Robert's Mission Call 12 03 2009

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Dear mom and dad,

Thank you guys so much for your emails this week! They were both super good. It sounds like things are going well at home. It seems like Brian did a great job on his talk! What a stud. I miss that kid tons. I'm glad it went well!

It is really sad about Nicole. I am so sorry and I will keep them in my prayers for sure. People just need to realize that it's not God's fault that all these bad things happen. Like this person we spoke to last night who was saying that there is no way God exists because if He did he wouldn't let little kids die young and blah blah blah. But what people need to understand is that it's not God doing all these bad things. In the scriptures (Isaiah) we learn that the Lord's ways are different then ours and that His thoughts are different then ours. Sometimes we just don't understand so we either blame God or just lose faith in Him.... and that's wrong. We shouldn't do that! I know that it is easier said then done but it's what we gotta try to do! I will keep them in my prayers don't worry! Miracles do happen! :)

So I was so jealous you went to see HP7 and Transformers 3!!! So not fair!!! ha ha. I can't wait till my super movie marathon starts once I get back home!! ha ha It's gonna be epic :) Anyway... mom you are right! I loved what you said about judging people. It is so true we just shouldn't do it!! ha ha it's that simple.

Things with me and Anz Bushman are great. He is a great kid. I love him! We get along good. We are still trying to work out all the kinks in our teaching but that will come with time. It's always weird trying to get used to new people's style, but the work is still going super good. Luca is great and progressing. His baptismal date is Aug 6th. It's coming quick so we are working very hard to get him ready for that day! Eddy is legit!!!! Such a nice person! We are now teaching his family too and we are trying to get the mom to come to church too but she is being stubborn! We are still seeing miracles and it's great. Also this family - the Nicolas and Omas -should be getting baptized around the same time Luca is. I can tell you they are elect!

Last night we found a very nice lady and another family who have interest so we got more potentials as well... so- how you can read ... things are really really going good! We are having fun and doing the Lord's good work. Finally after all the long hard months here in Ravenna, things are paying off. I feel like I've had lots of ups and downs here in Ravenna but I feel that in the long run this will be one of the places where  I've grown the most! I love it here and the branch is great. Tutto bene qui!!!! (All is well here!)

Dad thanks for the message from Pres Monson. That was such inspiring message! Thanks again for all that you guys do and for your prayers!!! I miss you guys tons but the service is worth it and love you guys even more. Stay strong in the faith!!!! rwyaawysf!!!!!! lets see if you can figure out what that means! ;) ha ha love you guys have a great week!

love anziano bona

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