this one kinda short cause I will talk to you guys on Sunday! 99% chance we won't be able to do skype. We really don't have anywhere to go to do it (we don't use members computers) and we don't wanna go to our Internet point and pay money on the Sabbath to do so! So ya we just might have to call! But hey that's better then nothing :) Look at the positive! ha ha so ya I'll be calling around 8pm here which is noon there. Man! I'm super excited!!!! ha ha

A little update about the week... It was a pretty rough week. I got sick again :( I think i ate something pretty nasty cause my stomach was having problems all week then I totally died Saturday and Sunday... it was kinda yucky!!! ha ha Not to fun being sick on the mission. ha But now I am feeling way better. I think I just need to eat a bit healthier :) ha ha

Ik has disappeared off the map!!!!! Jis phone is gone and doesn't work and we've passed by his house and he is never there!!!! We don't know what to do.... Only thing we can do really is to keep calling him every once in a while and then just keep moving forward! Since I've been inside lately I've  had so much time to just read the scriptures and study... it's been so amazing I've learned so so much these last couple months!!! Ive absolutely loved my personal study time. It is to bad that we only get one hour a day to do so!!! :( I wish I had more!!!! ha ha But at the same time we've worked with members a lot lately this past week and have been blessed for that!! Once you get there trust and they realize that you really do want to work they will give you referrals!!!!  Columbus gave us a super solid referral!!! ha ha So even though it's kinda been a tough week we are still getting blessed by the Lord! That's what I'm talking about ;)
Well I'm gonna go now and I'll talk to you guys more this weekend!!! We are going to visit Zio  Nicola today!!! Hopefully they made us something super yummy!!! I'll let you know!!! ha ha
Love you guys talk to y'all soon!!!!! :)

Love Anziano Bona

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