Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Dear Mom and Dad,

yup yup yup It was pretty sweet talking to you guys on Sunday!! I loved it!!! It just makes me sad knowing I gotta wait a whole 7 months 'till I get to talk to you guys again!! Oh well it'll be worth the wait!! But ya not a whole much to talk about, but these last 2 days have been interesting.

Wanna hear my story? I sure hope so 'cause I'm gonna tell you it!!!
OK so it starts like a week ago or so. We find out that there is a leak in our bide'. ha ha So we call people to come over and fix it and they tell us that it's actually the pipes in the wall that are leaking so they said that they are gonna need to go in there and just destroy our whole bathroom basically. So Monday they came over and started working on it. It took 10 hours for them to do it!!!
We had to cancel 2 huge appointments, and we were about to have to cancel another one but then I was all, we cant miss this one we gotta say a prayer to help them finish fast! So we went in our study room and prayed and when we came out they were gone!! It was a miracle, or so we thought!!!! ha ha and it kinda was cause we were able to go out and teach Ik an amazing lesson and get things back on track with him!
But the problem was. that we were looking at the stuff thry did and we realized that they didn't finish! And they just left all their cement stuff everywhere! So our house was a complete mess! And they ended up having to go through the wall so we couldn't use our sink or our washer either! So all we had that worked that had water was our shower! . Oh well right.  So we thought they'd just come over the next morning to finish up the work. So Tuesday morning we wake up and go look at all the stuff where they were working and we noticed a puddle and also that 1/2 of the cement had fallen off and hadn't worked!! So they came over and started looking at the stuff and told us that they have to come destroy everything again and even destroy more then the first time!!! So we like waited for them all day yesterday to come back and start working on our stuff but they never came! I called them like 5 times and nothing. We wasted so so much time these last 2 days and nothing has been fixed :( which means we are gonna have to waste more time another day when they come to fix it.... so until then we are without a sink and without a washer and our house is completely filthy!!!
So last night around 730 we are like, well lets go to church because there is an activity going on and our branch pres wants us there. Anz Winegar is like hey I'm gonna try to do some laundry cause I'm out of white clothes. I told him I wouldn't cause the water will just get everywhere. So he like rigged it kinda funky so all the water would go into this bucket and he was like there it'll work! So we left and went and did our thing. When we got back guess what was waiting for us? yup you guessed it!!! A flooded apartment!!!! ha ha ya!!!! I was so happy last night!! ha ha Man it was funny we laughed so hard and said that it was just our luck. so we turned on some musice and started cleaning up!!! ha ha so ya it's been an eventful couple of days!!!
We weren't able to see Cristian but we are hoping to see him next week. We did have a great lesson with Ik though. Ya he is still down with baptism :) I think we are pushing it back till June 4th though. But that's OK at least he is still down!! :) That was our great miracle these past few days.
But ya we are in Rimini right now and we are heading to San Marino in a little bit!!! yay I'm exited for that!!  It'll be fun!

That's super cool about Brian and Talon! They are good friends! And I hope you guys know I was playing about the mini cooper! Of course I want one they are super sick!!! I've seen so many nice ones here!!! But of course I also know I'm not gonna get one! That would be too crazy!! The scooter works for me :) ha ha but ya I still got 10 months till I get home so we don't need to worry about that for now! ha ha

And mom, it's OK, no one is perfect! The thing is is to do our best and at least try :) That's what the Lord wants from us!
But hey I gotta bounce we are just about to head out!!! Thanks for everything! I'll catch you guys up more on everything else next time!!! Take care I love you guys so so much!!! Tell Brian sorry I don't really don't have time to write him because I still need to write Pres Wolfgramm!!! Tell him I'll write him next week for sure!! I love you Brian! :) 

I love you guys so much I hope you guys have a great week! :)

Love Anziano Bona

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